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Rated M for Mature

Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

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Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 7- Trespassers

We went out on our first real mission this time. Sometimes, you think that this is all just a dream. But I figured it wouldn't be a dream if I hadn't been sent here in the first place. David and Victor were comin' behind me and I was actin' as their new leader. Yea, I kinda remembered leadership back in those days. But I can't seem to know what I actually did back then. Who knows? My memory was still a doozy sometimes.

We stopped runnin' and hid in the bushes. The Project Rebirth facility was right near the long lake. The facility was quite large at first sight but it looks the same as Project X. We cut through the wires instead usin' our special abilities. Psi-Borg already sent us details about the computer trackin' system around this area. We may well find ourselves in a deadly trap. I neva want it to happen anyways.

We crawled silently and watched out for any guards around the facility. There weren't any sight of them. I jush hope this is ain't one of Stryker's wild games. Otherwise, I would have slashed his head off for good.

Victor stayed behind the front door of the facility in order to see if any guards are present. David and I managed to break into the facility with our advanced tools made by those eggheads. It's a good thing we have these scientists back at the Project X facility. Who knows what we would have done without them.

David used his scannin' signature technology to see if any enemies or unknown dangers are nearby. I took out my adamanitum claws just to get ready for fresh meat. By the way, I always love to eat meat while cookin' in the fire. It was real good. You should see how I make it in the campfire sometimes.

While we were walkin' together, I heard quite footsteps comin' straight ahead of us. It must be those guards who already knew that we were here. We took out our guns ready and prepare to ambush them. The guards must have seen us through their TV screens. But why would they walk slowly? EVen though we broke into their facility. They probably must be scared just like I used to scare someone back in my days.

The guards suddenly saw and began shootin' at us. We were down for a while but our healin' factors kicked in a quick pace. We fired at them and they fell dead. We then ran across the hallways of the facility. The inside part of the facility was quite big alright. People must have done a very good job keepin' this place intact.

"Logan, have you reached the isolation tank chambers?" asked Victor who was waitin' impatiently outside the facility. I said we have neva reached our destination yet but I think we almost finish runnin' near the end of the line. David was runnin' as fast as he could. Even though he's not much fast as me.

We finally entered the isolation chamber room where all the tanks are bein' kept. David was scannin' these tanks to see if any of the test subjects are bein' put to sleep. I also smelled if Cap was here. But he still ain't. David said there weren't any people sleepin' in the tanks. Someone must have known that we were comin' here. Like I said, it may be a trap. No wonder Stryker tested me on that unexpected trainin' session. But this time, I'll show him what I can do. Because I'm the best there is and what I do. But what I do best, it won't be very nice.

We kept lookin' all over the place. There weren't any test subjects being experimented on this facility. I wonder if Cap was the only person who got experimented by the super-soldier serum. Maybe, the serum had side-effects on the unknown test subjects. I hope that Psi-Borg gave us the right details. Because somethin' ain't smelled right here. I can tell ya that.

"Logan!" cried out the familiar figure. David and I turned our backs and saw Cap standin' in front of us. He was the true Cap alright. He had the shield and the mask on. Including the symbol that was shown on his chest costume. He was the "Greatest American Hero" of all. There is no mistake tellin' about Cap. Psi-Borg spilled out the right details which we wanted.

"Logan, you're making a big mistake," said the Cap. I neva knew what he was talkin' about. But I would like to know how he knew my name. I took my gun and began to aim at his forehead. David also did the same. We were standin' in the chamber room and lookin' at each other's faces. It was quiet alright just like the Western cowboys waitin' to shoot each other. But this is different since it's two versus one in the picture. I stared at the Cap closely and began to remember somethin' about him. Somethin' which I couldn't even remember before. I didn't have time to think about it. I was given an order to shoot Cap down. I looked at the Cap's face again and began to pull the trigger.

"You're dead meat, bub."

To be continued in Project X: The Birth of Wolverine, Chapter 8- The Battle Within.

No Logan. Don't do it! NO! Will Logan kill our beloved American hero? What about David North? Will he join the killing as well? Stay tuned for the next chapter of Wolverine. Sometimes, you gotta do what ya meant to do. SNIKT!

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@The Impersonator: Excellent work, another good read. I'm liking the 'what's gonna happan next blurbs' at the end of each chapter

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@The Impersonator: Excellent work, another good read. I'm liking the 'what's gonna happan next blurbs' at the end of each chapter

I didn't notice this comment before. Anways, thanks. =P

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