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I FINALLY got this issue done after being gone for nearly two months (sorry about that btw). Anyway guys enjoy and if it sucks please tell me why so the next issue can hopefully suck a little less :)

Phil Coulson sat in the co-pilot seat as the Quinjet soared through the night sky towards its destination, the Vault, one of the four original super villain prisons operated by S.H.I.E.L.D. It was built by Tony Stark and designed for technology based villains and as a storage facility for the villains' gear and weapons. Today it is used as a prison facility for members of splinter groups such with HYDRA and A.I.M. being the most prominent.

Communications Officer (radio): Un-identified aircraft please identify yourself or you will be forced to leave S.H.I.E.L.D. air space.

Phil (calm/radio): This is special agent Phil Coulson ID number 5325136, Im here to bring you a fresh batch of A.I.M. prisoners and for a level 7 prisoner currently inside your facility.

Communications Officer (radio): ID number checks out, you’re all cleared to land agent Coulson, welcome to the Vault.

It was at this time the Quinjet flew over a large mountain top and its crew got their first glimpse of the Vault…..

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Pilot (amazed): Wow…. I didn’t expect it to be so damn huge; there must be thousands of prisoners inside of that thing…

Phil (indifferent): But there’s only one that matters, land the jet on over there.

Pilot: Of course agent Coulson.

No Caption Provided

Phil climbed out of his seat and observed the passengers of the jet, there were 6 elite S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers clad in jet black armor from head to toe and armed with M16 assault riffles.Sitting next to were two A.I.M. scientists who sat silently with their heads down and their hands tied together with electronic handcuffs. The soldiers climbed out of their seats as well with two of them grabbing the scientists by their arms and dragging them up until they were surrounded by the entire squad.

Phil (commanding): Listen up! Because Im only going to say this once! While our target is paramount to the success of not only this mission but our plans as well no harm is to come to him, am I understood?

Squad (yelling/unison): Sir, yes sir!

Phil (calm): Alright then, you all know what you have to do, leave the Warden to me.

The door of the Quinjet opened behind the soldiers; they immediately readied their fire arms and marched out of it in a circle formation with the two scientists in the middle of it. Phil was the last one to get out of the vehicle; he lifted the sleeve of his shirt up and glanced at his watch

Phil (thoughts): 8:20 PM, right on schedule.

Chen (happy/excited): Agent Coulson! It is an honor to finally meet a legend such as you.

Warden Chen extended his hand to Phil with a large smile on his face; Phil returned the smile and shook his hand.

Phil (pleased): The pleasures all mine Warden Chen, you're legend in your own right for managing to keep this place so secure, especially with such an assortment of clever and highly dangerous criminals.

Chen (happy/curious): Perhaps, but Im sure its not half as exciting as fighting with heroes like the Thor or Iron Man?

Phil (flattered): When you reach my age, there are only some many firefights and world shattering events you can take before you starting wanting a nice cozy desk job.

Chen (happy/curious): After spending 10 years doing just that I can tell you it’s not as relaxing as people make it out to be, you mentioned about needing to speak to me about some urgent matter.

Phil leaned and leaned his head forward to whisper in his ear.

Phil (suspicious/whisper): It’s not safe to speak about it out here in the open; we need to go somewhere more private.

Chen nodded at Coulson and the two walked into the building towards Chen's office near the top of the Vault.


The squad of soldiers marched through the facility with their A.I.M. prisoners nervously walking in their circle formation, they looked around the prisoner and saw agents and various villains inside of their cells, they even saw some of their A.I.M. colleagues locked in those cells but they knew there was no saving them, their fates were sealed.

They were stopped in their tracks by a of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who walked up to the squad leader with his hand raised in the air and a tablet in his other one.

Agent (distant/looking at his tablet): Stop right there, your name, ID number and the purpose your visit here

Squad leader (annoyed): You already know who we are and why were here, now step aside were here, and let me finish my job.

Agent (distant/looking at his tablet): My apology for the annoyance sir but this is a mandatory security check that we have you, like everybody else, have to complete upon reaching a security check point. The squad leader let out a long sigh.

Squad leader (annoyed): Special agent Sam Rockwell ID number 2435126, my purpose to deliver these two A.I.M. egg heads standing behind me and to transfer a high profile prisoner to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier.

