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Children of the Green - #9

For more Thunderbolts issues follow this link - Marvel Mayhem Library

This issue follows on from the events of batkevin 74's Scourge #7 - Scourge #7


Meteorite slammed through the door to the corridor as Dragonfly flew furiously at her. Manipulating her gravity Meteorite grabbed her attacker and slammed into the floor before the pair smashed through the floor to the landing. With an angry buzz Dragonfly crawled towards her just as an energy blast lanced from Sara's hands knocking the villainess out. Moaning as she staggered to her feet Meteorite felt her cowel vibrate and quickly double tapped the internal microphone.

"Zara what's up?" She asked, "I'm working at the moment"

"Have you see the news, Gilbert went home and got targeted by Scourge." Zaran announced. "What are your instructions on Operation Lightning."

"We continue as planned but with an adjustment." Meteorite announced, "I'm sending you my 'teammates' coordinates, send Whiplash and Buzzsaw to acquire what we need while I finish off here."


"On it." Zaran answered as Meteorite cancelled the link and hovered up through the hole, dragging the unconscious Dragonfly with her. Returning to the trap room she threw the villain down as Blizzard parried with an icicle blade against Skeleton Ki, the frozen weapon freezing the villain's dagger and spiralled up his arm. With a quick slug in the face the Ki was down and Blizzard retracted the sword as Chemistro staggered out from the kitchenette and levelled his alchemy pistol at Donnie's back. With a smile Meteorite reached out and ripped the potential energy from the villain's fuel tank causing it to detonate showering Chemistro in a shower of acid.

"My god." Meteorite gasped as Blizzard hosed Chemistro off with a quick Freon blast. "Is he..."

"He'll have third degree chemical burns for the rest of his life but I think I cooled him down before anything more lethal happened." Blizzard answered. "Antman must have scuttled away during the fight but at least the GPS is working so we can track him."

"I have to sit it unfortunately." Meteorite purred, "One of my friends Jackie was hit by a car."

"Go." Blizzard told her, "I think I can handle Antman by myself."



Abe ignited the Abomination Simuloid, the flames washing over the creatures scaled hide as it advanced menacingly. With a single thought he took to the air only to see Killer Shrike come barrelling towards him, his razor sharp wing trips dripping with a thick yellow toxin. Cutting thruster power Abe felt his suit stall as a pair of thick vines that has snaked up from the Abomination's shoulders entombed his thrusters as Shrike slashed past, ripping the armour plating of his arm and cutting his arm open. Coming around again Shrike flew towards Abe's back just as his prey jettisoned his entire supply of decoy plasma shells, the projectiles exploding in blue flashes around Shrike, the Simuloid falling like a burning fireball into a broken down forklift. Looking down at the Abomination Abe smiled and cut power landing feet first in front of the villain before spinning up his arm mounted canons.

"Okay freak, deforestation starts now." Abe snarled as the Abomination let loose a bone shaking roar and charged through his fields of fire towards him. Dodging Abe watched as the Abomination thundered past and slid into Coachwhip as she lashed Orka, the pair of Simuloids crashing through the back wall, cracking the concrete and letting a trickle of water into the base.

"Melissa we need to get the Electro Simuloid away from the leak." Abe yelled as his teammate spun the Whirlwind Simuloid around in the opposite direction he was moving until he stalled and was pacified by a sonic boxing glove to the face. Nodding she dived towards Electro, a swarm of lightning bolts flew up at her joined by a swarm of vines their tips sparking with ambient energy. With a quick whistle Melissa summoned up a sonic axe and slashed through the intercepting forces before releasing the blade, the hard sound weapon slashing through the Simuloid's neck.


"Done and...whoa." Melissa screamed as a massive flower bud erupted around her, cocooning her in pink fluid that sealed her mouth shut. Running over Abe slammed his hand in only for thorns to wrap around the outside and force him back as Orka twisted the Tiger Shark Simuloid's neck, the force causing the creature to collapse into a pile of plant sap.

"Mel." Abe gasped as Orka removed the Fluoroscope from the pile of muck. "Urgh." He grunted as he held his at, a dark purple rash spreading across his skin from the point were Killer Shrike had cut it. "Must find Mel."

"First we need to get you in fighting shape." Orka stated as he picked up Abe and his armour and walked through the rapidly flooding chamber over to a sealed tube. With a grunt he opened the seal, pushed Abe in and climbed in behind him closing the hatch to seal them away from the water behind them. "That Plant Man, he took the Brit right? I reckon one of them could fix that with the right persuasion."

"But they could be anywhere." Abe grunted as his skin began to become knarled and bark like around his wound.

"Well one of them is a plant." Orka stated, "So this should be able to track him." He added holding up the Fluoroscope, the tip glowing green in the darkened chamber.


Melissa opened her eyes as the giant water lily she was lying on opened up to reveal a verdant grove around her, the only sound was the trickle of water and the sigh of the wind skirting across the trees and the surface of the water. Standing up she saw her reflection in the water and gasped in surprise, looking back at her was a young woman wearing a dress made of willow leaves and daisy bracelets around her arms and legs while honeysuckle flowers had been weaved through her hair.

