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Rated: T+

Come little children, come with me/ Safe and happy, you will be/ Away from home, now let us run/ With Hypno, you'll have so much fun/ Oh, little children, please don't cry Hypno wouldn't hurt a fly/ Be free to frolic, be free to play/ Come with me to my cave to stay/ Oh, little children, please don't squirm/ These ropes, I know, will hold you firm/ Now look to me, the pendant calls/ Back and forth, your eyelids fall/ Oh, little children, you cannot leave/ For you, your families will grieve/ Minds unravelling at the seams/ Allowing me to haunt their dreams/ Do not wail and do not weep/ It's time for you to go to sleep/ Little children, you were not clever/ Now you'll stay with me forever*

This was written at the scene of every crime, this man has done. He calls himself Hypno. He seems to hypnotize women and then take them away. That is not the scary part. The scary part is that his victims have gotten younger and younger. His first was a 47 year old women, then a 30, and finally 25. He tried yesterday at kidnapping a 17 year old girl luckily he failed. I have heard about many villains doing horrible acts. The Lizard eating his own son and Green Goblin killing that one girl, but I have not heard about that many villains kidnapping children.

Hopefully my assumption is right. Hopefully he tries to kidnap this girl again, it is the only way I can punish him. The cool night air brushes against me. My body is tired from the nonstop crime fighting I have been doing, but my mind is very much so awake.

I see a hooded man on top of the roof of the house. He manages to sneak in a window. I should kill him now, but if he gets away there is a chance he might leave this state entirely. So wait for him. The man walks out waving a pendulum in front the girl's face and she follows. They walk through the door and onto the street. I slowly stalk them from the roof tops above, invisible to him.

He takes her to an abandoned wear house. He opens the door slowly and says "Welcome home sweety." "Why the place looks so nice" said the hypnotized girl. I climb on the side of the building slowly and quietly. I look through a small window, the previous victims are all dead. I look away, feeling almost sick. I can hear him prepare for the evil act. It is now or never.

I jump through the window lunging at Hypno. He is pinned on the ground. His victim is gauged and tied up. He grabs his pendulum and waves it in my face. I can not move my body. "Look hun, looks like we got a new pet" he said. She remains silent, but I can see her nod like she is "happy". "Now boy roll over and let mommy and daddy have their fun" he said while laughing. I roll over like he said. I am going to kill this sadistic son of a b##@$.

An anger brews inside me slowly breaking me free of this hypnotism. Anger is the strongest human emotion after all. My webbing wraps around him and I pull him towards me. Before he could lift up his hand I break it. "I always wondered what would happen if one's intestines were mashed up inside the body? Let's find out" I said. My tendrils went down his throat. He was dead within minutes. I release the young women and take her back home. I will never forget the look on her face.

"It seems like Hypno is dead. Not that it truly matters to me" said a man behind a desk. "Mr. William Burnside this man you are about to kill is an enemy of America. Do you understand me?" said the mysterious man. "Yes, Mr. President!" said Burnside. "Excellent, excellent."

I do not own any of these characters and locations. They belong to their respective owners. *The poem above was not created by, it is from creepypasta.

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@joeagentofhand1 said:

"I always wondered what would happen if one's intestines were mashed up inside the body? Let's find out"

I have never wondered that, until now :)