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Note from the author: I've been reading a lot of TMNT and Predator lately. This was inspired by InnerVenom123's Deadpool Kills The DC Universe, thank you ;)

Close up on TV

Reporter: The alien creatures known as "Predators" have returned once again to claim the lives of who they deem worthy. Be on the lookout. If you see one, please contact us at 1800-212-news!

Leonardo: I don't like the sound of this.

Donatello: It's okay Leo, they shouldn't even know who we are.

Michelangelo walks in.

Michelangelo: Pizza's here! Donnie, go call Raph will ya? We were gonna watch the new series of Justice Force!

Michelangelo sets the pizza down and begins watching cartoons on the couch. Donatello walks up the stairs.

Leonardo: Mikey, you should really be training, what if one of those things comes after us?

Michelangelo: Chill dude, everything's gonna be A-Okay.

Donatello runs down to the couch.

Donatello: Raph is gone, as usual. I wonder what he's doing anyways...

Meanwhile, on the rooftops of New York.

Raphael: Come at me, you ugly freaks! Eee-yah!

Raphael kicks one of the three Predators surrounding him off the roof down onto the streets. Predator #2 runs at Raphael and cuts his right arm. Predator #3 turns invisible and walks behind Raphael.

Back at the hideout.

Leonardo: I'm seriously worried about Raph, I think I'm going to go see if I can find him. If I'm not back in an hour, try to find me. Got it?

Donatello: Have fun!

Michelangelo: Can you guys quiet down? I wanna watch my show!

Leonardo climbs through the sewers to the surface.

Predator 3 uncloaks and grabs Raphael's hands and holds them so he can not use his arms.

Predator #2: ;/;.> You ugly freak <\;:'

Leonardo finds Predator 1 getting up off the ground, soaking wet due to the rain. It stands and looks at Leonardo.

Predator 1: ;.';> Come at me<\;/;;,

Leonardo runs at the Predator and is blown into the air by the explosion the shoulder cannon made.

Leonardo: Gak!

Predator 1 walks toward Leonardo slowly. He looks down at the injured Leonardo.

Predator 1: \;';;.\> Here comes... The Shred--</..'.,

Back at Raphael.

Predator 2 stabs Raphael in the stomach and Predator 3 throws him off the building. Predators 2 and 3 jump off the building and land next to him. They stand.

Sfx: Crash! Crash!

Donatello: Did you hear that? Mike... Stay here, I'm gonna go check it out.

Michelangelo: Be safe, bro.

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