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Hello and Welcome to the Marvel Mayhem Continuity thread, here you will find recaps of all the chapters written by our incredible writers.

If you are currently reading one of the series below I'd advise reading the story before the recap for the full experience but if you're lazy or just want a refresher, read on.

Thunderbolts by Impurestcheese

Thunderbolts #1 – After the Disbanding of the Previous Team Songbird and MACH IV are sponsored by SHIELD to create a new team focused on the redemption of super criminals. Settling in Seattle the pair is called to a robbery in progress being committed by the Power Tools. With help from old friend Blizzard the three heroes face their first test as defenders of the City of Flowers.

Thunderbolts #2 – After losing against the Power Tools and meeting their SHIELD Liaison the Thunderbolts discover that they are not the only super humans in town as Zaran the Weapons Master arrives alongside the Masters of Evil. With defeat fresh in their memory can the Thunderbolts stand their ground against foes such as Whiplash, Firebrand and the Cobalt Man?

Thunderbolts #3 – The Aftermath of Cobalt Man’s explosion reveals a new ally, the Atlantean Super Soldier Orka just as the Power Tools re-emerge looking for a curious artefact located in an Arts Museum. Hurting from their previous defeats and buoyed by their new members the Thunderbolts are looking for payback and answers to why so many super criminals are in town.

Thunderbolts #4 – The Thunderbolts are faced with a threat to the safety of the city. With the Masters of Evil holding an entire stadium hostage the team will have to learn quickly how to trust one another, something which is a little difficult with the sudden arrival of a new hero wearing an old costume, one that can’t be trusted. And if that weren’t bad enough where is the Cobalt Man and what is he planning?

Thunderbolts #5 – The Masters of Evil are still on the lam and even worse the Cobalt Man is planning to turn Seattle into a sister city for Chernobyl. An old ally returns to help keep the city a fallout free zone but why isn’t he interested in re-joining his old friends and team-mates?

Children of the Green (Issues #6 - #9)

Thunderbolts #6 – When a former Thunderbolt turns up at the airport on the run from one of his own creations the team step into action to protect the public. But can Samuel Smithers be trusted when his only true allegiance has been to the Green? And how will Blizzard and Meteorite stop a new team of thieves that have been robbing the rich and famous without leaving a trace.

Thunderbolts #7 – A trip to the countryside becomes deadly for the Thunderbolts as Orka squares off with a mutated version of Tiger Shark as the quest for answers leads the team deep under the surface of a lake. Meanwhile Meteorite and Blizzard begin an agonizing stake out in the hopes of catching the High Rollers

Thunderbolts #8 – The trap has been sprung on both ends. Deep under the lake the Thunderbolts discover the masterminds behind the Simuloid’s attacks in the guise of Terraformer and SHIELD whilst Victoria literally puts herself in the line of fire as the High Rollers strike their next target.

Thunderbolts #9 – Relationships break down as the High Rollers ranks are divided. Deep below the surface the Thunderbolts find one member going through a metamorphosis as another clings on to life after being poisoned. And while things are bad events are being put in motion that will change the Thunderbolts and Seattle forever.

The Cost of Innocence (Issue #10 - #15)

Thunderbolts #10 – When the Thunderbolts are away the whole city will burn. After being accused for the murder of Firebrand the Thunderbolts are put on trial in San Diego leaving Blackheath alone to defend the city. ULTIMATUM obviously couldn’t have chosen a better day to bring the house down…starting with the cities most iconic landmark.

Thunderbolts #11 – Given a stay of execution all the Thunderbolts save Victoria Hand and MACH IV are released back into the city to fend off ULTIMATUM whilst Meteorite ends up fighting…herself? Meanwhile order is lost from the courtroom as Crossfire and Abe’s Defence Lawyer Jennifer Walters face off at his trial.

Thunderbolts #12 – Things in Seattle are going from bad to worse when the likes of Stag Beetle and Sandstorm turn up in Seattle. Urgent Questions are answered; namely who Crossfire was after and more importantly, “Why did the Chicken cross the Road?”

Thunderbolts #13 – When your enemies and friends look alike what are you to do? The Corrupter gets to She Hulk in San Diego, Meteorite is attacked by phantoms from her past and Blizzard ends up facing off against the shadow of Firebrand.

Thunderbolts #14 – ULTIMATUM’s plans are revealed and with the aid of a brainwashed super criminal known as Biohazard they have the strength to pull it off. A dangerous situation goes from bad to worse in the courtroom ending with some name dropping and the death of the Corrupter.

