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Alright, so because I was bored and had nothing better to do, and because I really like being neat and organized, I decided to create a timeline of events that have occurred in my current fan-fic. This is really just for me, though anyone else reading my fan-fic might find it interesting, too, I don't know. I will be updating it as I add more chapters, of course, but for now this is what I have. The events are broken down by year, month, and date, pretty simple.

Rose Wilson: The Ravager

Year 1


5: Ravager inadvertently causes the death of Bart Allen and several police officers during a mission, causing heavy strain in her relationship with the other Teen Titans. Saving them the trouble of having to deal with her any longer, she leaves.

February 6 - April 30

Rose wanders the country, no real goal or destination in mind.


1: Ravager arrives in Gotham, taking up residence with Dick Grayson for a few days while she figures out where to go with her life. However, as Batman, he forces her to come out on patrol with him that night. They discover suspicious men loading boxes into an unmarked van. Though they beat up most of the men, Ravager is shot and mildly injured, allowing the van to get away.

2: Ravager decides to investigate the suspicious activity on her own. During her investigation, she runs into the Scarecrow and is forced to retreat after taking in a heavy dose of fear gas.

3: Ravager and Batman intercept Scarecrow and Dagget's operation, putting a stop to it. She then leaves Gotham.

24: After arriving in Silverstone City, Rose enters into an underground fight club as a way to earn money.

May 15 - June 23

Rose works her way up the tournament brackets, gaining renown and earning plenty of cash to get by.


24: Rose discovers that Arnold Pavoni, the man running the tournaments, has been abusing young, kidnapped children. Before she can stop him, she is captured and sent to a facility to be experimented on, but escapes. Later, Jeremiah Belmont attacks her at her apartment, but she defeats and threatens him. As a bargaining chip, Jerry gives her the location of where the kidnapped children are being kept, as well as where Pavoni lives. Ravager leaves to save the children, though learns that one in particular, a girl named Holly, has been taken by Pavoni to his mansion.

25: Ravager confronts Pavoni in his home, brutally beating him and then killing him for his sick practices on innocent children. Jerry ambushes her and sends a newly created Blockbuster after her, but she defeats it and gets away. After saving Holly and finding out the girl has no other family, Rose decides to become her legal guardian and look after her.

July 16 - January 27

After being set up with a new identity, Rose undergoes training to become a police officer in Silverstone City, while also taking care of Holly, as the girl's new legal guardian, and fighting crime at night as Ravager.

Year 2


28: Rose officially begins her career as a cop, becoming very close friends with her partner, Rebecca Chavez, over the following two weeks. Meanwhile, local crime bosses agree to each hire assassins to eliminate the city's new vigilante crime fighter.


10: Deadshot makes his attempts at killing Ravager. Though he fails, he manages to escape.

11: Cheshire arrives to kill Ravager, but is talked into leaving when learning that her target is actually Rose, her daughter's former nanny. However, Rose ends up poisoned after the fight.

12-13: Rose is hospitalized after her fight with Cheshire

14: Lady Shiva arrives to challenge Ravager, and the two fight to a draw. When Deadshot interrupts them, they work together to take him in.

22: Becky takes Rose out to celebrate her birthday. Becky reveals her lesbianism when making a move on Rose, who initially rejects these advances.

23: Becky is shot and hospitalized. Jerry threatens Becky and Holly's lives if Rose doesn't work for him.

February 24 - March 1

Ravager commits her forced crime spree.


2: Red Robin and Batgirl arrive to try and stop Ravager's crime spree. Instead, Ravager uses their help to put a stop to Jerry and his schemes.

3: Rose and Becky celebrate Becky’s birthday in the hospital. Rose decides to take a break from being Ravager, as a way to clear her head and decide if she should officially give it up, so she doesn't have to keep lying to Becky and getting the people close to her hurt.

March 4 - June 10

Rose continues living her life normally, as a cop of Silverstone, a friend to Becky, and a guardian to Holly, without being Ravager.