"Melissa I'm so glad you're here." Sam's voice echoed around her as another lily sprouted revealing her former teammate standing there, his skin covered in bark and his hair made of long straggly vines. "Please don't be afraid, you are here under my power not my son's"

"Where is here?" Melissa asked, "And how did you get you're powers back?"

"Terraformer is trans-mutating my body into what it once was, reconnecting me with the Green. As soon as I could I used my abilities to draw you into the Green as well to help me convince it to aid us."


"And the outfit?"

"It allows the Green to communicate with you. Rest assured your actual body is unharmed and unaltered." Blackheath told her, "But that can wait the Green is ready to speak."

"My Avatar I welcome you." The grove boomed, "But why this human, her time on the verdant soil is near an end."

"What do you mean?" Melissa spat.

"Manners." Blackheath hissed."She is a human I trust and she will help us reach an understanding between her people and ours."

"As a diplomat she is usless." The Green boomed, "She won't live to see the next solstice."

"Uh well I have influence with SHIELD." Melissa said, "They alone could stop illegal logging and reduce pollution."

"The same SHIELD that deformed my children and then locked them away in the dark until my Avatar rescued them." The Green answered. "Everything you humans do to save the planet are token efforts. I plan to give you one of my own, right now one of your friends lies dying from one of my children's toxins. This gift is to make you see that we don't have to be enemies." As the Green finished a pair of vines sprouted from her elbow, their purple stems wrapping around her arm before forming into twin claws. "Those contain an antitoxin to the toxin, but before I release you I need something in return."

"Name it." Melissa said anxiously.

"You become a messenger for me." The Green announced, "Tell you're people that the last change is coming. If they don't then their time on the world is over."

"That I can do." Melissa stated.

"Then you can go." The Green boomed, "We will talk again in you're last days." Melissa nodded as the lily closed back around her. "And we will see if you should be rewarded for you're efforts. As for you my son, if this peace is to last then we need to remove my previous avatar."

"Yes my mistress." Blackheath answered as his lily sealed around him and descend into the earth.


Orka kicked open the end of the tube and dragged Abe behind him, his skin covered in bark which immobilised his body. With a snort Orka laid Abe on the floor as the doors on the opposite wall opened and Whiplash and Buzzsaw emerged. "Well this just got interesting." Orka snorted as Buzzsaw opened fire with a hail of saws, the bladed tips biting into the Atlantean's skin. With a roar Orka charged at the villain only for Buzzsaw to dodge out the way. Lashing out Whiplash hooked one of the saws and brought it before lashing out a second time, the tip wrapping around his arm before she sent an electrical charge through the cord, the blast of energy bringing the giant to his knees. Struggling Abe fired a few mercy rounds at Whiplash only for Buzzsaw stood in front of her and blocked his shots with his saw blades.


"That one looks like he's minutes away from dying." Buzzsaw stated as Whiplash pocketed a few shell casings from the floor. "The boss will be pleased if we bring him the head of a hero."

"Whatever the case do it quick." Whiplash ordered. "We're on a deadline."

"What are you planing to do?" Songbird asked as she stepped out of the pipe clad in her usual uniform save for a pair of vines wrapped round her arm. Buzzsaw looked up only to see a sonic anvil fly towards him, knocking him away from Abe, the villain landing at his partners feet.

"Enough of this." Whiplash snarled as she brought out her teleportation trigger "We don't have time for this."

"Until next time." Buzzsaw hissed as both he and Whiplash teleported away. Running over to Abe, Melissa bent down and stabbed the thorn gauntlet into her teammates skin, the anti-toxin causing the bark to chip off his skin.

"Mel.'' Abe gasped as the gauntlet collapsed into a pile of spores before dissipating. "What happened?"

''Long Story." Melissa stated. "But Sam and I managed to broker a peace with the Green."

"Then were is he?" Orka asked as he walked over and helped prop Abe up.

"I don't know." Melissa answered.


Terraformer sat meditating in front of a massive cocoon, the surface bulging and contracting as a human like form moved inside. Only when the villain stirred did the first crack appear, long bark like fingers widening the crack as the figure within slithered out covered in a sticky yellow fluid. "My father." Terraformer hissed, "Welcome back to the fold."

"The Green speaks to me." Blackheath hissed.

"What does she command?" Terraformer asked as Blackheath got to his feet, his back sprouting a half foot long blade that covertly retracted and ran along his shoulders to his hand.

"That you are no longer needed." Blackheath snarled as he lunged at Terraformer, his target intercepting him and slamming his elbow down on the stinger, snapping the spike before he sunk long barbed fingers into his fathers face. With a Primal sounding scream Blackheath extended the leaves on his arm and brutally slammed his son in the chest, green sap oozing over the two plant hybrids.