Thunderbolts #15 – Biohazard is on the move and it will take all hands on deck to deal with the sentient toxic waste heap. Flag Smasher proves that you don’t need powers to be deadly and Blizzard finds a good use for Firebrand as the Thunderbolts fight to save the city from almost certain destruction.

Thunderbolts #15A – The city recovers, a Thunderbolt returns, a crossover is mastermind and a devious figure from the Thunderbolts past conspires to create a new Utopia from the ashes of Seattle.

Shadow of the Past (Issue #16 - #19)

Thunderbolts #16 – A massacre in the city brings attention to a threat lurking under the surface. Blackheath shows off his pride and joy which will become essential to the Thunderbolt way of life while Orka finds a deadly artefact long thought destroyed.

Thunderbolts #17 – Tehran via Seattle? Victoria and Blackheath go on a business trip to Iran to get answers about a pair of mysterious artefacts whilst Meteorite and Orka start a long and arduous march in search for Piranha. On the surface Abe finds a surprising ally and all the Thunderbolts meet a figure determined to destroy them.

Thunderbolts #18 – It’s a bad day to be a Thunderbolt. Be it Songbird’s mystery ailment, Blizzard bleeding out on the floor or simply the return of Flag Smasher to Seattle things quickly take a turn for the worse. Meanwhile in Tehran; Victoria ends up fighting the Masters of Evil alone.

Thunderbolts #19 – Doomsday Mk 2. Flag Smasher plans to finish the job he started and only Meteorite and Orka can stop him using the Thunderbolt’s newest weapon; the Living Fortress. Abe shows off his new body as Hard Shell reveals a new side of herself and Blizzard makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends.

Thunderbolts #19A – Confessions. People aren’t who they appear to be as the Classic Thunderbolts fight Team Carnival only for one member to change for the worse. In the present a new threat from the Confessor rapidly grows out of control.

Home Invasion (Issue #20 to --)

Thunderbolts #20 - The remaining Thunderbolts head out on a mission not realizing that it's a ploy by the Masters of Evil to take control of the Living Fortress and find the Kree Data Crystal recovered from Tehran.

Thunderbolts #21 - The Thunderbolts are about to experience their very home invasion as they come face to face with Moonstone and her army of super villains; the Masters of Evil

Tales of Asgard by Irishlad

Chapter 1- Fair Game

All of the Asgardian Gods can now be killed upon the death of Eir, The Goddess of Healing.

Thor, Son of Odin has been framed for the murder of the Wrecking Crew.

Chapter 2- Evil Grows

Balder goes to find the next in line to Eir, the Goddess of Healing but is ambushed.

Sif and the Warrior's Three go and investigate a Valhalla burial chamber in search of Eir but end up finding a gigantic creature heading straight for Asgard.

Learning Gen-X Style #1 - Setting Up: In the wake of the disaster that had previously been the Massachusetts Academy, Charles Xavier had offered the White Queen, Emma Frost, a chance a redemption, especially as he learned of a new threat to mutants everywhere. Now, as the school is ready to move forward, they make an offer to two experts about this new threat, but little do they know that a spy is on their way to the school as well.

Learning Gen-X Style #2 - Incoming Class: As the school prepares to open its door, Emma Frost finds out the difficulty of having two people who have been on the run for years. She is also introduced to the six new students for the school, but it seems almost all of them have secrets, the most devastating being that they are in contact with the very foe that would threaten the school most.

Learning Gen-X Style #3 - Siblings and Secrets: With the school open for a few weeks, its existence is no longer a secret, as Emma’s worst fears for the school start to come true. To make matters worse, Emplate, the very threat they are trying to prep the students for, is closing in on their location. This prompts the teachers to decide on a very risky move, which means leaving the sanctuary of the school grounds, a sanctuary that may disappear in a few days time.

Generation X/Thunderbolts #1 - Written by ImpurestCheese, This installment starts setting up the events in Seattle, where as Generation X starts to infiltrate the refuge camp there, in an effort to prep the mutant population there for the threat of Emplate, the Thunderbolts have their first encounter with Emplate, which shows how prepared the fiend is.

Generation X/Thunderbolts #2 - Written by ImpurestCheese. This installment opens with a separation of the team, giving Emplate a chance to capture his two main targets. After that battle, the teams come together, only to be surrounded by a force neither is prepared to battle. What is worse, both teams are missing one member.