11: After investigating a robbery involving a ninja, while on duty with Becky, Rose decides to take up her Ravager persona again to do further investigation that night. She is confronted and defeated by a man named Shao Shen, who knocks her out and then calls the police, who have been searching for her ever since her crime spree. Ravager wakes up in time to lead the police on a high speed pursuit, though is eventually cornered and discovered by Becky, working a late shift. Rose is forced to reveal her secret identity to Becky who, while helping Rose to get away, feels betrayed and lied to, becoming very angry at Rose.

12: Rose arrives at work the next day to find that Becky did not come in, and does not answer her phone, no matter how many times Rose calls.

13-15: Rose continues trying to reach Becky, but is unsuccessful. Realizing that Becky is simply avoiding her now, Rose falls into a state of depression and begins to question where her life is going and where she really belongs, as she has now lost her closest friend.

16: Rose contacts Dick Grayson about her problems, and he suggests a friend that may be able to help her figure out her life. Rose agrees to meet with this friend and travel wherever she needs to.

18: Rose brings Holly to stay with Dick while she is away, then meets with Renee Montoya, Dick's friend.

19: Renee brings her to Nanda Parbat to meet with Richard Dragon, who helps to train her and find enlightenment about herself.

20: Back in Silverstone, Becky investigates strange murders around the city and deals with two suspicious detectives, Kubrick and Riggs. She is later attacked in her apartment by a woman dressed as a ninja, but manages to shoot and kill the intruder.

June 21 - August 5

Rose continues her training in Nanda Parbat. While only a month and a half passes, she experiences several years worth of time within the city's walls. Becky, meanwhile, continues her investigation.


6: While meditating, Rose experiences an extensive precognitive vision, detailing Becky being brutally beaten for information. This vision gives her a sudden revelation about where she what she wants her life to be, and rushes to return to Silverstone to stop the vision from coming true.

7: Rose returns and meets Becky at her apartment. Though Becky still holds ill feelings, she allows Rose to explain things. Rose reveals every dark and traumatic detail about her life, including how she was protecting Becky when forced by Jeremiah Belmont to commit those crimes. Becky comes to understand and forgive Rose for keeping those secrets, happy now that she is being honest and open as her true self. Realizing that Becky still wants something more between them, Rose initiates things this time, claiming that she likes Becky for the person she is, and would not want a deeper connection with anyone else at that time.

8: Rose takes up her Ravager identity once again and works alongside Becky to uncover the strange occurrences that Becky has been investigating during the past month and a half. They determine that the two suspicious detectives, Kubrick and Riggs, are involved.

9: Becky obtains files off Kubrick's computer, and they learn that he is working for Shao Shen, leader of the Fist of Shadows, who are trying to develop working neural stems that allow for mind control over their victims. Ravager tracks down Kubrick later that night for more answers, though soon discovers that he is a werewolf. After fighting him and his friend, Zaria, an alien being known as a Celarian, she is forced to retreat back to her penthouse, where Becky is abducted by Detective Riggs. Ravager finds where Riggs has taken Becky and stops him before he can do much damage, then interrogates him for the location of the Fist of Shadows' base.

10: Ravager calls in help from Batman, who sends Cassandra Cain for assistance. Reluctantly working together, the two women work to take down the Fist of Shadows by assaulting their base. Ravager defeats Shao Shen, takes him into custody, and then meets with the local police chief. The two come to an agreement that allows Ravager to work alongside the cops, instead of being chased by them.

11: It is revealed that Kubrick, thought to be serving Shao Shen, is actually working for the President, who apparently has sinister plans in mind, behind the scenes.

18: Rose signs a lease on a building to use for her new martial arts studio.


1: Rose puts on a martial arts demonstration to get people to sign up for her studio. Meanwhile, her old bite wound from Kubrick begins to flare up, while her body begins to undergo brief, but frightening, changes.

3: Rose experiences a strong episode of pain, her body starting to change more rapidly. Though she manages to suppress it, she contacts Batman for help. Batman sends Zatanna to magically cure her obvious lycanthropy. However, Zatanna is unable to cure it, since her lycanthropy comes not from a simple virus, but from a curse that was placed on Kubrick, a curse that Zatanna can't break. Zatanna then takes Rose to Doctor Occult's home for more assistance. Doctor Occult gives them information on a medicinal cure that works as long as Rose hasn't had her first transformation, as well as most of the ingredients for it. They are forced to find Kubrick, however, as they need blood from the werewolf that bit her. While managing to track down Kubrick, he refuses to give them his blood, and before they can take it from him, Rose experiences her first full transformation. Zatanna puts her to sleep, then transports them to her home, Shadowcrest.