Agent (distant/looking at his tablet): See, now was that so hard? You can pass now.

The squad leader merely glared at the man as he walked into D wing and reached their target, Alexi Shostakov, the former Red Guardian, Ronin and the husband of the Avenger known as Black Widow. He sat with his hands panted on his knees and his head lowered, though the sound of approaching soldiers peaked his interested and he looked up and stared at the squad leader.

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Alexi (amused): Well, well, well, Maria Hill has finally sent her dogs to come and fetch me from this hell hole.

Squad leader (calm): You're an important man Alexi, it was only a matter of time before we came for you and now that day has come.

Alexi (amused): So it seems.

He slowly got back on his feet and starred at the squad on the opposite side of the energy wall expecting it to fade any second now to let the S.H. I.E.L.D. operatives shackle and drag him out of this facility.


Phil and Chen entered the latter's office and it surprisingly resembled a civilians director office.

Chen sat down in his chair while Phil took another glance at his watch.

Phil (thoughts): 8:28 PM, just two more minutes left.

Chen (relaxed): Now agent Coulson, what is the urgent matter you wished to discuss with me?

Phil pulled down his sleeve and casually started walking up to Chen.

Phil (serious): I believe theres more to this prison transfer than meets the eye, we've received reports of Shostakovs ultra nationalist organization Dark Ocean Society has started operating again and we believe they were going to break Shostakov out of here.

Chen (curious): How could they know he was here? Only people with a level 6 security clearance would know he was here.

Phil (serious): My thoughts exactly, which is why I believe we may have a spy in our midst, in fact I have the evidence stored on this disk and I need to show it to you right away.

Chen (curious): Why trust me with such information agent Coulson? We've never even meet until today?

Phil (amused): Because you're the leader of the most top secret prison on the face of the planet, if anyone knows how to keep a secret is you.

Chen (relaxed): Very well agent Coulson, show me what you have.

Phil casually walked up to Chen and took the opportunity to grab him by the head, tilt his head to the left in order to give himself a clear shot for his neck and drove a syringe filled with some green fluid into Chen's neck and poured it into his system. Chen screamed in pain and managed to push Phil away and get out of his chair but almost immediately he felt his legs give away and he fell to the ground.

Chen (afraid): W-wha-what have you done to me....?

Phil (amused): Oh just something the boys at A.I.M. made, its a poison that makes your whole body go numb, except your mouth of course and it acts a truth serum as well. They told me it worked fast but I never imagined you'd be down for the count in a couple of seconds.

He walked up to Chen and knelled next to his face.

Phil (curious): Now then, tell me how to lock this place down and erase it from the face of the Earth?

Chen (afraid): There are two commands created for those purposes, the first one is created in the event of a mass break out to lock down the entire facility so that none of the prisoners can escape, the second one is created in case the lock down procedure fails and is only meant to be used as a last resort, to activate them you need my thumb print, a retinal scan and a code which is 91939.

Phil (amused): Thank you for your help, but since you're kind of.... Paralyzed and I don't want to drag your sorry ass to back to the desk, ill have to find a different way to get through the retinal and thumb print scan.

Phil drew a knife from his pocket and smiled sadistically as he grabbed Chen by his hand and with one swing sliced off his thumb, Chen screamed in pain as Phil examined his thumb for a second, he then placed three of his fingers on Chen's right eye ball and plucked it out of its socket. Chen screamed in agony even louder than before and could do nothing but helplessly lie there on the floor as Phil activated the lock down procedure trapping everyone inside the facility.


The alarm went off throughout the entire facility accompanied by the energy wall fading away, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who guarded the entrance to the wing ran up to the squad leader frantically as the alarm continued to ring all over the place. Alex walked out of his cell cautiously expecting the squad to attack him instead they moved out of his way and made no attempt to restrain him

Agent (nervous): The whole place is on red alert; we need to make sure all of the prisoners are still in their ce-

At that moment he noticed the energy wall keeping Alexi inside of his cell had dissipated, the agent immediately pulled out his pistol and aimed for Alexis head.

Agent (yelling/angry): Stop right there! If you move so much as an inch ill blow your goddamn head off!

Squad leader (threatening): Im afraid you won’t live long enough to try!

The squad leader swung his fist at the agent’s pistol and knocked it out of his hand, the agent swung his fist at the squad leader to try and land a solid blow on him but the leader casually grabbed his wrist and pulled out a knife from his belt and ran it into the agent’s neck.

