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This continues from part one: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-fantastic-force-1/665038/#20 and is rated M+. Enjoy, have a read, leave a comment :)

Warforce One, American airspace, two weeks ago

“You’ve got the Serpent Crown?” said Scalphunter, his voice full of disbelief “Really?”

“I have two actually” The Supreme Commander smiled “I also have several items of immense power that Doom, Danvers, anyone; would want that could possible pry the world from my grasp”

“Such as?” sang Scalphunter.

“Keep reaching Gerald and I’ll chop your arm off!” he warned “But yes I have a storage facility where I keep my prized possessions. Items of power. Occasionally I bring them down to a warehouse and let teams of Ferrum techs attempt to reverse engineer. I have a group at the moment trying to crack Nega Band technology”

“Why not let, you know, Doctor Mister scary face” Scalphunter imitated Mr Sinister “Have a crack at that stuff”

“This is why I run the world” said the Supreme Commander

“Whatever” replied Scalphunter making ‘guns’ with his fingers and firing off ‘shots’ at Iron Claw, who never took his eyes off him

“But I will tell you what they will be after and under no circumstances is this item to fall into the enemies hands”

“Serpent Crown…got it”

The Supreme Commander telekinetically choked Scalphunter and hauled him into the air “You’re lucky I ALLOW you to live mutant!” The Supreme Commander stood and walked towards the struggling assassin “You will be silent and you will listen!”

“Oh…kay…” wheezed Scalphunter

“You will kill them all because if they reclaim Doom’s time platform” Stryfe spat the words “I will tear you apart atom by atom!”

3am Central Park, New York City

Magni, Corporal America and Distain touched down in the park. A hobo pushing a cart stopped and looked at the three powerful men who floated down from the sky.

“Thor?” gasped the hobo

“Nay friend” smiled Magni as he walked to the man “I am Magni, son of Thor”

“You can’t be!” shrieked the man “Because I am! Loki trapped me in the body of a homeless man bwhahahahahahaha” The man grabbed his cart and ran off into the park.

“Does that happen often?” asked Distain

“Not like that” said Magni, bewildered by the man.

“We should establish a perime…” started Corporal America

“Park’s clear!” stated Distain, reading the radar display inside his helmet. Nicholas looked at the ebony armoured man and contemplated smashing his shield through the eye slots and taking out the terrorist known also as Darius Stane.

“So now what?” snapped Corporal America

“You read the brief, they’ll be here soon”

“Keep pushing my buttons” muttered Nicholas

“What was that?” asked Distain stepping up to the shield carrying former Iron Soldier “Keep pushing your buttons was it?”

“I use to throw scum like you in the cells”

“From what I’ve read of you Nicholas, you use to shoot old women and children”

Corporal America started to bring back the shield for a strike when Magni stepped between them “This is not the time nor the place for you two to act like peacocks. We need to work together…not against each other”

For a few tense moments the trio shared glances, each wondering and almost expecting an attack from the other


Modi walked down the hallowed halls, his sister Thrud walking in the other direction. Each looked directly at the other and each refused to yield their line. Inevitably they clipped shoulders.

“Watch yourself!” snapped Thrud

“Why must you act like an ass Thrud?” asked Modi shoving her into the wall.

“Why must you act like ass!” she mocked

“You’re a child!” Modi balled up his fists

“Always with the violence Modi” laughed Thrud “Why can’t we simply have a heated discussion? Is it because YOU are the ass, the simpleton, the clod who knows nothing but violence” Thrud shoulder bumped Modi and walked off.

Modi scowled after his sister, contemplating running after her smacking her silly.

10am Central Park, New York City

Daniel Warstar and Kaine Reilley wandered through the park, chowing down on Al-Mar hotdogs. “These things are so good!” exclaimed Daniel stuffing it into his overflowing mouth.

“It’s just a hotdog” said Kaine, not all that impressed with it.

“Back in Arizona, on the reservation, we don’t get anything like this”

“What do you get?”

“Real food” laughed Daniel “Organic, home ground, slightly vegetarian food. Not this tube of salt, sugar, processed chemical fat” Daniel shoved more into his mouth “It’s technically not even food, but Great Spirit this tastes amazing!”

“As much as hanging out with you is fun” Kaine dropped his rubbish on the ground “Any idea on what happens next?”