4: When Rose wakes up, Zatanna reveals that she used her magic to read Kubrick's mind and found out who placed the curse on him. If they want to cure her now, they must find this person and get her to lift the curse. That person is Circe, who currently suffers damnation in Tartarus. After meeting with Dr. Fate to arrange a meeting with Circe, they come to a deal with the sorceress: she will lift the curse if they enter the underworld and free her daughter, Lyta. With Hercules a a guide, they travel the underworld and find Lyta at the Palace of Hades, where they are able to get the god to give up Lyta by magically forcing water from the river of forgetfulness down his throat while he's distracted. When Hades temporarily forgets who he is, the others free Lyta and exit the underworld.

5: During the second meeting with Circe, the sorceress is reunited with her daughter, but still won't lift the curse from Rose. She also wants parole, so she can raise her daughter properly, which she can't do in Tartarus. Circe is granted parole under the condition that she is stripped of all her magical power, and that she is made mortal. Zatanna then brings them all back to Silverstone.

September 6 - December 23

Rose helps Circe and Lyta settle into their new lives, giving Circe a job as bookkeeper for her new martial arts studio, which begins to boom with business. Circe also takes Becky's apartment, when the latter moves in with Rose, while Lyta is enrolled in Holly's school, with the two girls becoming very close friends.


24: Rose, Becky, Holly, Circe, and Lyta all celebrate Christmas Eve together.

25: With Holly staying at Circe's place after opening presents, Becky and Ravager work a police escort in charge of transporting a very dangerous metahuman prisoner to Bell Reve. However, they are stopped a ways down the highway by a federal road block with presidential order for them to release the prisoner. This doesn't sit well with the cops, and are hesitant to follow the orders. Ravager sees a vision of the feds attacking the police, however, and instead initiates the attack herself. While most of the agents are taken down, some of the police are killed and injured as well. Shortly after that, Deathstroke appears, claiming to have been hired to make the transaction go smoothly, and proceeds to kill all the other cops, except for Becky. After defeating Ravager and Becky, the two retreat while he frees the prisoner, Holocaust.

31: A large funeral march is held for the fallen police officers. Afterwards, Becky learns that the FBI has taken over the investigation on the highway massacre. Enraged over this fact, she meets up with Rose to blow off some steam, and then the two go to pick up Holly at Circe's apartment. There, they witness a political talk show on TV detailing a new law being put into place that will require all superheroes to register with the government, follow federal mandates, and divulge all their personal information, including their secret identities, all to be regulated by the Vigilante Regulation Agency. The future director of the VRA is then revealed to be Slade Wilson. The Flash shows up at the interview, berating the government for hiring a well known criminal. However, Slade reveals that he has received a full presidential pardon. The Justice League then meets to discuss what they should do about the law being passed, and eventually decide to issue a written counter and protest to congress.

Year 3


1: The Justice League delivers their protest to congress, hoping that their counter points to the outrageous law will be considered. When they leave, however, congress throws their proposal in the trash.

22: The new law is passed and the VRA is activated, with Slade Wilson beginning his duties as director. He orders a hired Holocaust to put together a very specific task force, then begins making plans for what to do with those heroes who do not register.


5-6: Rose and Becky are confronted by a VRA agent under orders to arrest them; Rose for failing to register with the VRA, and Becky for actively helping an unregistered vigilante. When they refuse, they are forced to come in by Scandal Savage and Knockout, who are working for the VRA. During the ensuing fight, Lyta uses her magic abilities to try and help them, but she is also taken in, as is Circe for attacking the VRA agent after he takes in Lyta. Holly is also taken away to be put into foster care. Elsewhere, other unregistered heroes are all arrested, including Batman, The Birds of Prey, the Teen Titans, and the Justice League, with the other registered heroes suddenly turning on their former friends to take them in.

