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Title: Red Steel #1: The Beginning of Red Steel Part 3

Author: Rabbitearsblog

Universe: X-Men

Rating:  T -  For some violence

Summary:  This series will be about Colossus taking on a secret identity after the events of AvX and trying to help out the city, while trying to atone for what he had done during AvX. Also, there will be a new villain introduced that Colossus will have to face!

Notes: This is my first of my new "Red Steel" series, so please be gentle with the criticisms! :D  

Chapter 4: The Birth of Red Steel!

Back at Nigel Faust’s headquarters, an alien was running towards the doors of the headquarters and was admitted in by Nigel’s guards.   This was the same alien that Piotr had thrown across the streets of New York City and the alien had somehow landed near Nigel Faust’s building, with only a few injuries.   Once the alien reached Nigel’s office, Nigel was working on some papers when he looked up and saw the alien standing in the doorway and said, “Well, well, well, what have we here?   You seem to have run to my headquarters in a hurry.   Well, come in so we could…talk.”

The exhausted alien slowly came inside Nigel’s office and Nigel said, “Well, did you complete your job?”

The alien was silent for a moment and then he started speaking to Nigel in an alien language that only Nigel could somehow understand.   Nigel looked at the alien with a cold look in his eyes and he said, “So, in other words, not only have you failed to annihilate our…problem, but our problem seems to have gain an ally…an ally that I thought I had eliminated years ago.”

Nigel then slowly walked up to the alien, who was trying to back away from him, and he told the alien, “I don’t like failures and you have failed to eliminate the problem that could cause our plans to falter in an extreme level.   Do you know what I do with failures like you?”

The alien started to whimper constantly as Nigel got closer and when Nigel touched the alien on its stomach, the alien started screaming as its body started to shrivel like a raisin.   Once Nigel pulled his hand away, the alien fell to the ground in a white, papery mess and Nigel said to himself, “Well, if you can’t use an alien to take out your problems, you have to do it yourself.”

Meanwhile in the afternoon…

Jerome was walking through the streets of New York when he came across a secret entrance way at the bottom of one of the unknown buildings.   Jerome whips out a remote control and presses a red button on it and the doorway to the entrance way opens and Jerome quickly goes inside.   Inside the entrance way was a large den that was filled with numerous computers and weapons that were created by Jerome himself and Jerome approaches a large computer mainframe that was located in the middle of the den.

Jerome presses a few buttons on the computer mainframe and said, “Computer, tell me about the whereabouts of ‘Nigel Faust.’

The computer mainframe then pulled up several locations in New York City and it located Nigel’s building that was near a lake.

“Computer, maximize screen to pinpoint on Nigel Faust himself and turn up the volume to follow Nigel Faust’s speech patterns,” said Jerome to the computer.

The computer zeroed in on Nigel Faust and the volume was turned up to follow Nigel’s speech patterns.   Nigel was saying to his guards, “Gentlemen, it appears that the alien that we had sent to destroy our problem has failed to complete his task and our plans are now in jeopardy.   We must eliminate this problem ourselves if our plans are meant to succeed and that problem is none other than COLOSSUS, the fugitive!”

Jerome looked on in shock and said to himself, “What does Colossus have to do with all this and what is Nigel planning?   I got to figure this all out before it’s too late!”

Later that night…

Piotr was still walking down the streets of New York City when he suddenly heard police sirens in the distance and he ducked behind an old building to hide.   From his hidden position, Piotr then saw a couple of police cars patrolling the area and then he gasped when he saw that the Avengers were among them!

“Have you’ve seen any sign of the fugitives from the Phoenix Five?” Captain America asked one of the police officers.

“No sir.   But, we will let you know if we have any leads on any members of the Phoenix Five,” the police chief responded to Captain America.

“Oh no! The Avengers are with the police! If they see me, I will be arrested and I might never get a chance to explain my side of the story! I must find a safer place to hide!” said Piotr to himself.

Piotr quietly sneaked away from the area and approached the empty roads of New York City and started walking down them.

“How did things ever come down to this? I was once a hero along with the X-Men and now I am a fugitive on the run!   How can I make things right again?” Piotr said sadly to himself.

Piotr than sat down on the sidewalk to think on his predicament.   He did not know what to do about his predicament and he feared that he may never be the hero that he once was. Not with the destruction that the Phoenix Force had caused around the world hanging over his head.   Piotr then looked down at his cloak that he had taken off a few minutes ago and then he had an idea and said to himself, “Well, I may be a fugitive on the run, but I am still an X-Man whose sole mission is to protect innocents from any harm and I think I know how to accomplish that!” With a small smile on his face, Piotr than raced back to the building he was staying at, determined to put his plan into action.  

A few hours later…

A young woman was walking through the streets of New York City alone at night, trying to get back home after working at the medical center.   Even though she normally comes home at this time, since the aliens had started invading New York City, she started feeling uncomfortable about being alone at night.   Just as the woman was near her apartment, a large alien creature suddenly jumped in front of her and caused the woman to scream wildly.   The alien creature then started approaching the young woman while hissing in a menacing manner when all of a sudden, a low rumbling voice echoed through the streets.

“I would not harm that young woman if I were you, tovarisch.   You might find yourself in an unlucky position that would cause you great pain.”

Suddenly, a large red figure came up behind the alien and grabbed the alien by its neck.   The large figure then proceeded to lift the alien in the air and slammed the alien on the ground, instantly killing the alien.  

The young woman then looked up at the large red figure in shock, but was entirely grateful that the red figure had saved her life and she asked the figure, “Who are you?”

The red figure was dressed in a red jumpsuit that covered his entire body and was wearing a red mask over his face.   However, the red figure’s face seem to shine in a way that steel would shine in any kind of light, making him seem like a familiar character.  

The large red figure smiled at the young woman and then introduced himself and said, “Well Miss, I am known as Red Steel and I am New York City’s newest savior!”



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Love this and the series.

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@thespideyguy said:

Love this and the series.

Thanks!!! I'm planning on doing more stories about Colossus being Red Steel!

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@Rabbitearsblog: Cool. Not 100% sold on Red Steel as the new identity for Colossus, but it is entertaining. Very good

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@batkevin74 said:

@Rabbitearsblog: Cool. Not 100% sold on Red Steel as the new identity for Colossus, but it is entertaining. Very good