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Marvel Now/Impurest Cheese Presents: The Syndicate #2


Last Issue Kilgrave's operatives pulled off a purge of a ninja clan still loyal to Daredevil. Yet this wasn't some random act, it was done deliberately to gain the attention and support of Wilson Fisk AKA the Kingpin. And while Kilgrave's operation didn't get Fisk's approval it wasn't crushed under the fat man's boot leaving the Syndicate in a favourable position. Now with his agents covering the globe looking for clients and operatives the Syndicate is ready to grow towards its sinister purpose, handing the control of the Underworld to the dreaded Purple Man.

The woman dressed in the warm red fur lined coat over her red business suit surveyed the six mercenaries that surrounded her on the snow covered tundra from behind ruby tinted spectacles and smiled. "That is the deal ladies and gentlemen; I will give you a few minutes to ponder the offer before I ask you if you will stand with out Sinister Syndicate or against it." She added as she walked out through the gap in their ranks. Quickly dialling a number into her phone she waited for a few seconds until the person on the other end of the line picked up. "Kilgrave it's the Headhunter, I have good news for you."

"You mean the new Remont Six have decided to join us?" The man on the other end asked.

"Not yet but my travels have brought us new allies and operatives. This morning Armin Zola pledged support and the day before I got approval from the Wizard and his Frightful Four to put their names down." The Headhunter announced, "I also had success with Cobra and the Serpent Society as well as independent operators such as Whirlwind, Scorpion and Crossfire; all of them are potential high level operatives for us to use as we see fit."

"I see fit." Kilgrave corrected her. "Ultimately all decisions come from me. Once you are done with the Six I need you to head south into Mandipoor, I want the Dragoness and her mutant terrorists at my beck and call. I don't care what you need to do to make it happen just do it." He ordered as he terminated the call. Switching her phone off Headhunter looked at the people she had just pitched the idea to and saw that they were still discussing the terms and conditions. Ultimately they would join but it appeared as if their leader the Iron Maiden was the only one having second thoughts about the offer. Taking off her glasses Headhunter walked towards them and fixed her gaze on all six of them.

"So about that offer?" She asked adding a layer of hypnotic suggestion into the brains of Iron Maiden, Wolf Spider, Crimson Dynamo, Confessor and the pair of Snow Leopards. "Can you really afford to turn it down?"


Zebadiah Kilgrave swung round on his office hair to face the worried looking man sat in front of him. While he was clad in his best suit the potential client was wearing a moth eaten trench coat, mud stained trousers and a stained shirt; he almost looked like he had crawled out of a ditch and into Kilgrave's office. Despite appearances Dennis Golembuski was defiantly a man he wanted to do business with, the man had some of the best smuggling links in the business and the fact that he had survived as a former employee of the Kingpin suggested that he knew his stuff.

"So Mr Golembuski what brings you into the offices of the Syndicate?" Kilgrave asked in his most professional voice hoping that the extra spread of pheromones would loosen his client's tongue more then it should be.

"I have a diamond shipment coming into the docks." Golembuski wheezed. "Normally my guys get it through okay but with Spiderman being extra zealous not to mention all the strange robot bugs he has I think my run may be coming to an end rather prematurely."

"Are you asking my people to kill Spiderman?" Kilgrave asked. "We can do that you know?"

"Nah I just want my diamonds to slip under his gaze." Golembuski told him. "Hell I even left my idiot cousin in charge while I flew down to Rhode Island to talk to you about my problem. I'm willing to pay any price to get my stones in; this particular shipment can make or break my reputation."

"Well since you put it that way." Kilgrave answered. "Just leave the details with one of my operators and I will make sure your diamonds reach their destination. As an added bonus I will only charge you if my men complete the job successfully."

"What should I expect to pay if you do succeed?" Golembuski asked cautiously.

"It depends on which operatives I use; I have a tiered system, the higher your rank, the better your pay. In general if you want the job done well then it will cost you a lot more if I use thugs off the street." Kilgrave explained. "As soon as I have selected who I'm going to use I will send you a potential invoice of how much it will cost you." He added as Golembuski got to his feet. "Rest assured that the Syndicate will make sure that your needs are met to an exemplary standard."

"Thank You Mr. Kilgrave." Golembuski sighed. "You have just taken a weight off my mind." He added as he left the room leaving Kilgrave alone to smirk at his departing client's back.

"You won't have to worry about that for long." He sneered. "In a few days you won't be worrying about anything.