Learning Gen-X Style #4 - Unsafe in Seattle: Part three of the Thunderbolts/Generation X crossover event. The students fight, for the first time, the true magnitude of the enemy they have been training to defend themselves from. What they don’t know, is that the spy is making their move, a move that could not only cost them their lives, but also lead to the loss of the lives of the Thunderbolts. What is worse, is that there is more surprises in store for the Gen X’ers

Learning Gen-X Style #5 - Many New Things: After the events in Seattle, the team is in for some new things. A new school, and a new teammate. Unfortunately, the team gets a few new bad things, which includes the Frost sisters getting a new lead on information, and a new foe who plans to exploit them. In fact, he’s already doing so.

Learning Gen-X Style #6 - Tension Building: As the school gets back to normal at its new location, various things start to cause tensions to build. Crushes appear to be causing some tension. Certain discoveries are becoming issues as well. What tops it all is the arrival of an attacker from out of nowhere, someone who should not be there at all? This individual leads some to believe that not all is as it seems at the school, and that the one pulling the strings may be discovered.

Learning Gen-X Style #7 - Birthday Backlash: Things continue as if normal at the school, but the place has had a special event. Yvette has had her eighteenth birthday. Unfortunately, after the party, a psychic wave goes through the school, causing some good, and bad things to happen, and those bad things that put some really bad things in motion.

Learning Gen-X Style #8 - Disastrous Discoveries: A little time has pasted since the events of the birthday, and some discoveries are made. A stranger on the ground. An odd channel on the television. These lead up to one confrontation, followed quickly by another, and things go bad for all.

Learning Gen-X Style #9 - Deals and Contracts: Having been in the Mojo-verse for days, the group finds out what Mojo makes his stars do. Unfortunately, they get an offer to get home, but the cost is too high, especially as the offering comes from a former ally, and the cost is the freedom of two.

Astonishing X-Men by Rabbitearsblog

Chapter 1: Memories and Consequences…

The X-Men go on with their lives 2 years after the events of "Astonishing X-Men" and Colossus is still upset with Kitty's sacrifice at the end of the events of "Astonishing X-Men." Meanwhile, Kruun has escaped the Breakworld and plans vengeance on Colossus.

Chapter 2: The Sign in the Stars

When a mysterious star falls towards Earth, the X-Men try to go to the center of New York City to investigate it. It turns out that Kruun has arrived on Earth and causes mayhem on the citizens of New York City.

Chapter 3: Kruun!

When all of New York City heard about Kruun's attack, a police group called Code Blue go off to face Kruun. Unfortunately, Kruun kills Fielstein and injures Stone, Jackson and Majowski and was about to kill the rest of Code Blue until the X-Men arrived to defeat Kruun.

Chapter 4: The Return of Kitty Pryde

As the X-Men set off to find Kruun, who was knocked away by Storm, Lilandra, the Empress of the Shi'ar Empire notices a large bullet heading towards the Shi'ar Empire. The Imperial Guards then took the bullet and ended up freeing Kitty Pryde from the bullet. Kitty then tells Lilandra what happened to her and Lilandra offers to take Kitty back to Earth by having Gladiator assist her. Meanwhile, Colossus finds Kruun and they battle with each other until Gladiator arrives on Earth and manages to defeat Kruun.

Chapter 5: Home is Where the Heart Is

Kitty Pryde finally returns to Earth and spends some quiet time with Piotr as they catch up with current events. Meanwhile, the X-Men are a bit concerned about Kruun being taken away by Gladiator to the Shi'ar Empire since they are not sure if Kruun is planning something if he breaks out. At the Shi'ar Empire, Gladiator starts taunting Kruun and Kruun tries to find a way to break out of the Shi'ar Empire prison to plot his revenge.

Chapter 6: Kruun's Escape!

Kruun meets up with a mysterious skrull named Zargot and the two managed to escape from the Shi'ar Empire prison to seek their vengeance.

Chapter 7: A Deadly Alliance

Kruun and Zargot decided to team up to take over the Shi'ar Empire, while Kruun manages to get new arms that might give him the means of taking over the Shi'ar Empire! Meanwhile, Lilandra finds out about Kruun's escape and she immediately calls upon the X-Men to help her take care of this problem.