7: While Becky and Circe are imprisoned in a low security facility, Rose is transported to a high security facility along with another unregistered vigilante, Roy Harper. The two manage to escape custody before arriving, then flee their captors until eventually rescued by a disguised Power Girl, going by her alias Karen Starr. After finally losing the VRA squads chasing them, Karen drives them back to her apartment in New York City, where Wally West and Raven are waiting, two others to have escaped the VRA arrests. Raven reveals that the registered heroes who turned on their former allies are devoid of emotion, and must be controlled somehow. Together, they determine that something is very wrong with the new laws and the VRA, and resolve to make things right. After escaping Slade's task force that attacks them at the apartment, they head to the low security VAR facility to rescue Becky, Circe, Linda West, and Jai West, then flee to a new safe house. Elsewhere, Hugo Strange, also working for the VRA, is busy applying unspecified medical procedures to captured heroes in order to put them under the VRA's control. This procedure fails with Cyborg, whose computer brain provides superior defenses. Later that night, Becky and Rose have a fight over the fact that Rose still doesn't want Becky helping her when it comes to her work as a hero. After storming out of their room, Becky comes across Power Girl and the two discuss the issue, with Becky feeling useless most of the time, since she doesn't have the means to help Rose. Power Girl offers a way to fix that.

8: Becky reveals a new power suit, given to her by Power Girl. The prototype suit of Starr Enterprises offers super strength, agility, stamina, and durability, giving her the means to really help Rose and the other heroes. The team then heads out to the children facility, where they are forced to fight through the controlled Teen Titans before freeing the imprisoned meta children, including Iris West and Lyta. After returning to their safe house, Raven is contacted by the escaped Cyborg through her old Titans communicator. After retrieving him, Cyborg reveals that the heroes that were arrested for being unregistered are actually being sent straight into the lab to be controlled like the others. He also reveals the method of control, the same neural stems that Rose came across with the Fist of Shadow the summer before. Cyborg then uses his tech experience to manually disable the stems controlling the captured Teen Titans, freeing the teens from control. Later that night, Rose confronts the Titans for the first time in two years about Bart Allen's death. While the others are willing to finally forgive her, Wonder Girl refuses to let go of her grudge. She and Rose trade vicious words, until Wonder Girl accidentally puts Becky through a table in the process of attacking Rose.

9: The team heads out to make one last assault on the VRA headquarters to capture Slade and get answers on who is really behind everything. During the conflict, they are attacked by other heroes under the VRA's control, but some manage to push ahead. Becky ends up fighting Deathstroke alone, and is eventually defeated before Ravager shows up. Together, she, Becky, and Red Robin fight Deathstroke before they are interrupted by explosives set off by Calculator, under orders from the person in charge. In the explosion, Becky is grievously injured and dies shortly after in Rose's arms. Rose takes out her emotions on Slade, beating him to a pulp and almost killing him for what he's done, but can't bring herself to pull the trigger. Slade, distraught over having actually caused his daughter such pain, comforts her and then together they go off to stop the man in charge: Jeremiah Belmont, who has used his powers to take the disguise of the President, and has used the neural stems to control all of congress. Together, they stop him, with Rose seemingly cutting off his head and killing him. Meanwhile, Cyborg arrives with a method of remotely disabling the stems controlling all the other heroes. A short while later, Rose is arrested for murder, while the other heroes start to clean up the mess left behind, including taking in most of the villains that had been working for the VRA.

14: Rose and Holly attends Becky's funeral, both pained by the loss. After the funeral, she is confronted by a few of her fellow heroes who assure her that she isn't along and can talk to them any time she needs to. When they return home, Rose and Holly comfort each other, with Rose making the decision to officially adopt the girl, since they need each other now more than ever.

February 15 - May 9

Rose continues to try and move on from Becky's death, going through a heavy grieving process, as she continues to go about her daily life. She mostly keeps to herself, except for when she's teaching her martial arts classes or spending time with Holly. During this time, she officially adopts Holly as her daughter.


