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Continued from: Part 1http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-shock-blue-barrier-chapter-1-1552963/ and Part 2http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-shock-blue-barrier-chapter-2-1555292/


Avengers Tower, Midtown


Detective Snipes stood in the large open foyer looking at all the people who bustled in and around. There was an Avengers coffee shop, a gift shop, a toy store; it felt like a Wal-Mart. He looked at the number he’d taken from the ticket machine, 166, and glanced up at the now seeing display, 22. He grunted in frustration and marched to the desk.

“Please take a number sir,” said the polite robotic woman who was melded into the desk.

Snipes flashed his badge “I have and I’ve been here an hour. I need to speak t…”

“Please be patient…Detective Snipes of the 6th Precinct,” she repeated with a smile.

“Is there a human I can speak with?”

Detective Snipes

“We apologise for the delay but the Aven…”

Snipes held up his hand “I’m not going to argue with a machine!”

“Then when your number is called, we shall be with you.”

“What if I draw my gun?”

“Then the police will be alerte…”

“I’M THE POLICE YOU BUCKET OF BOLTS!” Snipes slapped the desk in anger.

“Please calm down sir or…”

“OR WHAT?” snarled Snipes.

“Or I will activate my automated non-lethal defences,” she replied as two garishly large cannons popped out of the wall behind her and trained themselves on him.

“I hope you didn’t just point a gun at police officer?” Snipes said “Because tha…”


“Is everything okay here?” asked Tony Stark as he sauntered over with a cheesy smile. He clicked his fingers and the machine powered down. “Tony Stark, nice to meet you. Sorry about this, bought this system off Reed Richards, knew I should’ve designed my own. How can I help?”

Snipes looked at the man who for years lied about being Iron Man and then when he suddenly fessed up, everyone loved him! He didn’t like him, he didn’t know him but he was technically a white collar criminal. Obadiah Stane did exactly what he did and ends up in prison, Stark does it and he has dinner with the President. He embezzled millions, he committed some of the largest white collar fraud in the country for his Iron Man which he denied for years was him…he made him angry! It was silly and unjustifiable but still. “For starters if your machine ever points a weapon at anyone I’m going to arrest you.”

Tony smiled his billion dollar smile “Under the second amendmen…”

“Really? You’re going to tell me about the right to bear arms?” Snipes folded his arms and stared at the billionaire. “Maybe I just arrest you now?”


“Detective.” Snipes snapped “Even your robot got that right. Look, if you could point me in the direction of Captain Marvel.”

“Which one?” Tony replied “There’s about five at last count?”



Tony cocked his head to the side “Who?”

“Are you drunk?”

Tony was stunned at the comment “I’m an alcoholic officer. I haven’t had a drink in over a year.”

Snipes tapped his phone and brought up a picture of her “Maybe this will jog your hazy memories.”

“Spectrum,” said Tony quietly “She goes by Spectrum now.”

“Was that so hard?”

“You can leave now,” said Tony his tone rising with the anger. “I own this building and she isn’t here. You want something else Detective Snipes, you come back with a warrant and a lawyer.”

Snipes knew he’d gotten under his skin. He didn’t mean too…well just a little. Something about this smarmy rich guy just made him want to tear strips off him. “Here’s my card Mr Stark. Any help wil…”

Stark snatched the card and stormed off. Howard smiled and looked at his watch.


Magneto sat on his stool looking down at the metal tinsel in his hand. He smiled to himself as he waved a finger over it tying it in a knot and then into a butterfly with his magnetism. His collar beeped and pumped a wave of drugs into his system.

“Everything okay in there Magneto?” asked the electronic voice. “We got a spike on the monitors.”

“That is because I am using my powers, you silly little human.”

The familiar trudging sound of the hazmat team headed towards his cage.

“Please place your hands on your head and get down onto your knees.”

Magneto slowly got to his feet and folded his arms in defiance. “Make me.”

The hazmat team around the sides of the cage paused like it knew something was off. There was something in the air besides the silver haired man’s arrogance and attitude. He smiled knowingly with a glint in his eye.


Snipes parked his car in the hospital car park and headed up to see his wife when he stopped cold. Across the way was his son and his camera crew. He saw red and marched across to them.


“…ad y’knows! Be I just try to keep it realz.” D-Boy said to camera.


D-Boy turned as Snipes stood there fuming. “You bring your circus here! To where your mother lays dying? You disgust me!”

“I hopes you rolling,” spat D-Boy to his crew with a cheek smile.

“If you want to visit, fine! But leave…THIS behind. She’s your mother not ratings!” Tears and anger washed over the detective.


Snipes looked at his son and shook his head “You are a stupid, performing seal!”

D-Boy yelled and slapped his father across the face. Howard rubbed his face “Feel better Andrew?”

“MY NAME IS D-BOY!” Another punch flew but Snipes caught the fist in his hand and began to squeeze his fist.

“Is your mutant power stupidity?” Snipes pushed his son backwards onto the floor “Wake up to yourself!”

“I’m gonna sue the $#@% outta you!” laughed D-Boy as he got up.

“Good luck with that Andrew,” replied Snipes who then stepped right up to the camera “I do not give my permission for you to use this.”

Snipes trudged away to the hospital.



1 Police Plaza, Office of Commissioner Jeffrey Piper

Piper looked at the headlines and picked up the phone. “Commissioner Piper for Captain Bernard O’Brien at 6th Precinct please….no Bernard it is not a good morning…stop, just stop. You and Snipes, my office at ten.”

To be continued...

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@batkevin74: Sometimes it's wiser to step into the path of Lightning - Centurius Thunderbolts #157

Nice to see Monica Rammbu reappear. Can't wait to see what Snipes has in store for him at the Comissoner/Captain' office.

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@impurestcheese: Yeah Captain Marvel got the rough end of the stick, I enjoyed her when she was an Avenger even led them during that "golden period" drawn by John Buscema but due to the name she was stuffed around.

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@batkevin74 Eventually got around to reading this sorry about the delay.

I will admit going into it my expectations weren't the best because as soon as I hear "reworking" I get nervous.

BUT there is a clear distinction between New York's Finest and Blue Barrier.

I won't compare the two because that's just not how it should go but I will make one, I thought I'd miss Dallas in this but Snipes is just as enjoyable.

I love the fact that while it's a "cop series" it feels more and more like there is a lot going on. The world is written in a contained way, it's not a game of how many references can I pack into one chapter, everything seems to fit in neatly.

Lastly two of my favourite characters in the series so far are Snipes and Magneto and one would imagine they'll collide at one point or another so I look forward to it.

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@irishlad: Snipes and Dallas are cut from a similiar cloth but they are quite different. Snipes has got family problems whilst with Dallas it was mainly her big mouth that caused her dramas; though Snipes Vs Stark could of easily been Dallas but I feel she'd of ended up on a date with Tony after an awkward bedroom encounter and several Iron Man puns. Maybe a Marvel SHOCK version of Dallas & Molly will turn up but for now I'm trying to keep my MMU stuff seperate as this is a new thing.

And yeah the plan is to showcase the big wide world and how that impacts the small scale and hopefully how the small can shape the big picture like a butterfy-esque effect.

Thanks for the read, I shall head over to Asgard shortly :)

@dngn4774 and @lykopis and @joshmightbe and @time_phantom and@cbishop and @wildvine if you get the chance or inclination in your busy online & offline lives :)

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@batkevin74: I'll go and get caught up with this. Haven't had much chance to be on here lately but I'll check this out.

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@joshmightbe: No worries dude, you've got a lot going on. This'll be here whenever

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