Squad leader (angry/whisper): That’s for making me do that annoying security check.

He swiftly pulled the blade out of his throat and let his bleeding corpse fall to the ground. Alexi simply stood there, shocked at this turn of events, the squad leader turned around to face him.

Alexi (curious): Who are you?

The squad leader merely chuckled and took his helmet off revealing a mask with a white skull shaped pattern on it.

Alexi (shocked/whisper): Crossbones....

No Caption Provided

The doors leading to the D wing started to close down trapping them all in the small corridor.

Alexi (angry): Damn, now what are we supposed to do?!

Crossbones (calm): Relax, this is all part of the plan, un-cuff those two and lets get out of here before this place blows up.

The operatives complied with the order and un-cuffed the A.I.M. scientists, they took several small devices out of their pocket and began piecing it together until it formed something resembling a small mine on the floor. One of the scientists pressed a button on the device and suddenly Crossbones, Alexi, the operatives and the scientists were all engulfed in a bright blue light and were teleported out of the Vault.


Now that the facility was locked down, Phil activated the self destruct protocol, he had only 3 minutes before the whole place would get obliterated so he immediately started creating the exact same device as the scientists used to escape the facility with Crossbones and Alexi, he was about to teleport away until Chen spoke up.

Chen (afraid): Please...

Phil (curious): What was that?

Chen (afraid): Please..... Don't let me burn.... Please just end it.....

Phil laughed maniacally, walked up to Chen and knelt next to him once more.

Phil (amused): Oh Chen, Chen, Chen, I would do that.... If the thought of seeing you scream in writhing agony wasn't so appealing, but you know what, before you become a roasted marshmallow ill at least show you the face of the man who single handedly destroyed everything you've fought so hard to guard all these years.

Phil placed his hand on his face, droves his nails into his skin and ripped off the mask concealing his true identity. Chen's eye widened in shock as he looked at who had managed to deceive him, the man who had managed to un-do the past 10 years of his career in a single day.

Chen (shocked): Chameleon?!

No Caption Provided

Chameleon (happy): The one and only pal, sorry I cant stay with the whole, you know, building going to blow up in any second now, but take comfort that your failure here is going to lead to even more people dying and a huge ass pay check for yours truly.

Chameleon pressed the button on the device, teleporting himself out of the building just as it was engulfed in flame and wiped entirely off the face of the planet.

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@ekrolo: Wow you actually blew up the Vault. Another good chapter but what has become of some of the high profile prisoners inside such as Thor, Loki, Cobalt Man and who knows what else?

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Awesome job man! I like how you're using a lot of villains who I'd completely forgotten about!

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@ekrolo: Well those three can survive such things but guys such as Hypno Hustler, Scalphunter, Chemistro and the other low level guys don't stand a chance and while I can only speak for myself I know I would have liked to use some of them again. Oh well there are always 'legacy' villains.

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@ekrolo: Don't worry I might have a Ronan shaped fix on this problem

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@ekrolo: Oh sorry I meant Ronan the Accusor. With Cobalt Man imprisoned, Litterbug enthralled and Firebrand dead the Masters of Evil need new members.

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@impurestcheese: Make they escaped before it blew up or during the lock down they some how got away before it blew up?

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@ekrolo: Yep if you have read Marvel Mayhem Thunderbolts #2 & 4 you'll see that teleportation through reverse engineered Kree tech is their chosen medium for extraction.

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Hey dude just an idea. Maybe you should just call your title Marvel Mayhem: Ronin? It's short and awesome. Maybe just ignore the whole AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D thing.

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I'm a little new to reading the fan-fic on this forum, but this one seemed really long, compared to others I've read here. There were at least three spots you could have stopped at, as cliffhangers, and started up a new post. This is badly in need of some spelling fixes, and just general editing - there's some places where it seems like you started to word it one way, then changed your mind, but forgot to delete the original wording.

As for the story itself, I was digging it. Nice job on that.

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@cbishop: Thanks for the feedback, ill be sure to fix these issues for the next issues. :)

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@ekrolo: Did the whole thing work? This issue seems to have more views then Issue 3 of West Coast Aevngers. So I guess it worked.

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Great story, although there are a few grammatical errors here and there such as "ill" which should have been "I'll."