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Okay, so since I'm tired of trying to remember everything that I have planned for in the future for fan fics, I've decided to make a list of everything I need to get done, including future projects I'm not working on. This... is more just for me, but I think there might be, like, one or two people out there who might be interested in what I'm working on, so it never hurts. Note that the list is not necessarily the order in which I'll be doing things, it's just the order that I thought to put them down.

1. Finish reformatting and editing my Ravager series (because I'm a glutton for punishment...). So much work to be done here... at least I'm almost halfway done. But this is first priority, so most of my other stuff won't get done until I'm done this.

2. Start a Runaways fan fic. I miss them too much to not do something with them, and now with Nico and Chase lined up to probably die in that dreadful upcoming series that will not be named, I'm going to be completely ignoring all canon Marvel and just focus on my own version of The Runaways.

3. Continue 'Extraordinary Persons'. I really do want to turn this into an actual comic eventually... but to do that I need to pay an artist, make a pitch, submit to publisher, etc, etc. And even then it's a long shot. So... might as well just keep writing for now.

4. Work on my DC Genesis projects. Most of this is on hold until there's an opening in the current Secret Six series for me to help co-write it, but I need to work on it eventually.

5. Super Secret Project. One that I may announce soon...