Chapter 8: The Choices We Make

After Lilandra gives the X-Men a choice on whether or not they should save the Shi'ar Empire or stay on Earth to help the citizens of Seattle during the Ultimatum attack, the X-Men decided to help Lilandra defeat Kruun and Zargot and they ended up in the fight for their lives!

Chapter 9: The Final Confrontation!

The X-Men, Kruun, Gladiator and Zargot all have a showdown on the Shi'ar Empire and only one of them will win this final battle to save the Shi'ar Empire!

Invasion: Volume 2

Chapter 10: The Nightmare Never Ends!

After the X-Men believed the worst to be over, Zargot comes back to Earth and he starts planning his invasion plans!

Astonishing X-Men/Thunderbolts by Impurestcheese & Rabbitearsblog

Chapter 1: With Friends Like These...

When the Thunderbolts sent one of their members, Arke to retrieve a secret data that could help them discover the truth about the Confessor Skrull from the X-Men's database, the X-Men end up in a battle of their lives trying to defeat Arke while being unexpectedly transported to the Thunderbolts' Living Fortress!

Chapter 2: The Mystery of the ConfessorSkrull

When the X-Men get transported to the Thunderbolts' Living Fortress, they are forced to work with the Thunderbolts to discover more about the Confessor Skrull's identity. Meanwhile, Zargot gets an unexpected ally that might help him free the Confessor Skrull. Later on, Nightcrawler comes back to the scene and discovers that something is amiss in New York and tries to contact the other X-Men.

Chapter 3: Facsimiles

Pagon, Zargot and the Confessor Skrull come up with a plot where they will take over the Earth's military defenses and they unleashed monsters to go and take care of the X-Men and the Thunderbolts. Meanwhile, Nightcrawler discovers that the Don of the Dead was using mutant laborers for the Brazilian Government and Nightcrawler goes there to rescue them. In Seattle, the X-Men and the Thunderbolts are attacked by Smuggler and Hard Shell and were nearly beaten, while Shadowcat and Blackheath confront Zargot, Confessor Skrull and Pagon, but meets up with a tragic situation.

Chapter 4 : The Best Laid Plans

Pagon, Zargot and the Confessor Skrull succeeded in taking over the Earth's military defenses and throws Seattle into a crossfire. Meanwhile, Shadowcat tries to disarm the bomb planted by the three villains while the X-Men and the Thunderbolts have to protect Strikeback, who lost her energy after fighting Hard Shell. Meanwhile, Nightcrawler goes off to Brazil to free the mutant laborers only to be captured by the Don of the Dead. At the same time, Gambit goes off to Brazil to rescue Nightcrawler, not knowing that there is a Skrull in their midst.

Chapter 5: Faces We Once Knew

The X-Men and the Thunderbolts work together to protect Seattle from the Skrull Invasion and Nightcrawler and Gambit arrive in time to help out the X-Men. Meanwhile, a new threat approaches Zargot and his fate is turned in a horrible direction.

Frog-Man by Jatoe48er

Chapter 1 – My Pa the Hero

Eugene Patilio is your average kid with an extra ordinary family. Leap-Frog into this chapter to find out about the dark history of the Patilio family.

Chapter 2 – The Reveal

Hop in as Eugene learns the truth of his father’s duel identity, whilst dealing with life in high school and that danged horse.

Chapter 3 – Aspirin lids

Deciding on his destiny, Eugene begins to experiment with ‘the suit’ and his amphibian desires.

Chapter 4 – Legs Eleven

After taking a leap of faith, Wilbur Day begins training young Eugene and takes a giant step towards his destiny

Bullseye by TommytheHitman

Bullseye #1

Killed during Shadowland, Bullseye has been resurrected by the Hand's mysterious Shadowmasters and possessed by the mysterious entity known only as The Beast. Bullseye's first target? The current leader of Shadowland. The Kingpin!

Bullseye #2

Bullseye makes his first move on the Kingpin. Along with Moon Knight and Lady Bullseye at his side. Kind of...

Bullseye #3

Bullseye is betrayed and gets his ass kicked. he's taken to a torture chamber and burned alive by Typhoid Mary. Moon Knight

reluctantly saves him before reporting back to the Avengers. Wolverine arrogantly decides to go after Fisk himself.

Hank Pym by TheManInTheShoe

Chapter 1: Ant-Man/Giant-Man

Arguably the smartest man alive, Hank Pym has to take off on an adventure to search for his long lost heroism, by doing so he acquired a second identity, Giant-Man. Also the dangerous and life threatening pursuit for a soon to be global danger that he unleashed upon the world begins. Ultron has risen!

