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**Here it comes!!! (to those of you who ACTUALLY have been reading this.) Darkseid's secret revelation!!!***
Superman stood against Darkseid. Face to Face. Alien to alien.
"What do you know about me?" asked Superman. "I know many things about you," replied Darkseid. "Kal El, son of Jor El, who was the head of the science council. you are the last son of krypton..." His voice trailed off. "...I will save the rest until your final moments." With that, Darkseid let out a burst of red through his eyes. Like Superman's heat vision, but far more lethal, he called it his Omega beam. Superman was winded, but stood his ground.
"Impressive." Said Darkseid. "Nobody has ever managed to survive my omega beams. Darkseid leaped from his balcony, the impact created a crater and the shockwave knocked Superman off his feet. He quickly regained his ground. Darksied attacked him with an uppercut, Superman had never been hit harder, and when Superman delivered his blows at Superspeed, Darkseid had the same thought. "Impressive, kryptonian. This may prove to be a real fight after all.
The two let loose, slamming their fists into each other. One used heat vision, the other omega beams. Superman let loose a hurricane, knocking Darkseid into a wall. Superman said one word with each punch. "WHAT. DO. YOU. KNOW?!" Darkseid delivered many powerful punches . "You still resist." He said, calmly. "Why?" "Because if I don't stop you, there's not telling what you'd do to my world. "Have you forgotten?" Asked Darkseid, as a smirk creeped upon his face. "Your world is dead." Superman let out an enraged combination of attacks.
"NEVER SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT!" Shouted an enraged Superman. "Touched a nerve?" Said Darkseid.He slammed everything he had into Superman, he was taken aback. Severley weakened. his suit was torn from the battle, blood ran down his face. As if that wasn't enough, Darkseid blasted him with his omega beams. "Now I shall tell you my secret." Said Dakrseid. "It was I  who gave Tyrell's people interstellar space travel. ME who gave them the weapons to destroy krypton!" He let out a laugh. "Why?" Superman asked weakly. "Krypton's technology would soon rival that of Apokolypse's. Something had to be done. We took what we wanted from the planet, and had Tyrell's people kill your planet.
Superman, fueled by unimaginable hatred, flew at Darkseid, punching him through the wall. He let out a scream that that sent Darkseid flying across the planet. Superman began to beat him. "YOU KILLED BY PEEOPLLLE!!" He shouted. Darkseid's face was cracked and broken, he threw his body into a fire pit and erupted it with his heat vision. and watched it explode.
The dust settled down. It seemed to calm with him. He felt some remorse, but not much. Without looking back, he made his way back to Earth.
The wreckage was everywhere. The firepits no longer burned. tons of rocks and debris everywhere. Then, out of the wreckage...
...came a blue-gloved fist.
The end?    
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