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Some changes were made from the last issue, due to issues Deadpool was changed to Ronin so the chimichanga line at the end and the description of the Kingslayer'sis non canon, with that out of the way enjoy the issue :)

"Aaahhh. " Ronin moaned as he slowly woke up, he tried to place his hand on his forehead but he found himself bound to a metal chair, he raised his head to find Thor and Loki looking at him.

"Wh-where am I? "

"That is none of your concern. " Loki starting walking around him.

"Tell me.... who are you? And why have you been murdering the kings of the Nine Realms. "

"I.... dont know what you're talking about, the last thing I remember is being knocked out by some woman in a green dress in a warehouse, now im here trapped with two freaks in Halloween costumes looking at me. "

"You look very surprised to see us considering you've fought Darkelves, Dwarves and other Asgardians. " Thor interrupted him, crossing his arms and Mjolnir in his hand.

"I dont know what you're talking about buddy, Ive never seen your kind before, so how about you let me go. "

Thor scowled at him, he slowly started spinning Mjolnir in his hand as if he was going to crush the mans skull with it, he then grabbed him by the throat and raised Mjolnir in a striking position.

"Lie to me again.... and you will not leave this place alive. "

Ronin only chuckled and replied with. "Go for it blondie, I dare you... "

Thor's blood was boiling he raised his hammer even further and began to lower it to the ninja's head when Loki stopped him by placing the spear on his staff to Thor's neck.

"Let.Me.Go! "

"If you kill him then any chance of us finding out the truth will be gone. "

Thor took a deep, long breath and nodded to his brother, he stepped back and let Loki continue the interrogation.

"I must thank you for a new comment for my brother, but as you can see I cannot control him much longer, so you'd best start at the beginning and explain to us how you got here. "

Ronin nodded to the trickster and began his story.

"It all started when I came back to my apartment from a mission, everything seemed normal at first, but then around 3 AM, this tall blonde woman in green clothes with a green tiara showed up in front of me. "

"Greetings Ronin, I hear you are a very skilled warrior and the best in what you do, I have a proposition for you. "

"She seemed like another pretty face, but her eyes were like a snakes and her whole atitude reeked of some one who thought a little too highly of themselves. "

"She went on about some big important missions he had for me, it didn't seem like anything special, just a hit on some old rich fart in Denmark. I reached the location within 2 days and waited, but something was off.... "

"What do you mean? "

"The place was a run down warehouse, I searched it thoroughly from the outside and there was no booby trap or anything, but when I came in I saw Amora standing there, and she wasn't alone, there was this huge thug looking creep with her. "

"What did this man look like? " Thor came out of the shadows with a puzzled look on his face.

"He was a big guy, over two feet tall, black tattoos on his bald head and he had jet black armor with spikes on his shoulders and a giant axe on his back. "

Thor thought to himself. "Skurge.... " And nodded at Ronin as a sign for him to continue.

"She didn't say anything, she just snapped her fingers and sent the big asshole on me, I managed to cut him up pretty good and it looked like I was going to win, the her hands started glowing and she shot me with something like an energy blast"

"Did it look like this? " Loki extended his hand to Ronin's face, his hand started glowing in a blue hue.

"That's it, but her hands were glowing green, next thing I know I was bleeding on the floor and the last thing I could make out before I passed out was... Yes my lady Amora. "

Loki and Thor gave each other worried looks, then Loki snapped his fingers which released Ronin from the chair, he slowly got back on his feet and walked around for a bit to get some feeling back into his legs.

"Listen, I dont deal with this magic avada kedavra stuff, but I want to help you take down that bitch for what she made me do. "

Loki and Thor again gave each other worried looks, after a moment of silence Thor finally spoke up. "Very well, but you will need new weapons. "

"Good. " He walked past them and exited the room, the two Asgardians followed him.

"I still cant believe it. "

"So... who's going to tell father were working with the Kingslayer and that the head mistress of the Academy of Magic is now an galaxy wide criminal? "

Loki whispered to his brother, who looked like he is sick.

To be continued...

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Well I say Hard Cheese!

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@TheCannon: Hard cheese?

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What are you talking about?