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Hey, everyone. I'm a friend of primepower53, and he got me into this site since we both love writing. This was my first of many ideas for fan fic's I've written down. I hope you enjoy it!

Part One:

The Kryptonian begins to stir. Thoughts race through his mind. Am I dead? Is his first thought. Trapped in between life and death...where am I? Memories race through his mind...to a different time...a different planet...

Krypton. The Kryptonian was eight when it happened. He convinced his parents to take a detour through an alleyway to their hover car. The man in the shadow steps out that night. He would never forget the look on his face. He would remember the fumes from the blaster, and the final words his parents heard. "You sent my brother to the Phantom Zone...you'll pay for that..." The look in the man's eyes...his parents...killed as a result of a political assassination. Jor El...Lara...dead....both dead....gone forever....lying in that pool of blood.

He snaps back to reality. Blurry images of two men watching him fall into place. He can't make out much more...head still spinning...how long was I out? He begins to hear them talk.

"The Kryptonian is beginning to stir." A female voice says.

"Keep him sedated." A gruff man's voice replies. "We don't want him fully awake until the interrogation. The General wants to talk to him personally."

The words echo in his mind, as he retreats back into his memories.

He had trained for years. He had trained his body and mind to be the perfect Kryptonian specimen. The Ultimate crimefighter. He would rid Kandor of the evil that took his parents lives...he would become more than a man...he would become a SUPERMAN.

Memories shift, scenes change. His father was right, but unable to calculate the correct date...he saw it clearly....in time to build on his Father's rocket....before the destruction. Nobody would listen. He went to Earth alone...found it conquered. He fought...was imprisoned.

The Kryptonian's mind came back to present day when he felt himself hit the stone cold floor. He found himself alone in a room of complete whiteness. He hears a voice.

"You are Kryptonian?" the voice asks.

"Y-yes." he manages to mutter.

"I thought me and my group were the only survivors." The owner of the voice lets out a chuckle. "Seems I was wrong.

"Wh-who are you?" Immediately after asking the question, he felt a hand like steel smack his face. "I'll ask the questions!" the voice snapped. "Tell me your name."

"Kal...Kal El."

"Kal El..." the voice pondered the name. "Was your Father Jor El?"


"My jailer." The voice drifted into deep thought. "On your knees, Kal El," the voice commanded. All at once, the man came into view. He had black hear, and a beard. He wore a trench-coat and a Kryptonian Military uniform. He had recognized him from his Father's tales. He finished his sentence,

"Kal El, kneel before Zod."

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Bump! :)

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Awesome chapter!

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@ReVamp: what do you think of it?

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@primepower: I liked it, but I'm not sure what direction its taking.

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@ReVamp: this was intended to be a one shot, by the way. Just something I came up with to get me used to the idea of fan ficing and what it will be like on CV

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@primepower: Fair enough.

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@primepower: very cool!

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cool story man!