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Superman really didn't know if this was going to work, but right now a shot in the dark was exactly what he needed.

Racing through the city, he can hear the muffled grunts of strain as Zavim tries his best against Knasim, a knife pressed dangerously against a young woman's neck.

Behind him, Merhald smiles as if pleased by Superman showing tail and begins to feed his essence through the streets of Metropolis. It had been so long since he had walked these streets, these strange glowing signs and metal machines confused him, but it didn't matter. Soon he will posses all of the citizens and bring them to his underground realm and be called King again. Oh, how he liked to be called King.

The blade closes more on the woman's throat.

With his feet almost having a mind of their own, Superman races through the streets. The familiar buildings and landmarks telling him he's close. He finally makes it to the door and rushes in.

The Library was the same old and dusty building Superman remembers it as. Yet for all it's uncleanliness, the library held one of the largest collections of books he had ever seen. Barely changing his pace, Superman races through the aisles until he finds the first book with the key word- architecture.

The blade painfully draws closer to the jugular.

To say he went fast would have been an understatement. Superman flipped through the pages of the books so fast he was afraid the books would catch fire from the friction. No matter though, finishing the tenth book he could find, Superman races out of the building and out of down town Metropolis.

Merhald suddenly feels an incredible burst of power as the blade begins to draw blood.

Outside of down town Metropolis consists of several sections of dense forest where the housing districts couldn't reach. With a sudden swoop, Superman clears the land of any type of foliage and chops the trees into boards of wood. With a mighty gust of speed, he begins to build. Walls are raised, boards are nailed, and more trees are cut as Superman adds twenty houses per second, carefully adding the finishing touch- the encircled skyline.

As the city of Metropolis begins to increase in size, Zavim feels an incredible surge of power, much to the surprise of Knasim. In a similar way to Merhald, Zavim begins to feel himself grow younger and more and more powerful with each new building Superman adds, gaining and upper hand on Knasim.

The blade jerks away from the woman.

Exhausted, Superman adds the sign to the final house, finally running out of room and forest. Immediately feeling his powers strengthen, he gets another idea.

Back in down town Metropolis, Merhald can feel the increase of power in Zavim as well as the decrease of power in himself. Slowly aging, he can feel his hold on Metropolis lessen. And then he sees him.

Superman, flying in hot from the housing district, carries over his shoulders another house. With a triumphant smile, he smashes the house down on Merhald, completely knocking out.

Above them, Zavim finally gains the ounce of strength necessary to defeat Knasim. Like a pair of invisible hands, Zavim pushes Knasim away from the girl and then pulls the girl towards him. Knasim stares stupidly and awestruck at Zavim.

"I'll take him."

Superman, carrying an unconscious Merhald, grabs Knasim by his collar and headbutts him, instantly knocking the god out. Smiling at Zavim, Superman flies the father and son back through the subway, using the talisman to trace Merhald's steps back to his previous resting place. Tossing them both into the cave, Superman places a giant stone over the entrance, and for a final touch burns the encircled skyline into the stone.

Days later, after the city got the full story of what had happened, Superman, now as Clark Kent, almost feels called to the roof of the Daily Planet. Up at the roof, he finds a much younger Zavim watching as the sun sets over the city. He begins to talk.

"It all started when I took Kermela from Merhald, I loved her, and he did too. When she chose me, he didn't like that, and he...he killed her. I trapped him in that cave after that and never got over it."

"I'm sorry about that."

Zavim smiles, "We had a good life together I would guess. But does it not bother you that he 'killed' her? It was not we who gave us the title of gods, it was the humans. I myself had to convince your father that we weren't gods too.

Clark was taken aback, "My father?"

"Kal-El, my kind are not gods. We are a race of beings from another dimension, trapped here after...an event. Years ago, we could have gone from dimension to dimension for as long as we pleased, that's how I met your father. I believe I gave him the idea of the Phantom Zone if you can believe it. Other dimensions baffled him when I told him about it. Oh, but look what he did with it!"

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because I believe that whatever caused my kind to be stuck here is coming back. I came here to warn you, and to wish you good luck. The Curse is going to be a great challenge."

With that, Zavim teleports away, leaving Clark to wonder what to do next.

The End.