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Links into:http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-warstar-part-5/653324/


Bertoki, disputed city between New Germany and New Latveria

Kushtrim looked down from his bedroom window at the battalion of Iron Soldiers marching up the street and sighed. It seemed today he would be living in New Germany. Each day, each week, it was a seesaw. Last week New Latverian forces retook the town, week before that the Iron Army had occupied the city for two whole weeks, back and forth. A few weeks prior to that the sides united against some insect men and cat people who sweep across the land like a plague.

“Mumma! How much longer?”

“Get away from that window!” she scolded from the kitchen as she prepared the evening meal “And what are you talking about?”

“The metal men who treat our city like a cat’s litter box” Kushtrim ambled into the kitchen “I hate it!”

Her heart melted; she wiped her hands and gave her sweet twelve year old a hug “So do I little one, so do I”

“Walter the horse on roller-skates said I can do something about it” She looked at her son like he was mad, not understanding his statement. Kushtrim exhaled “Walter said I had great power in me; that I could protect the city”

She patted him on the head and returned to her goulash “You had a dream, it is good to dream”

“He said and the spider lady said, I am in line for something”

In a flash her hand slapped Kushtrim across the wrist “No spiders!”


“NO!” she pointed at him with the goulash encrusted spoon and glared at him, the way only mothers can and he stopped. After several minutes, Kushtrim finally spoke.

“What if I can make Bertoki safe?”

She raised an eyebrow “What if you cleaned your room?”

“My room has bullet holes in the walls mumma!” his eyes welled with tears “I just want them to go away!”

She dropped her spoon and held her son close to her, shushing him to calm his fears “Its okay Kushie, its okay! Mumma’s here. I hate it too baby. Just don’t cry Kushie”


Warforce One

The Supreme Commander sat in his chair, teeth grinding together as he rewatched footage of the ‘Avengers’ on the many screens. He slammed his fist through a screen in disgust.

“I dealt with the Avengers two hundred years ago” he seethed as the noxious fumes seeped into the air. He looked down at an incoming alert; he put the call on speaker.


“Sir, General Poljiana of the Trieste Iron Hall Supreme Commander”

He rolled his eyes “If you dare ask for more troops General, you will be dead before the words leave your tongue!”

“…no sir. You wanted to be briefed if there was anything, well weird sir! In light of the Spider infestation of Kenosha, the Thanos incident, Project Wide-Awake, th…”


“T-the border town of Bertoki in New Germany expelled all the Iron Army troops this morning and a s-seemingly impenetrable barrier is around the town, along with a moat, sir!”

“ON SCREEN!” Images of Bertoki flashed up around his state of the art plane, his eyes darting from one to the next. Stryfe clenched his teeth tighter and lightly rubbed the runic symbol on the wrist of his armour “Magic” he whispered

Castle Doom, Doomstadt

“You want to run that by me again?” Carol looked at the officer in front of her

“The border town of Bertoki, which shifts between Iron Army and New Latverian control, is surrounded by a shimmering blue cube and a moat, your Majesty” repeated the soldier as he read it off his holo-pad “All Iron Army soldiers were shunted out of the city by…well something!”

“So we control Bertoki?”

“Ummm no. All New Latverian forces were also expelled by this force”

“You people,” Carol stood up and marched over to him and snatched the holo-pad off him “Seriously if you have something to show me, show me!” Carol flipped through the images of the now new island of Bertoki, protected by a bubble of force.

“Do we know what the cube thing is made of?”

“No your Majesty, but preliminary scans point towards telekinesis”

Carol enlarged a picture to reveal of a small shadow near the centre of the town “I think that’s your source” Her finger tapped on the pad


Kushtrim hovered in the centre of the town, three feet in the air, arms extended, fingers wide as energy pulsed from him and out to the barrier. The townsfolk gathered around him, his mother on her knees, crying.


“It’s…okay…mumma,” he panted, concentrating on doing two things at once “I’m… protecting…the city”


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@batkevin74: Cool, I assume Kushtrim will be important later.

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@joshmightbe said:

@batkevin74: Cool, I assume Kushtrim will be important later.

Maybe, maybe not. But I thought it was time to show that there were others out there on the Winding Way and that Daniel Warstar was not the only contender for the Sorceror Supreme (as mentioned in the above link) He might, might not, but I thought that this was a nice interlude

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@batkevin74: It was good, maybe it could even lead to a new Warstar storyline where he has to go around and find the other contenders

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@joshmightbe: Now that is gold!!!!!!!! Ooooooooo I shall think on this :)

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I loled at Stryfe's rant, good job.

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@YoungJustice: He's a villian and loves to hear himself pontificate! :)

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