"How can you turn you're back on the Green?" Terraformer snarled as he lashed out with a vine, the tip biting into Blackheath's right eye, before summoning barbed roots to restrain his father.

"The Green asked me to broker peace with the humans for the sake of all life on this world." Blackheath told him. With a bloodcurdling scream Terraformer ran forward and dug bark talons into his father's chest. "You are more like them then you know." Blackheath whispered as Terraformer pulled away, a set of barbs embedded in his chest. "The Green wanted me to kill you but I have mercy. You will learn about humanity as I did." Falling to his knees Terraformer's skin rippled, the bark splintering to reveal tanned skin while the vines turned red and formed into hair just as MACH IV, Songbird and Orka staggered in.

"Sam?" Melissa asked tentatively.

"Melissa I am glad the Green kept it's word to save Abner." Sam stated, "It has ordered me to forge an alliance with humanity against the coming Starfall."

"Starfall what's that?" Abe asked.

"The Green doesn't know but it recognises the life echoes of those who will save our world. To that end I will stand with you at least till the danger has passed." Sam explained, "But we must leave quickly, the Green is getting ready to destroy this place and everything inside and I for one don't wish to incur her wrath."


Panicking Antman shoved a handful of cash into a suitcase, purple dye stained across his face as the pounding on the door grew louder. Turning he saw the wooden frame splinter as the red suited form of Chemistro kicked the door in, his Alchemy Pistol unholstered and ready for action.

"You little basted, did you really think you could screw me over." Chemistro snarled as he squeezed the trigger only for the entire pistol to freeze over. With a snort of pain he fell to the floor as Blizzard walked in, the sight of the 'hero' causing O'Grady to panic and reach for the Pym-Particle belt before a blast of ice froze it over.

Ant-Man by Miguel Sepulveda

"You're lucky I found you when we did." Donnie stated, "Chemistro is far less forgiving then me."

''What do you want?" O'Grady yammered.

"To thank you and give you some advice rookie." Donnie told him, "Get out of the game before someone catches you. Trust me you won't survive to long where guys like him are the bottom of the food chain." He explained kicking Chemistro where he lay. "I know that you're not a bad person and that you're obviously smart. You could have let the others kill us but you didn't. You also pulled off several successful heists using meta assets without hurting anyone thanks to Dragonfly's hypnosis."

"So what the hell do I do know." O'Grady moaned. "I have no real skills."

"I beg to differ but that is for you to discover." Donnie told him." Because you saved me I'm letting you go, leave before the police get here." O'Grady nodded and sprinted past Donnie as the Thunderbolt helped Chemistro up and removed his mask to reveal the pale face of Abner Jenkins.

"You did well." Abe told him, "Although you didn't need to kick me."

"Call it a perk." Donnie announced as they walked outside to were Meteorite was standing looking at the sky. Hovering above them was a Quinn Jet painted in SHIELD colours, it's main canon fixed on Abe.

"What do you guys want?" Abe asked as Meteorite smirked at him.

"Abner Jenkins AKA MACH IV AKA the Beetle you are under arrest for the murder of Gary Gilbert." The pilot announced as agents repelled down, their weapons trained on Abe. "Anything you say will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney but if you can't afford one then the state of Washington will provide one for you."

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@impurestcheese: Very nice!

"Abner Jenkins AKA MACH IV AKA the Beetle you are under arrest for the murder of Gary Gilbert." The pilot announced as agents repelled down, their weapons trained on Abe. "Anything you say will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney but if you can't afford one then the state of Washington will provide one for you."

Doesn't look good for Abe considering his previous criminal record. Abe might need a lawyer. May I suggest Bernadette Rosenthal (http://marvel.wikia.com/Bernadette_Rosenthal_%28Earth-616%29) or Jennifer Walters or Benjamin Donovan (http://marvel.wikia.com/Benjamin_Donovan_%28Earth-616%29) or Vincent Sandhurst (http://marvel.wikia.com/Vincent_Sandhurst_%28Earth-616%29) or even Matt Dowd (http://marvel.wikia.com/Matt_Dowd_%28Earth-616%29)

Most of knowledge of the US legal system is movies & TV but my guess is Abe would be charged in California since that's where Gary Gilbert was killed, unless of course they're doing some legal stuff to have him tried in Washington, probably sub-section B paragraph twelve addendum 7 of the Patriot Act authorising S.H.I.E.L.D. to do what they like when they like :)

Good work. Hey @irishlad you should read this!

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Uh oh! Abe is in trouble! I wonder how he will get out of this? Great chapter!

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Great turn in the story.

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@lykopis: That plot twist will come back to haunt him several times in the future.

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Can't wait to see what future the Green has planned!

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@maccyd: You'll see, there are no real friends in Seattle.

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Oh wow. That is a sucky situation to find oneself.

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@wildvine: Yeah it only gets worse for the team from here on in.

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"Have you see the news, Gilbert went home and got targeted by Scourge." Zaran announced.

Yeah take that Firebrand!

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