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I think it's important to know when to write a character's name as opposed to writing he/she said. I admit that even I make this mistake at times.

When character's interact with each other naming is necessary to an extent, purely to show the reader who's doing what. Now when characters speak plus interact with the environment at the same time, the likelihood that you'll have to use names increases ten fold.

Just an observation.

Writing is all about balance and keeping stuff fresh. Use the same sentences too often and you bore the reader.

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@lorbo: I only really do the he said /she said dialogue when I intentionally want the character's identity anonymous. I use subtle clues to hint at the character's identity. It's good to make your audiences think, otherwise what's the point of writing?

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@dngn4774: Beacuse you may be writing a specific character...You aint gona make it secret if you are writing, Captain America for example.

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You should always use names unless it's obvious to the reader who's talking.

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I concur. We must never underestimate our readers. We must become the reader then.

Only after reading my stories through fully can I even see how obvious some things are and other things aren't.

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@pyrogram: Yeah usually it's reserved for villains since they're usually harder to identify then heroes (especially if they are in a rouge gallery). You can do it with heroes too but you'd have to make the cameo really short without making it completely obvious.