10: After ending her daily training with Holly and allowing the girl to spend the night with Circe and Lyta, Rose returns back to her apartment alone. Chief Palmer arrives a short time later, requesting her aid in a series of strange cases, but she refuses, as she's given up the Ravager persona. This is mostly out of the need to care for her daughter, not wanting to end up dead an unable to care for her. Once he leaves, Rose comes to the decision to go out that night, at Circe's urgings. She ends up at a bar, where she rejects every man who tries to hit on her. There, she meets a woman named Ruby Lawson, who invites her out to have a cup of coffee with her. They leave to a coffee shop, where they engage in delightful conversation, and where Rose inexplicably begins to feel surprisingly happy. Once she leaves the coffee shop, Rose makes her way home, only to be ambushed by Lady Shiva, who is intent on having her rematch with Rose. However, Rose isn't in the mood to fight, stating that she doesn't do it anymore, nor is her heart or head in it. Lady Shiva soundly defeats her as a result, though before the killing blow can be delivered, a teleporting, costumed heroine called Apathy appears and saves Rose.

11: Rose and Holly are shopping at the mall. While eating lunch, Holly brings up that she doesn't understand why Rose isn't still helping people at night as Ravager, and actually expresses disappointment in that fact, in spite of Rose's explanation on why. A short while later, they run into Ruby, and decide to continue their day shopping with her. On the way home, they come across a police scene, where a boy had collapsed dead from a brain aneurysm. There, she talks to Palmer again, who explains to her the strangeness of these recent episodes, with kids dropping dead from similar aneurysms all over the neighborhood. After returning home later that night, Rose decides to once again take up her Ravager persona in order to help investigate the recent deaths. While on her investigation, she runs into Apathy, who is also working on the same case. Apathy explains that they're looking for a man named Dr. Atkinson, who had stolen various equipment over the past couple of weeks to build extremely realistic virtual reality pods, which addicts the recipients to their own private fantasy world, while in the process degrading their minds. Ravager and Apathy split up to search for Atkinson's hideout, though in the process Ravager is ambushed and knocked unconscious by hypnotic lights. When she wakes up, she finds herself back in her apartment, where Becky is alive and well. Overjoyed and thinking that Becky's death must have been a dream, Rose asks Becky to marry her, and she accepts. However, she soon wakes up again to find that the entire thing had been a hypnotic illusion caused by one of Dr. Atkonson's (otherwise known as Trance) machines. While her initial reaction is to bust him, he convinces her to continue using his machine in the future, so that she can be with Becky again.

12-15: Rose continues to use Trance's machine, living an alternate fantasy life with Becky. This doesn't come cheaply, however, as each trip into the pod costs her money. This habit causes her to burn through her funds rather quickly, while her overall mood, health, and relation in the real world begin to deteriorate.

16: Angered by the fact that she's run out of money to spend on more uses of Trance's pod for the time being, Rose wanders the city streets. There, she comes across Ruby, who invites her out for to dinner. When Rose claims that she doesn't have any money, Ruby offers to pay for the both of them, but insists that it be counted as a date. Rose accepts and goes out with Ruby on a date, actually having a wonderful time. She feels amazingly happy when around Ruby, for some reason. After the date, they return to Rose's penthouse, where Ruby initiates further advances. Overtaken by a sudden onset of lust and desire, Rose reciprocates passionately, and the two sleep together. Later that night, Ruby slips out into the living room and place a call to a mystery man, claiming that she wants no more part in breaking down Rose, who is not the cruel bitch that she was told, but rather a wonderful girl who she really likes. However, the man persuades her further, under the promise of returning Ruby's dead loved one to her. Against her better judgement, Ruby agrees to continue working for him.

17-24: Ruby severs contact with Rose, who falls into a state of depression, addicted to Trance's machine and desperate for her next 'fix' on it. She blows through her next paycheck again, and further deteriorates her relationships, health, and attitude.

25: Palmer stops by Rose's apartment to see if she's alright, since she hasn't been contacting him lately. When he sees the state she's in, he berates her for actions, saying that she's destroying herself. She doesn't listen, instead arguing with him. When he leaves, Holly comes to see if she's alright, but in a sudden fit of annoyance, Rose lashes out and strikes the girl. Holly immediately runs back into her room to be alone, horrified that her mother would hit her like that.

