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(I In no way own or have rights to the character Owen Harper or the fictional city of Gotham city, this is mearly something done out of fun.)

My name is Owen Harper and I am suppose to be dead. Dead? what is the true meaning behind the word?What really happens when we die, do we going into the long hallway and face a blinding light. If so I saw the blinding light before I "died". Only to wake up....in this town.

The streets smell of filth and decay, the people within it something different than those I remember. I remember being in London and I remember her voice....Tosh. Shakes head No I need to find her again, I want her to know how much i truly care for her...but where am I.

Shots heard off in the distance.

The street echoed with gun fire and a man leaped from the building to the next above me, wearing a cape. "Sod" I utter as I continue walking down the long streets of this town. The weather not much better than its inhabitants, rain pours for what seems like forever. Never letting up as if they skies cry for me, then I feel it. The cold feeling of steel crashing into my chest "Get the f@#k out of my way!" screams a man as he runs past me. I fall to my knees with a look of surprise on my face, and the caped man runs past then stops once he notices my body and the lack of blood. He puts his fingers to my neck, i feel the cold of his suit against my neck and his eyes bulge as he finds no pulse. He looks me over with a perplexed look on his face and I ask him "What the hell are you doing, help me up or quit undressing me with your eyes." He helps me up again looking me over and I cant help but say "Alright Jack never looked me over that much before so I aint pretty, so What are you eyeing me for?"

The man in the cape stares for a brief moment then takes off again after the wouldbe criminal and I think to myself "Leather an a cape....good thing Jack isnt here or I would never hear the end of this." Dusting myself off I place my hands in my pockets and again walk down the long streets of this city coming up to a sign at the end of the city that reads "You are leaving Gotham City" and in spray paint it reads "Keep walking dont stop ever." I chuckle for a moment and tap my com link again "Jack?...Ianto...Gwen...TOSH Can anyone hear me?!" All i hear is static and the ever so soft hum of the dead line. I start walking and then stop, turning back towards Gotham and making my way back into the city I look for the local pub. Only to find one dubbed "Noonans" I shrug my shoulders and proceed inside..only to find a swift boot to my face as a man is tossed out the same door I walked in. A hulking man walks up grabbing me by the arm and standing me up the words "Hacken" on his shirt "Next time duck moron." and my retort "Well arnt we a lovely fellow huh...jackass." Before he can hit me a scream can be heard from a portly fellow at the bar "that flafh dont gotsth nothing on me. I saved Gotham once...did anyone showf me any attenthin NOOOO. A$$holes, I even helf defeat ....the big tall guy Darksomthing...kick Supermans ass." The hulk known as Hacken bursts into laughter smacking the fat one on the back telling him his stories dont mean anything in here. And I make this time to go over to the bar and order a draft, soon the pint is gone and I am not in the least bit drunk "Damn dead body." i scream out loud no one seems to notice what I say. But the night stays the same drinking and wondering how I will ever find her again.

(Damn twenty minute bugger, oh well their it is. Hope Methos gets a kick out of it)