Chapter 2 Friendly Advice:

After realizing what he created, Hank Pym seeks advice from his friend Vernon van Dyne. Little did he know he will get the advice that will save the world one day.

Chapter 3 Egghead Returns:

In present time, Hank Pym is reminded by the horrors Ultron have created throughout his existence. Not even his girlfriends comforting can help when Ultron returns yet again. And, the return of Pym's arch-enemy.

Chapter 4 When Heads Collide:

While studying wakandan driver ants in the woods, Hank Pym is attacked by Elihas Starr's new henchman, Egghead-Prime.

Chapter 5 The End:

The battle between Elihas Starr and Hank Pym continues. Not only will this scar Pym forever, this will also become a new phase of hope in his life.


Avenger A.I By TheManInTheShoe

Chapter 1 Artificial:

In the past, Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch, ends one of the worst conflicts in human history. In the future, a newly assembled team consisting of Vision, Dragon Man, Machine Man and Doombot realize what will happen unless they stop Ultron.

Chapter 2 The First of Their Kind:

What troubles Jim Hammond so much that he goes into exiles? Only he knows. After being tracked down by the newly formed team of android Avengers tracks him down, he joins team in an effort to be left alone after the job is finished.

Chapter 3 Infiltrated:

Hank Pym, after getting his lab wrecked, creates a new headquarter for the team and himself to make the team official. While Dragon Man goes to the library and Machine Man devours pancakes, Hammond will find out that the enemy is closer than anyone thought.

Chapter 4 War Damages:

With one team member kidnapped and one badly hurt, things doesn't look good for the team. But with strong words and a time jump to the past, Ultron might fall after all.

Christmas Special 2013:

Where did Doombot go? And how much did Ultron mess with his head. Well...

Spider-Woman By TheManInTheShoe

Chapter 1 Spiders in Space:

The superheroine Spider-Woman, also known as Jessica Drew, is summoned by S.W.O.R.D.'s leader, Agent Abigail Brand, on the Peak. After accepting a job offer she never thought she would get, she might have got more than she bargained for.

Chapter 2 Voyage of the Ham[ed]:

Skrulls taking control of the Peak. A major black-out. And a grumpy agent. Only Spider-Woman has the will enough to save the Earth from splitting in half.

Marvel Mayhem Timeline (Made By batkevin74, updated by moi)

1870- James Howlett born (18th October…in homage to first appearance in Incredible Hulk #180 Oct)

1922- Steve Rogers is born (July 4th his actual documented birthday)

1939-1945World War 2

1950- Frank Castle born (12th February…in homage to first appearance Amazing Spider-Man #129 Feb and also that Frank Castle is an angry old man in excellent shape whose timeline has never shifted, he’s aged in real time though his angelic resurrection & Frankencastle time may put him back to being roughly 40, but Frank is old and is one of the few who actually ages)

1966- Stephen Strange born (11th July…in homage to debut Strange Tales #110 July)

1967- Wilson Fisk born (5th July…in homage to The Amazing Spider-Man #50 July)

1968-1971Frank Castle’s tour of duty in Vietnam

1978- Anthony Stark born (3rd March…in homage to 1963 Tales of Suspense #39 March)

1980- Clinton Barton born (7th September…in homage to Tales of Suspense #57 Sept)

1981- Peter Parker born (15th August…in homage to his debut in 1962 Amazing Fantasy #15 Aug)

1981- Matthew Murdock born (1st April…in homage to Daredevil #1 1964 April)

1982-Scott Summers is born (1st September…in homage to The X-Men #1 1963)

1983- Molly Von Richtofen born (4th July…in homage to Punisher #4 July 2000)

1983- Lorna Dane born (9th October…in homage to X-Men #49 1968)

1984- Dallas Riordan born (19th April…in homage to the Thunderbolts debut in April 1997)

1990- Matt Murdock loses his eyesight in a tragic accident

1992- Cody Fleischer born (16th June…in homage to Secret Defenders #16 June 1994)

1993-Eugene Patilio (26th August)

1997- Scott Summers joins Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters in its first class.

1998- Peter Parker begins work at the Daily Bugle and Spider-Man debuts

2010-Shadowland occurs

2012-Fear Itself occurs

2013- Destruction of Seattle, Ker-BOOM

2014- Initiative

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