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Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.


Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 9- The Secret

I had a dream about the old wars which happened in the past. A dream which I neva seen quite like it before. All those horrible deaths which I have dreamed of. You don't want to see what I saw because it ain't pretty. I thought about Cap's words back at the Project Rebirth facility. Was he tellin' the truth? I might as well asked him more questions about my true identity. But it was too late when Victor rammed his razor-sharped claws through Cap's gut. He was tryin' to tell me somethin' earlier. I know it. But I couldn't figure it out. I slept in the hypersleep chamber all night long. I neva woke up from my sleep. I don't know how many dreams I had durin' my sleepn' beauty mode.

I heard a sound comin' from the across the entrance of the chamber room. It was the voice of Stryker and another person whom I don't know. I tried to use my super-hearin' skills on the unknown guy. But I neva quite catch his scent and the voice. They seemed to be talkin' to each other. They may be talkin' about our next possible mission. It could be Victor who keeps praisin' his victory in stoppin' Cap. But David North was the one who actually killed him.

The next day, I woke up from the sleepin' chamber. I saw David was standin' near the entrance. He said that Stryker has another mission for us. Heh! I bet it somethin' has to do with Cap again but he's long time gone. Victor was also comin' to join the mission. I neva liked that big guy first of all. He thinks he's the big man who can take care things in his own way. Maybe, I should show him my way. Because, I'm the best there is.

"Had enough sleep, Logan?" asked David as if he ignored the fact that I didn't kill Cap. I told him, I had a rough ride sleep in my mind. I neva want to talk about it though. You neva want to know what goes through my f*ckin' head.

We headed to Stryker's office for the debriefing of our next mission. Victor was there already always comin' first as the top man of Team X. He sure knows how to show off his own stuff. I would like to give a him a break or two if ya know what I mean.

"Ok men, I have a new mission for three of you," the big general has his ways of giving out the details of the mission. He neva explained the true nature of his wild goose chase though. I wanted to ask him badly but I guess it ain't the time.

"We have a scientist who went missing for the past year. He was actually working on the Super-Soldier serum which created Captain America in the first place."

The serum which created the greatest hero of all. I wonder if this serum still exists today. I neva want to try it on myself since I got my healin' factor givin' by these f*ckin' eggheads.

"What's his name, sir?" I asked just want to know more details about the scientist. Stryker kept silent for a while, He began to open his mouth and said a word that we heard of it before. Don't ask me how. But we sure do know about him. The scientist's name was Dr. Abraham Erskine. He was the one who created the Super-Soldier serum in the 1940s. However, he went missin' until he turned up workin' years later at the Project Rebirth facility. The mystery is how Abraham had survived through these years. Some of the Project X scientists have said that Abraham have created a new forumla that reduces his aging much like the healin' factor. But the difference is that this kind of agin' process doesn't heal the body. Which would mean that we may have to kill Abraham Erskine in order to get this formula.

"It's the formula that I need it. You may know that the healin' factor experiment have gone awry since it happened to Psi-Borg. But I want to use it on myself. You have to get this formula no matter what the cost. Got it?" Stryker said impatiently and waitin' to hear our answer. I may want to know why Stryker wants this formula for himself. I guess he wants to look younger so that he can keep Project X and the Team X operations runnin' forever. Before we went to another hibernation mode, we had to do some trainin' sessions and exercise our way through. Victor always show his muscles off while workin' out. He had the strength to lift some heavyweight all right. But he sure doesn't look like that strong to me. David wasn't liftin' weights but he was runnin' on a threadmill just to check his heatin' signatures for scannin' the enemies in cold sight.

The next day, we were dropped off to a location on the south border of Mexico. We heard that Abraham came to this country after workin' at Project Rebirth one year ago. Psi-Borg also warned us about the Mexican soldiers who were guardin' their own country. We may have to be careful on this one since it sounds like an old war to me. Yea, an old Vietnam War.

While we were walkin' down the road, I asked Victor about this strange formula which Stryker mentioned about. Victor neva wanted to give much information about it since he was given orders not to spill anythin' to us. I guess Victor pays respect to our Team X leader. Although, Victor said that the formula had secret ties with the major powers that occured in World Wat 2. I was wonderin' about the powers which may be related to Germany but I doubt it. He said the Germans were involved in tryin' to replicate the formula which Abraham had created. But the formula was scrapped and the German scientists gave up on it. Instead, the German soldiers were sent to capture Captain America in order to discover the true secrets of the Super-Soldier serum. Yea, a lot of history comes to my mind all the time. Yet, sometimes I have flashes in my head, which I couldn't even recognize them.

We came across a Mexican market where people were sellin' their foods and other stuff around. Victor was askin' questions to several Mexicans in their language. I was suprised he could speak Spanish very well. I have neva thought of it. Sometimes, I think Victor is supposed to be leader of Team X rather than me.

While we try to ask questions about Abaham's whereabouts, a man was sitting on the far side corner of the bar. He was starin' at us for a moment there. He had that brown coat coverin' his body as if he was feelin' too hot from the sun. He had some kind of steel arm slightly shown from his sleeves. I can also see his left eye glowin' like a flash of light. I have neva seen this strange guy before. But somethin' tells me that we're not the only ones who were lookin' for Abraham.

To be continued in Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 10- Future Tense.

Well, our Team X recruits are visiting Mexico to look for the long-lost Abraham Erskine. But which formula that Abraham have used in the past? I think you know. Who is the brown coated guy that Logan has seen? Could it be...No way. What is he doing here? Find out in the next chapter of Wolverine. The future ain't bright, folks. SNIKT!

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@The Impersonator: Excellent! Seriously people why arn't you reading this?

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@4donkeyjohnson: Thanks! It takes time for someone to read. But you know what...a lot of authors are following me on Twitter. =)

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