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Project Thunder

Dr Imck Prince looked at the massive blue cyborg with pride. His team had done the virtual impossible, not without hiccups and problems though. Out of the three new recruits to the Thunderbolts, two were operational; the third was proving a mammoth task.

“Tsunami is ready,” said Dr Prince to his junior tech Noahus Tucker, patting him on the shoulder “Well done on cracking the Atlantean DNA problem”

“Thank you sir, but it was data we’d hacked from Dr Warren that allowed us…to,” Noahus trailed off as Dr Prince glared at him “Sir?”

“Please refrain from mentioning that hack in my presence Noahus” seethed Dr Prince “I was having such a nice day.”

“Sorry sir”

“And now he’s running Maryland! Has the Chairman lost his mind! Putting that starking idiot in charge of Dr Essex’s old experiments is like putting flaming fox in charge of gunpowder filled chickens!” Dr Prince threw his arms up in desperation “May as well just nuke the site. Mark my words Noahus, he’ll probably release something big, green and ugly from a secret room that’ll come back to bite him on the ass and I’LL have to clean it up! Starkhole!”

Noahus checked his data pad to change the subject “Saracen is also operational but his claws seem to get stuck. We’ve tried recoding the maths to…”

“Have you tried lubricant?” asked Dr Prince

“Umm no sir”

“Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, how about we try some common sense Noahus.” Dr Prince looked at his junior like a teacher looks at the dumb child who is trying their best.

“Yes sir” Noahus punched in notes to himself on the pad. Dr Prince wandered down towards their problem.

“Now what of her?” Dr Prince tapped the tube that held a woman with long white hair and alabaster skin.

“She absorbs energy Dr Prince.” stated Noahus “We try to attach a circuit to her and she absorbs it, makes it useless! Also she drains power from the equipment that we’re trying to use to attach the bionics to her. She’s drugged up but we’re unable to adapt her like we thought”

Dr Prince stopped, looked up to the roof and stroked his throat several times “Stark it!”


“We’re taking her to Maryland,” said Dr Prince “Much to my disgust, we’re going to have to operate and we’re going to need Essex’s equipment. Stark! We need to prep her for flight and assemble Tsunami and Saracen along with the other three, I’m going to need some protection when I go and see that starking idiot!”

“Yes sir!” Noahus took off

Dr Prince looked at her and ran his hand down the glass “You better be worth it Cassiopeia…”

Maryland Medical Institute & Asylum, Annapolis

Dr Maxwell Warren stood at the landing pad, a smile on his face from ear to ear as Dr Imck Prince walked down the gangplank of the Thunderbolt troop transport. A team of Iron Soldiers flanked the doctor, weapons at the ready.

“Welcome to MY facility Dr Prince” said Dr Warren over the roar of the powering down engines and he extended his hand. Dr Prince smiled, trying not to snap his teeth under the enormous pressure he was applying to them whilst he bit his tongue as he took the hand. The two scientists squeezed each other’s hands as tight as they could in a bookwormish display of alpha male, each trying to crush the other, literally.

“Thank you for having me” replied Dr Prince who was losing the handshake “I brought some friends of mine” Behemoth, Scarlet, Thunder, Tsunami and Saracen marched down behind him; the Iron Soldiers raised their weapons at the blatant display of force.

“Oh excellent” whined Dr Warren releasing the handshake “Social visit?”

“No Dr Warren, I’d never be social with you,” said Dr Prince derogatively “Purely business”


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Cool, is Tsunami who I think he is?

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@joshmightbe: Attuma in a cyborg suit

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@batkevin74: Thought so just making sure