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I found my old fan-fic thread just now, and I realized just how many changes I've made to the little universe I've created. So here's the story I've finally settled with. (I may be changing the powers of some characters slightly, so don't go overboard if I have something not listed in my powers, or if Enigma's powers are completely different from what they are on his page.)

Chapter 1: Home

A long way away from all that we know and love, a small galaxy sat in a universe of nothingness. There were very few stars or planets, and much like the Milky Way, there was only one planet that contained life. Oction was a small planet that sat as the fourth planet from the sun in the solar system. There lived several colonies on the planet that were loosly tied to one another. There were no wars and there was little crime. This civilization was much calmer than most. But this was no ordinary planet. There would be no planet, if it were not for it's power source, the Octagon Gem. This gem was the cause of the vast emptiness of the universe. Almost all of the stars and living beings had been condenssed into this gem, which had the power to fuel several universes at once. It sat at the hollowed core of the planet, and was supplying power to the entire planet.

One of the major areas on the planet was the Octillion Training Arena. People from all over the world came here to compete in mixed combat. It was the most entertaining event on the planet, and the combatants trained most of their lives to compete there. This is where Freak came into the picture. Freak was the prized champion of the arena. As a special privilige of being the champion, Freak was allowed to travel to the center of the planet, where the gem unlocked his inner potential and gave him his powers. Now, being too powerful to fight non-powed contestants, Freak refereed in emergency cases. If one oponent tried to kill his opposition, Freak interveened and stopped the fight.

Freak had just started his refereeing, when a team fight was beginning. Team one was composed of a fearsome group of alien beings from around the different tribes. They fought fantastically, but when they took it too far, and tried to murder their opponents, Freak stepped in and called the fight to Team two. Team one had been found to have been using performance enhancing drugs and were disqualified. In outrage, they decided to travel to the center of the planet to steal the gem that had given Freak his powers. Since there was little crime on the planet, the gem was not heavily gaurded. The team easily killed the guards and used the gem to hop to the universe that contained Earth. And since Earth was the only planet found to have life, the group traveled there with the gem.

As the planet's power reserves began to fade, the highest ranking officials from the planet agreed to use the emergency power to send Freak in a ship through dimensions to Earth, following the energy trail from the gem. Accepting the mission, Freak was propelled into another dimension, to the planet known as Earth.

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nice freaky

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Thanks, and just for reference let's call this FR18 because I don't know how far I want to go with violence and such.

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this is cool, OF..

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Chapter 2: The Chase

Freak's ship crashlanded into the Pacific Ocean on Earth. The ship plumetted toward the bottom, sinking almost a mile in depth. Waves roared out, and typhoons racked the surrounding countries. The ship deployed a flotation device, and rose quickly to the surface. Freak opened the hatch, and heard,
"Stop right there! Keep your hands in the air!" Freak did not speak this strange language, so he ducked back inside the ship to retrieve his omnicommunicator. He strapped it around his neck, and climbed back to the surface. When he opened the hatch this time, he was greeted several men holding machine guns. Not wanting to harm the humans or himself, Freak surrendered himself. The belligerent jerks tugged him onto one of their ships. Freak sat quietly in the interrogation room, where a man who smelled of after-shave yelled at him. Two other men stood in the corners of the room by the door, loaded to the teeth. Freak said nothing as the man continued to scream. The man tried to harm Freak, but was unable to. Finally the man lost himself, and punched Freak in the side of the head. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was about all Freak could take. He unleashed a furious punch at the man and sent him through a wall. The others manned their guns, but before they could fire, Freak disappeared and reappeared above the men. He came down with one fell swoop and knocked them both to the floor. He teleported outside, and onto the ship deck.

It was night now, and the sea pushed and shoved on the boat side. Freak was surrounded in darkness, which was the best place for him to be. He blacked out the deck of the ship, and made his way to the captain's control room. The captain was asleep, so Freak remained quiet. He looked at the map on the wall, and then looked at his current location, as updated by the captain on the map. They were headed for Japan, but Freak's ship's sensors had detected that the gem was somewhere in the Americas. Freak studied the ships controls for a few minutes, and then grabbed the wheel and turned around ever so slightly, and headed for Alaska. Freak found a space under the controls, and took refuge there.

The next morning, Freak was awakened by the Captain coming into the control room. Freak could tell that he was puzzled, and that he knew someone had altered his control settings. Before he could make any adjustments though, Freak appeared behind him and grabbe him by the throat, pointing a dagger made of dark energy at his adam's apple. The captain muffled something, which led Freak to take him out quietly. He took the dagger, and threw it into the captain's spine, so that he was paralyzed and could not speak. After awhile, he would be dead. Freak threw him overboard when no one was looking.

After several days of avoiding the crew and dodging suspition, the ship finally landed on Alaska. Freak quickly ran onto the deck, regardless of the crew members, and teleported as far as he could away from the ship. Within hours, Freak was half-way across Alaska, and headed for Canada.

