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Rusty Irons, Robots and devils. Pt 1 of 3

Rusty Irons runs through the dimly lit streets of zero level, splashing through dirty puddles and leaping over heaps of garbage. His trench coat flaps in the wind like a cape and his metal feet pound the pavement loudly as he runs. He makes a mental note to have fresh rubber treads installed when he got paid again. If he got paid, that is.

His target, seemingly tireless, is as fast and silent as a shadow fleeing the dawn. But not fast enough. Not by far. The shadow ducks left into an ally and Rusty stops short. He knows this ally way dead-ends. He also knows the most dangerous animal is a cornered animal.

"Its over Ghosty" Rusty calls out, unholstering his revolver. "You coming easy" he jangles a set of handcuffs "Or you coming the hard way?" He cocks the hammer for effect. Then without awaiting an answer he steps into the ally, keeping to the side to minimize himself as a target.

"Impressive deduction Detective Irons, it is over, for you" Machine Ghost replies, "And thank you for walking so willingly into my trap".

There's an explosion of light. Then nothing....


I reactivate in my office with a start, sure someone has been here while i was down. Paranoia, just another of the fine artificial emotions available to robots. Excuse me, Advanced in-Organic Life form. Gotta have a fancy title for everything these days. I really think there is a guy at Hood corp that just thinks up names.

I digress, My name (if this is the first tape your hearing) is Rusty Irons. I'm a robot, not an Advanced in-Organic Life form. I don't need a cute title to live with myself. I'm making these hard copy memories because some time ago Machine Ghost jacked my memory core and removed...something. See, he got this freaky ability to interact with electronic devices simply by touching them, though why he chose the name Machine Ghost is anyone's guess. These freak types are seldom logical. That's what the dream is about.

I wasn't expecting a trap. He never used traps before, which makes me think he was working for someone. I've been trying to back track ever since, because whatever i was onto had to be big. Real big. Ghost is a freak, but not a cheap freak.

And in New Atlantis freaks multiply faster then the rats. The horrors that Hood corp churn out don't help.

Let me back up. New Atlantis, the 'city of dreams' is supposed to be the rich mans play ground. Casino's, Big game hunting, etc. If you got the money, it has your pleasure. In reality its a front for illegal genetic and weapons research. I know all this because i'm one of Hood's clean up guys. I'm a P.I. by trade, but business has been slow and upgrades aren't cheap. So when something escapes the hunting park or the lab one of us cleaners get called in to recover or eliminate the creature. Personally, i think they just release these things sometimes to see what they will do. I know for a fact that's how the rabbit got loose...

Ring ring!!

"Iron investigations" Rusty answers.

Silence. Then, "Detective Irons" a gravely voice rasps.


"Speak of the devil, literally".

"Very amusing Detective" wheeze " We have a job for you".


"What is it this time?"

Wheeze "Its a demon, we think" Hood replies.

"Please tell me your idiots didn't open the Hell gate again".

"This creature was-" Wheeze "-captured. It did not escape the Pit"

"A wild demon Hoodie? I don't buy it" Rusty replies.

"Perhaps you have-" Wheeze "-heard of the Jersey Devil?"

"There are no wild demons left Hood".

"This creature was-" Wheeze "-Held to that area by-" Wheeze "-a Z-energy containment field".

"Z-energy. Magic in other words. And you brought it here and it escaped and now its eating people and you need me to catch it before the rich people get scared and leave with there money. That about right?"

"Its a bit more difficult-" Wheeze "-then that. This one carries a plague".


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Cant wait for part 2.

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@tmacximas: Robot and demons and devils oh my! Interesting premise, a robot detective taking a case from the Devil himself. Wonder where you're gonna go with this, because it's a great idea

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@tmacximas: I love it! good work

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Not bad. Is part 2 floating around here somewhere?