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Watchtower. 12-50 pm

« -are you completely sure Wally ? J’onn asks

- I… yes I am sure of it. I’d like it to be different.

- ….

-are we telling them ?

- yes… perhaps it is better.

The door opens on the main hall of the watchtower :

- we know our ennemy.

The martian tries not to show it,but he feels guilty for this. After all, he sent clark there.

- it is one of our greatest friends…

… he … why him…

- superman killed Batman.

A howl welcomes this news, not from the heroes, but from an alarm.

- Kyle ! what is this ?

- A bogie ! coming in fast !

- It’s him.

This time, nobody hides it. Fear is readable on all their faces

- everyone to the teleport ! now !

- no ! someone must hold.

- KYLE !don’t be foolish, he’ll crush you !

- We’ll see about that !

Everybody runs, or flies to the teleporter.but not Kyle Rayner, the last green lantern making his last stand.

He concentrates like never before. The wall he is building must hold out somone who moved entire planets.

The amount of willpower needed for this will kill him, or let him in such a state…

But he does not care. He must contain him for J’Onn to prepare défenses.

He will not fail. In brightest day… in blackest night…

The impact affected the whole solar system, this must have been the most colorful explosion in the whole universe's history. and as J'onn looked up in the sky, he knew... he could be beaten

to be continued..