Meanwhile, the group that had stolen the gem had been studying it, and had all come into contact with it. Slowly but surely, the gem unlocked their inner potential just as it had for Freak. The leader of the group developed enhanced abilities in strength, agility, and speed. He could also shoot powerful blasts from his hands. He called himslef Bonaparte. A woman in the group formed radiation abilities. She emitted it from her body in a short radius and could turn it on and off. She could also concentrate her radioactive powers into powerful blasts from he hands, feet, or eyes. She called herself Wipeout. A third member of the group became a blob-like creature that could control its own acidity. The creature could go from a neutral acid, to a vile burning acid. The more acidic the creature became, the harder it was to hold a form or to keep from burning through floors or walls. The group named the creature Decay. The last member of the group developed super human strength, and his right arm was mutated into a laser emmitting device that could put out a large concussive blast, or be precise enough to cut. This beheamoth was named Massacre. This group of manihical villains called themselves, "The Elite."
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Nice fan fic O Freak, I liked Chapter one and the explanation on how you got your powers, Where they came from, I thought that was unique from most I have seen around here.

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Well, I thank you Andferne, I really appreciate the feedback.

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Sure thing man, and let me know when you get the next chapter up and I will keep up with the story.

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Maybe in a day or two. I'm going to be busy.

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Chapter 3: Domination

In a dark alley sat an old war veteran, drinking from his sack. An image flew over-head, but he was too drunk to notice. He took another swig, as the wind whipped through the alley.

December's wind had been especially biting this year, and Captain Austin Morgan had only his rags to keep him warm. A second object flew into the sky, and became very bright. Within minutes, the temperature of Indianapolis rose to 102 degrees farenheit. Captain Morgan looked up, and stood in shock. Then a loud crackle rose in the air, as a set of speakers came to life.

"Atention. This city is being taken hostage by the Elite. Please do not fight back, you'll only hurt yourselves. First we'll need to clear this city out..." Just as the speakers went dead, 3 buildings fell to the ground, and smashed cars and property all around. Captain Morgan stumbled to a stand.

"Ah sit! I cn't le thibs goo on lack dis!" he sputtered. He stumbled around the corner and found a gun shop. He kicked the door in, and began grabbing shotguns and pistols. The alarm went crazy, but the police were busy with the Elite. Capt. Morgan ran from the store, and tried to sober himself up a bit.

Meanwhile, on the border of Canada, Freak ran through wild forest in the night. He had had animals attack him, locals had shot at him, but he successfully dodged every attempt at attack without harming anyone. He finall found himself at Lake Michigan. He followed the side of the lake, using his Energy Tracker to find where the gem was. After several hours of running and teleportation, he found himself in Indiana, where his tracker pointed toward the center of the state. Freak made his way there, and found the source of the problem. 4 villains had gained super-powers from the gem. He teleported to a still-standing building, and watched as the four of them tore through the city. Freak looked down as Massacre was about to take the life of a bystander, and he teleported above the giant, and landed a kick to the top of his head. Falling back, Massacre shot out a beam that missed Freak terribly. Freak ran to him while he was down, and began a savage attack. Freak savagely beat the man's head and upper body, and then flipped off of him. The large man stood, laughing, and shot a beam at Freak. The beam hit a puff of smoke as Freak appeared behind Massacre, and threw an energy ball of his own into the man's back. Massacre flipped forward, and fell on his face. Freak once again pounced on his opportunity to attack. But before he could land a single punch, Freak was shot off of Massacre by a beam of green heat. Freak flew down an alleyway, and landed next to a dumpster. 3 more shots poured into the alleyway, as Wipeout flew in for a follow-up attack. Freak flipped back, dodging the shots, and teleported into the air with her. He attacked her, but being awkward in the air, he missed, and let Wipeout punch him in the chest. He fell to the ground, and Massacre came up from behind. He grabbed Freak, and squeezed like a snake. Disoriented, Freak could not gather his wits enough to teleport from this assult.

BANG! An awefully loud noise ripped the air. Massacre released Freak, and fell to his knees, screaming in pain. When the behemouth fell out of sight, Cpt. Morgan stood with a shotgun in one hand, and a bag in the other.

"I though you coul use som halp, buuuuddy." he slurred. Freak nodded, and turned his attention to Wipeout. He lunged at her, and took her out of the air. Holding her to the ground, he was reluctant to hit her. His mistake was quickly learned, as Wipeout heated up her body, and burned Freak into letting go of here. She flew up, and had a slug wizz past her. Cpt. Morgan grunted at his aim, and loaded two more shells into both of the barrels. Wipeout flew high into the air, and rained blasts down on him. Cpt. Morgan awkwardly jumped out of the way, and into a building side. Cursing, he stood rubbing his shoulder, and looked up to see Freak appearing above Wipeout.

