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He didn't know what he should do.

Superman, protector of Metropolis, just failed in the protection of two people, all because he wasn't fast enough to stop their captors from using a smoke trick! He could almost kick himself.

But that's beside the point, two people are missing all because, as Superman believes, of Hughes' book.

It has to be what he said about the founders, he thinks, whatever part of it that was true I don't know...but maybe someone else can...

Clark returns to the Daily Planet just long enough to recover the copy of the book Perry gave him, and then returned to his apartment. He hurriedly flips through the pages until he finds the acknowledgments, scanning for any kind of name that could help. Dozens of people that work at the different businesses of the city were listed, but none stood out, that is until he saw the name Jacob Weaver, nothing else was said about him, and his was the only name that didn't have any over information. Time to pay him a visit.

Clark didn't waist any time heading over the Weaver's house, finding his name in the Phone book and then arriving at his door in seconds. What immediately caught Clark was that Weaver's house was incredibly isolated, just barely inside the city limits yet miles away from any other house. And it was huge, Victorian Clark would guess, in incredible condition for being so old, and, almost monolithic in nature. He goes up to the door, knocks, and waits for it to open. Seconds pass, then minutes, Clark slowly begins to get suspicious. His interest peaking, he turns on his x-ray vision and scans the house, but stops dead in his tracks. His vision only passes the first layer of board and is then blocked by a layer of, lead? Clark wasn't entirely sure, but the weirdness didn't stop there, painted along each and every piece of metal was a symbol, a circle containing inside it what looked like a skyline. Clark looks all over the house and the symbol is there everywhere, even on the door. Clark knocks again and this time hears within the house a grumble of a "Come in."

He opens the door and walks into a large living room that looks like it takes up the span of the house. Bookshelves line the walls on all sides and a double stair case goes up to the second floor, leading Clark would guess to the bedrooms and maybe the dining room.

"Shut the door!"

Surprised by the sudden shouting, Clark shuts the door faster than he would have liked, but tries to not let it bother him. Sitting across the room is a very old man, hunched on couch and yet still leaning on his cane. He looks at Clark with a little bit of anger in his eyes, "Well, are coming over to talk to me or what!?"

Clark walks over to the man, "Sir, I'm Clark Kent, I'm here to-"

"Talk to me about Hughes and his blasted book I know, sit down and help yourself to some tea Kent before I get bored with you."

How did he know about-

"I know everything about this city Mr. Kent. It's a little bit hard for the University to blow to smithereens without me knowing."

Clark sits down and pours himself a cup, from the table between him and Weaver, not sure what to make of the man.

"I must say, it took you longer than I expected to find me Mr. Kent." Weaver says, "After all one would expect Superman to be smart enough to read."

Clark chokes on the tea once Weaver says that, and quickly tries to rebuke Weaver but is waved off. " No need to even try to talk me out of it. Every single person that's stepped foot into this city of ours I've known everything about them, Kal-El."

Things just got a whole lot weirder.

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Love this series.

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{"I'm hear to-"} Should be here as in right here, not hear as in hearing. Interesting, slightly spyish at the end with Clark drinking the poison tea, my guess he's faking but then again...