The sound of wind raging in the background almost eclipsed the chatter on the radio as Cyclone diverted more power into the wall of gale force wind that he had summoned up around the Statue of Liberty. "Can you repeat again Control? I can barley ere you."

"Switching to sirect-line telepathy." Control sighed. Are you and Saboteur in position Cyclone?

"Oui, we are ready for ze broadcast?" Cyclone answered as he watched his partner in crime confiscate one of the whimpering hostages before angling it up so that he filled the lens.

"Synching feed to the internet." Saboteur stated. "We are awaiting your go Control."

Feed fully synched. Control answered, Now start rolling. She ordered.

"Bonjour New York." Cyclone purred, "Zis message is for ze mayor and for all ze concerned citizens of this cesspit of a city. I am taking zis symbol of your freedom and flying er back to ze rightful site she should stand on. And when she is back home ze French government will use er to boost ze tourism of Paris by charging a stupid amount of Euros for anyone to even look at er." He stopped and motioned to the statue. "I fact we may even charge American a rental fee for having er here. This next message goes to the 'In no way Superior Spiderman' you are ugly and have an odder that can slay the unwary. It is clear from your often clueless expression that your father enjoyed ze elder berries too much and that your mother was a small and annoying rodent. I challenge you to stop me or I will keep taunting you until you decide to come ere like ze sissy man you are. That is all."

"And we are off the air." Saboteur announced as she threw the camera into the ocean before turning to the ranks of tourists all dressed up in suicide vests. "It will take me five minutes to finish setting up the traps. If Spiderman arrives in that time it will be up to you to fend him off."

"And ow do you suggest I do zat?" Cyclone asked.

"Blow him off course; taunt him using your inner Monty Python. If he catches us before the others are ready then we may as well have signed our own death warrants. You know what the boss does when people fail him." Saboteur hissed. "I personally don't fancy that ending and I'm programmed to be able to make the ultimate sacrifice."

"Well zen we will make sure zat ze Spiderman never leaves zis island." Cyclone stated. "Then we don't ave to worry about im again."


Ecstasy sat in the tinted back Range Rover on the edge of the Bronx and watched as Spiderman swung past before double tapping the ear piece she wore. "Control this is Ecstasy, Spiderman is on his way towards Liberty Island and we are close to objective Charlie Delta, requesting permission to commence operations."

"You have permission, remember that we need both targets alive." Control replied, her voice virtually leaking dark energy and feral hunger through the fibre optics. "Position your support and then engage."

"Roger that control." Ecstasy purred as she opened the door and stepped out, her pale body barley covered in the dark shawl she wore, the only other pieces of clothing she wore were a pair of ebony high heels with sharpened stiletto tips. Confidently and ignoring the wolf whistles and swearing aimed at her she strode down the street and into what was possibly the roughest alleyway in the entire city taking in the graffiti, decaying bags of rubbish and the subtle smell of yesterdays drunken escapades by the underage punks who occasionally used the alleyway. Two in particular were of interest to her, and true to what the dark force whispered in her ear, there they stood holding some unfortunate drug dealer against the wall as he squirmed in fear of what they might do to him.

"Eh Hum." She coughed causing all three of them punks to turn around. "Well if it isn't my favourite runaways harassing the local bad element. Seriously you can do better." She added taking in the woman's dark scantily clad clothing with a stylized dagger cut into the chest and the man dressed in a gleaming white cloak. "What did the pair of you have a wardrobe malfunction again?" she asked.

"Ecstasy and you said we were going to have a quiet day Cloak." Dagger stated as darkness swirled around her hands. "Looks like she didn't get the message."

"Then let's show her." Cloak croaked before releasing a brilliant flash of light that threatened to engulf the whole alleyway before dying down into a floating will o wisp, revealing Ecstasy standing unaffected by the apparent discharge of light. "What that should have blinded you?" he stammered.

"Normally it would have but my new partner took care of that." Ecstasy purred as the orb of light reformed into a man shaped illuminated silhouette.

"Well that was fun." The man composed of photons cackled. "I must say ever since I became the Living Laser I have never felt something that powerful before. Unfortunately for you all that happened was that you powered me up." The Laser added as he fired twin photon beams down at Cloak and Dagger, the later absorbing the light before groaning in sheer pleasure. "Man you have one freaky ass girlfriend." The Laser told Cloak, "Can't imagine what would happen if she got her hands on me but I would like to find out."