Freak contained her inside an orb of darkness, and suffocated her until she passed out. Freak grouped back up with Cpt. Morgan and said

"Thanks for the assistance, my friend. On my homeworld, they call me Octavius, but I have no idea what you would call me here." Cpt. Morgan stepped back in surprise.

"You freaks can talk?! I din't know," he sputtered. Freak thought about what he said, and decided that Freak was a good name. They were about to turn around, when a huge blast knocked them both in the alleyway, and through the building at the back. When Freak looked up, Bonaparte was standing on top of the rubble, wearing the Gem of the Octagon around his neck.

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Nice post man, I liked Captain Morgan and thought it was a cool way to do your 'Freak' name.

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Yeah, I'm trying to make it as creative as I can. I love how Cpt. Morgan is always drunk too. Thanks man!

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Chapter 4: The Outsider

On another planet, someone sat, watching the earth. The red dust flew up into the sky, blocking out the sun, as Enigma sat as the last of his kind. His pale blue skin shined as the dust settled back to the ground, and the sun shown brightly again. His hair flipped into his face, as the wind and dust swirled again in anger.

Enigma had been the leader of his kind, hundreds of years ago. Eventually, his people had dried the planet of it's resources, and they had all slowly died off. As the strongest of his race, Enigma was able to survive the famine, and now lived off of what little sunlight he could absorb. Enigma had always been different. He could do things that none of the others could do. He was labeled as the prophet of his people, and was made leader at the age of eight. Enigma never needed to eat food like the rest of his kind. He could take in energy around him to suffice his needs for energy. But now he sat, all alone on the planet Mars, waiting for something better to happen. Something that he could enjoy, and something that wouldn't get him killed. He looked up into the sky, and saw a blue orb hanging in the middle. He had only seen the blue orb once in his life, when he was a child. Then, suddenly, he felt a strange sensation. He felt a pulsing energy emitting from the planet. He looked up at it, and knew that he finally had found something. He didn't know, energy, life, something for him.

He stood for the first time in awhile, and lifted himself off of the ground. He hovered into the air, and shot into the air. He rocketed into the atmosphere, and into the dark void of space. He drifted for a moment, and then propelled himself towards the blue orb. He reached it within hours, and stared in wonder at the clouds and continents. He drifted in, as gravity took hold, and began orbiting the planet. The blue oceans amazed him. The rugged landmasses impressed him. And the twirling clouds were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. If he had the ability to cry, he might have.

Enigma felt the pulse again, regained his objective, and ripped into the atmosphere. He flew in at hundreds of miles an hour, and regained control of his momentum somewhere up in the sky. He found a large amount of light in the middle of the continent he was on. The energy pulsed again, and pulled him toward the source. He landed in close-by Rush county and looked around the peaceful town. He decided to learn the customs of the planet before he wandered to the energy source. He found the court house, and flew up to investigate it. After analyzing the large building, he flew over the city, and found a peaceful street with some children playing in an alley-way. He noticed a large amount of rubble on the ground near the children, and wondered if they should really be playing near it. He landed in the alley, and walked toward the street. He saw a large house, with a few windows lit. He walked to the one nearest the street, and peered inside. A young man sat at a computer, looking at some website called, "Comicvine.com." Enigma took flight again, and flew down the street. He wandered to another house, and saw another young man high up in the building, also at a website called, "Comicvine.com." Enigma wondered what this website was, but did not bother the humans in figuring out what it was. He flew to the local grocery store, and walked to the front door. The door moved suddenly, and Enigma froze it with his mind, and flung it into the parking lot. After looking for a moment, he stepped inside.

He walked to the produce section, and grabbed an apple. He formed his skin into the color of the apple, and put it back. The greens section began pouring water over the vegetables to keep them fresh. Startled, Enigma threw a shelf into the greens stand. He then walked over to the liquid pouring out of the wall. There was also a string jumping about. Enigma grabbed the string, and energy surged into his system. The lights in the building shut off, and Enigma felt better than he ever had before. He flew up through the ceiling, and into the sky. He lifted some cars from the parking lot and investigated them. He found a young human female in one car, with her mouth wide open. Enigma floated to her, and grabbed her face. He analyzed her features, clothes, and the interior of the car. He changed his skin tone to match her's. He read her mind, and went through every thought she'd ever had. He picked up her language, and her knowledge of the area. He found this to be very useful. He gently lowered the car, and said,
"Thank you ma'am. Your service was excellent, would you like fries with that?" He could tell by the strange look on her face that he'd said something that wasn't quite right. He floated into the air, and started reading the minds of everyone in town. He soon  would become knowledgeable in many fields of knowledge, and learned to speak their language almost perfectly.

And soon he would seek the source.
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Pretty cool

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havoc67 said:
"Pretty cool"

Thanks man!