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I've been away for a while, school, college and soccer team, barely had any time to go on my computer, but PHoton is back(despite the name). Check it.

Don’t worry feller, follow me the storyteller, just/

Maybe the story had already started, without us/

It began with a propaganda in a beautiful land/

Where people would live happily, everyone’s a friend/

Those that heard it from their fathers say it began with a room/

Filled with gloom, where people would find nothing but their doom/

Those who would stay inside would be forced to abide/

To the illusions that the room would cast, throw the mast, we’re about to ride/

On the wind made of your fears, on the ocean of your tears/

As your boat gets further in the mist and nothing seems to clear/

All the cheer is gone, nightmares become so real that you could feel/

Them staring to peel away at the boat and so soon collapsed will be the steel/

It was impossible to conceal your terror, but this isn’t the end/

You start to realize your errors, then you cannot pretend/

See how you killed your friend, drop the “R” now you’re a fiend/

As the wind, begins to rip apart your mast, you have sinned/

It rips away your hope, bit by bit and knit by knit/

Until you’re ready die after you take the final hit/

But it never comes, because it makes you wait/

And it watches, as your boat overfills with hate/

When it rains, the pains just pour, drowning it all/

The final hit seems to come as drugs, disease or alcohol/

All you’re left with is a plank of wood nicknamed “Your Sanity”/

As the rest of you is drowned somewhere deep in vanity/

You beg for it to let you go, your will is shattered/

The boards of the boat are scattered and you feel like nothing else has mattered/

And then that room of certain doom grants you one more breath/

As a sign of it’s satisfaction, and all you can ask for is your death/

Not even ask, but your task is to beg on the piece of wood/

Now even the Grim Reaper’s mask looks heavenly good/

As it is approached, your reproaches are none/

So one by one, everyone is done/

The room expands and grows bigger with each new fallen grace/

Now it takes more space growing more powerful with every stolen face/

First was one, then a group, now an entire village/

Tomorrow it’s rooms will get into cities to pillage/

A week later it’s at a greater scale, a country’s a black hole/

In a month, a continent is what the black hole had stole/

In a year, the entire earth gone, peace is but a fable/

Everyone’s disabled, cannot do what it has been able to/

Upon overhearing this the government wanted a part of the stand/

And no one would take a stand, everyone would bend to it’s laws/

Let it’s claws grow sharper over time/

Now me and you, we come to its harbor with the rhyme/

Take a look, squint your eyes and glance in the mist/

Tell me, do you see a rebel’s fist? No? That’s because it never seemed to exist/

Here Death is the queen, Destruction is the king and Revolution is dead/

Nothing to give people it’s ideals, no reveals, they cut off all their heads/

Where those that take trips as visitors find themselves trapped as prisoners/

What they say is that prisoners remain in decay, and those reasoners/

Who try to treason out of their prison are found perished/

Don’t try to seek, for the weak memories aren’t cherished/

Now the meek shall never inherit this Earth/

For nobody can give revolution it’s birth/

There isn’t a father called Bravery or the mother called Hope/

Look at the hang ropes, tell me, doesn’t it evoke?/

Some kind of feeling? An urge to stop the killing/

Give the universe a chance breathe, are you willing?/

All we need is a spark, we’re blind, lost in the dark, a hero/

Can you be the heart that may start us from a zero/

To make the sacrifice that may put their souls on ice/

Because if you do it once, you will die, but if they do it twice/

Then there’s a chance that angels might glance down/

But still there will be death, so if we wish to uncrown/

Unsettle the king and the queen we must mettle thrice/

Third time’s might be the charm, more harm will be caused by vice/

By the mister that is so sinister/

Of the uprising, even though they are oversize, that’s just the twister/

We will need all the willpower you can heed/

Only then we can break up it’s speed/

Only then we can reassemble the shambles/

Some may view it as an impossible gamble/

So take control with your whole soul, you’ve been my guest/

Now may I suggest you turn around, this was just a test/

Have you had a clue? Let your eyes unfurl, let the light shine through/

Because what you saw is your world, oppressed by hatred too/


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kick ass bro want more