"No you wouldn't." Cloak moaned as he fired an enveloping wall at Ecstasy and the Living Laser only for the former to fire a blast of dark energy into the light and cleaving it in two. With a swift hiss the Laser immediately started to bounce around the alley way, landing burning punches on Cloak and Dagger as the later tried to intercept him only to watch him slip out of her hands.

"Ha I'm too light on my feet for you." The Laser joked as he flew in between Cloak and Dagger as they charged their powers, the resulting combination causing a backlash that threw each other against opposite walls. Dashing forwards Ecstasy swooped down and pulled Cloak's hood off before slipping it over her head and drinking in the absolute power she possessed. Concentrating she tried to open up a portal through the dark force dimension only to see her entire body illuminate and let off a blinding flash of light. In seconds Dagger had sprung forth snarling with feral rage and was cutting through the light and drinking it in, moaning in pleasure as she tried to consume Ecstasy.

"Hey hands off." The Living Laser hissed as he fired a photon pulse down at Dagger only to see her begin to siphon the light away from his body. Turning to gain some altitude the Laser suddenly dissipated in a loud audible pop and a brilliant shower of light leaving Dagger to turn her attention back to Ecstasy as the villainess tried to shuck the cloak as dark force blades begun to dig into her skin once again.

"Control I just lost the Living Laser, deploy the secondary agent." She moaned as she dropped out of the cloak, her skin covered in black cuts and scars as Dagger threw the hood back to its former owner. "Anytime now would be great."

"He should be there in a few seconds." Control replied in the same monstrous tones as before. Ecstasy looked at Dagger and summoned up her own pair of blades and got ready for an exchange with the seemingly staving heroine when the wall behind her attacker crumbled, masonry striking Dagger and knocking her to the floor as the inhuman bulk of Tiger Shark strode out of the hole he had created.

"How many pieces am I allowed to leave them in Control?" Tiger Shark asked as Dagger sprung to her feet and threw a shower of dark force knives at him, the blades barley slowing the hulking villain down as he strode towards her.

"We need them in one piece." Control barked, the voice causing Tiger Shark to stall for a second. It sounded as if Control was the same person as his ex wife but that was impossible and he quickly shook that though away as Dagger leapt at him only to be swatted away. With an inhuman screech Dagger leapt at him only to be intercepted by winding strands of darkness that slithering around her arms and legs before completely immobilizing her.

"You have some killer instinct." Ecstasy purred, "But you don't know how to use the Dark Force to its full potential unlike me and your boyfriend."

"L…Let her go." Cloak stammered causing Ecstasy to smile. "With the Living Laser gone there is no way for you to resist this." He added releasing a bright flash of light that blinded Ecstasy causing her to momentarily release Dagger. With a roar Tiger Shark charged forward through the light and tackled Cloak to the ground ripping off his hood and kicking the young man to the curb.

"We came for you." Ecstasy told him as Dagger got to her feet behind him. "But you don't have what we need." She added before tapping her ear piece. "Control our Intel was off we don't need Cloak we need Dagger, deploy the contingency plan while we secure the area."

"Roger that Ecstasy deploying backup to your location." Control snarled in the same dark monstrous voice. "ETA is ten minutes. Can you last that long?"

Tiger Shark and Ecstasy turned to see Dagger retching, an intense glow trying to free itself from her stomach before travelling up the oesophagus, a glowing hand reaching out of her mouth before pulling itself and the rest of the body out of the woman's body. With a hiccup Dagger collapsed face forward as the Living Laser shook himself and shivered. "Control." Ecstasy purred. "We have it covered."


Well that's part 2 up and ready. So come @irishlad, @lykopis, @sc, @cbishop, @richgenx, @tommythehitman, @jatoe48er, @wildvine, @joygirl, @dngn4774, @theman, @ekrolo, @4donkeyjohnson and @banestrokelobogrundybatarrow. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.

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Really great story! However I'm confused. What's this Marvel Now group?

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@tommythehitman: Er there is no group. I'm writing it in tangent with the Marvel reboot and silently hoping its better than what's out there at the moment. In other words a statement against the man at the writers desk. ;-)

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@impurestcheese: It is... Marvel Now is... a cash in. Don't make me rage...

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@tommythehitman: Unleash your anger. Every minute you become more my slave. Strike me down and your journey to the dark side will be complete... my apprentice.

But seriously you are right. So many characters have been lost and the frigging X-Men seem to be everywhere it really is unfair. I have had to suffer the loss of around 80% of my favourite characters for no reason.

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