Daniel stopped and picked up Kaine’s rubbish “Its vague mystical mumbo jumbo to me”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m picking up your trash” said Daniel “You’re a wanted criminal and you add littering to your charge sheet”

No Caption Provided

“Kaine Reilley?” came the electronic voice from behind them. Kaine’s fingers rippled with energy as a venom blast readied, Daniel’s hands instinctively began a spell. They turned to see a man clad in ebony armour, a man in a black-white-red uniform holding a shield and a young man with blonde hair holding a mallet.

Kaine looked them up and down “Who wants to know?”

“My name is Darius Stane, I’m here on behalf of Carol Danvers”

“Who is Carol Danvers?” asked Kaine

“I bet she’s the lady in my dream” said Daniel

“The longer we stand around and chat, the sooner we get noticed” said Corporal America

“I got this” Daniel waved his hands and light blue glitter flew from his hands and floated down around them “Bit of invisibility. Now lets cut through the testosterone before it all turns into a rumble and someone gets hurt. I’m Daniel Warstar, you seem to know my friend Kaine…oh my” Daniel’s eyes rolled back and the Eye of Agamotto glowed; a yellow projection shot from it into the air. A life size bust of Carol Danvers hovered in the air

“What the hell?” she yelled “I’m in the shower! If you’ve put a device to spy on me Darius”

Darius held his arms up in surrender “Wasn’t me Danvers” He pointed behind her. Carol turned and glared at Daniel

“Hi!” said Daniel

“Who are you?”

“I’m Daniel Warstar, the new Sorcerer Supreme”


“Yes ma’am. I had a vision about this. You’re the eagle with machineguns”

Carol looked at the young man, a man with no real possible way of knowing that brief period of her life when she was Warbird some two centuries past. “Welcome aboard Daniel, you’re going…”

“We got company!” stated Nicholas pointing to a squad of soldiers flying over the park

“Are you idiots standing in the middle of Central Park?” yelled Danvers

“I’ll deal with them” said Magni as he stepped forward and began swinging his hammer

“Hey!” shouted Daniel. Everyone turned to him. “We’re invisible!”

Carol smiled “And finally we got some brains in this group. Darius is smarts, Nicholas is the tactics, Magni the brawn, Kaine is the sneaky and now Daniel you’re the brains”

“I am not just brawn” muttered Magni

“Nicholas, Darius you’ve got the brief, get everyone up to speed. Daniel…”

“Yes ma’am”

“If you ever interrupt my shower again I shall knock your head OFF your shoulders!”

“Yes ma’am” said Daniel sheepishly as the image faded.

“Welcome to the team” said Darius patting him on the shoulder.

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good job, I'm glad they've finally all gathered

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@joshmightbe: So am I! Now is the hard part with all 5 of them together making them all shine, plus weaving subplots (Nicholas' growing disgust at his team mates for example, Modi & Thrud etc) to make the next chapter worth reading

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Anyone? ? ?

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@batkevin74 said:

Anyone? ? ?

Sorry. I meant to comment, but I went to the bathroom and forgot when I came out. Great job.

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I sense some serious self hate with Stryfe. He was cloned from a mutant, but I think anyone who can beat up on Scalphunter and get away with it I think he can have those kinds of issues. Carol was great in that brief cameo. (The eagle with the machineguns) I'm looking forward to seeing how you bring all these players to shine through. Great work. Something is going on with that Thrud.

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Ooo this is getting good

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@Time_Phantom: Yeah Stryfe is a bit mental and drew a line saying F-you mutants! They are still around, he can't stop mutation but he can curb, crush and destroy it...mainly because they're a credible threat to him and he's seen how hardy they can be. Yeah Carol put the team together and you'll see what happens when she has swallowed bad intel hook, line and sinker and sent the boys on what is a suicide mission! And yeah get ready for Thrud :)

@tomdickharry1984: Thanks, gets better next chapter (I hope)

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I had a hunch about Thrud from the very beginning! Now she's queen of hell! I still love this chapter.

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@time_phantom: I think one day I'll re-form the Force...maybe have' em fight the Avengers in a classic battle of misunderstanding like all good comic books. Jason Vs Magni, Vision Vs Distain, Jessica Vs Warstar (pheremones vs gay should be interesting) with Corporal America wondering which side to be on.

One day

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I was expecting Fantastic Four, not the new Avengers.

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@wildvine: I liked the name and the font of the Fantastic Force, plus its the future :) Besides the Avengers reform later