26: Rose goes to pick up Holly from school the next day, but finds out that the girl instead went home with Circe and Lyta. Rose returns travels to Circe's apartment, getting into an altercation with the woman and demanding her daughter back. Circe reveals that Holly wanted to come with them, however, and that she was terrified over Rose's outburst. Circe further chastises Rose for her actions, saying that she's been hurting herself and everyone around her these past couple weeks. After a vicious slap from Circe, Rose starts coming to her senses, but before she can express her regret and remorse, she collapses with a brain aneurysm and is hospitalized. Apathy, revealed to be Ruby, realizes that she can't continue doing this anymore and goes to Trance's hideout, taking him in and dragging him off to the police station, thereby cutting ties with the man she had been working for.

27: Ruby visits Rose in the hospital and confesses what she had been doing these past few weeks, revealing that she is an empath who was hired to break down her emotions in tandem with Trance and his machine, after being promised that she would be able to have her loved one, Jeanette, back again. However, she realized that bringing one life back isn't worth destroying another. Rose forgives her for this, coming to a revelation herself. She returns to Trance's hypnotic pods and takes one last visit into her fantasy world, saying goodbye to Becky for good. She and Holly make up later, as well, with the latter forgiving Rose, knowing that she hadn't been herself and that she's better now. Later that night, while Apathy is patrolling the city, she is met by one of the men she had been working with, a man revealed to be the werewolf Kubrick. While he distracts her, another mystery man attacks her from behind, critically wounding her. The mystery man leaves her for Kubrick to deal with.

28: Rose gets a call that Ruby was admitted to the hospital the previous night, after teleporting into the waiting room. Rose heads to the hospital and meets with Ruby's doctor, who describes the injuries and gives her a note that Ruby left behind, a note that has her name and an address on it. That night, Ravager investigates the address on the note, finding the scene where Ruby had been injured. There, she is met again by Lady Shiva, who wants a definitive rematch, not pleased that their last fight had been interrupted. In no mood to play games this time, Ravager handily defeats her and goes back about her investigation. She finds a tuft of fur on the roof, and brings it back to her penthouse command room, where she determines that it is wolf fur. After doing a DNA analysis on the fur and old blood on one of her broken swords from months ago, she determines that Kubrick is back in Silverstone, and likely Zaria, by extension.

29: Palmer calls Rose and requests her presence at a crime scene that he's investigating. Ravager shows up to find a couple of mutilated bodies, most likely having been attacked and ripped apart by Kubrick and Zaria. That night, she further investigates to track down their whereabouts. She goes to Zaria's old bar and interrogates the bartender for information, but finds nothing. Frustrated, she leaves and determines that she needs a better strategy to track them down.

30: Kubrick attacks Circe in her apartment, killing her. Meanwhile, Hugo Strange injects the hospitalized Ruby with a substance that causes her heart to stop. Zaria attacks Palmer later on, killing him, as well. A Rose lookalike then kidnaps Holly and Lyta at their school. The real Rose awakens later on to the Impostor Rose, who turns out to be Jeremiah Belmont in disguise. Jerry reveals to her that her closest friends in Silverstone are dead, while he's taken Holly and Lyta and brainwashed them to become his personal 'pets'. He tells her that his intent was to tear away everything that she held dear, and destroy who she is as a human being. Once he destroys the city that she loves, his plan will be complete. Rose then witnesses the destruction of Silverstone, awakening in its ruins. Jerry proclaims his triumph, which is Rose's greatest failure.

30: Rose comes out of an extensive vision, in which she saw all that was described above. Using the information the she gained as a seer, she calls for aid from Zatanna, who works to help her in defending Circe, Palmer, Ruby, Holly, and Lyta. In the process, they arrest Hugo Strange, Kubrick, and Zaria, but Jerry himself gets away.

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@Ravager4: You continue to impress. I apologise for being quite a way behind in reading what you've written, but it's all been quality reading so far

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@batkevin74: It's all good, lol. And thanks again as always