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This links in with the Spider-Man corner of the Iron Age (created by with additions by me)


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Desmond Fisk looked at the holo-table; images, photos, statistics all lay out before him. He clicked on a photo and the desk filled with photos, soldier reports and other data about Spider-Man, his elusive prey. The deadline he set for having his manager’s kill Spider-Man had been and long gone. After the incident at Empire State Technical, Spider-Man had seemingly gone to ground. Desmond pinched his nose bone, attempting to relive some of the pressure building in his head.

“Where are you?” he scowled at the pictures as he clicked open a new file. An image of the Scorcher armour, the Rhino suit and the Vulture harness came up on screen.

“Idiots!” he muttered as he looked them over again. The idea was there. Desmond clicked on another file and brought up a file on Master Sergeant Natalee Toomes in her Scorpion armour. His fingers tapped on the keyboard and he hunted down the information and placed a call on his intercom.

“Betty. Get Eli Ativak up to my office NOW!”


“Why did you mothball your project?” Desmond sat whilst Eli stood nervously before him.

“Well sir,” gulped Eli “After seeing the failures of Vulture and Rhino, and not wanting to strap it on myself, I thought it better it go into storage until I can work out th…”

Desmond held his hand up as he patched in a call “You are on Master Sergeant Toomes, go ahead”

“Thank you Mr Fisk,” said the hologram of Natalee, emanating for the side of Desmond’s chair “The Scorpion suit works fine! I’ve been using it ever since Kaine Reilly slipped out my grasp months ago. Damn fine piece of equipment! Will be using it today when we head into the LQ sir”

“Thank you” Desmond clicked it off “So I’ll ask you again Eli, why did you mothball your project?”

“I didn’t think it was good enough, sir” Eli looked down at his feet.

Desmond smiled and stood up “You are going to recommence your Scorpion project. You will be given all the previous resources of the Vulture and Rhino projects along with the Chamele…”

“But Desmond, I must strongly protest!”

Desmond looked at Payne, the pilot of the Rhino suit, who had sat up until now quietly “I am not in the habit of repeating myself, nor being interrupted Payne! Eli, you are now head of the combined resources of the Vulture, Rhino and Chameleon projects including ALL staff” Desmond looked straight at Payne “Anyone with a problem with that can head to Chicago. Does anyone one have a problem?”

The room went silent. Desmond looked over the gathered managers, scientists and interns who were here for this meeting. A smile crept into the corner of his mouth “Good. Now Brown, Barrison; where are you up to on your Octavius project?”

“Nearly ready sir” said Brown trying to sound confident

“Be ready on Friday for a test.” stated Desmond “Now, due to budget cuts by the Chairman due to, well quite frankly, lax security,” He watched the room gasp at his blatant questioning of the regime “I do not have as much funding to do as I wish. These three men,” Holographic images appeared in the air before the group “Still do! Dr Imck Prince, no relation to our dear departed Ivan Prince, head of Project Thunder. Dr Maxwell Warren, new head of Dr Essex’s site in Maryland. And Dr Nylad Anthony. They have funds; which means we don’t! This situation needs reversing otherwise it’ll be your head on the chopping block…and no, that is not a metaphor” And with that Desmond calmly left the room, holo-pad in hand.

“How did he know about Octavius?” yelped Barrison slapping Brown on the arm.

“I don’t know!” snapped Brown “We’re nowhere near ready!”

“Happy with yourself Eli?” sneered Payne

“I don’t know what you mean?” said Eli

“Oh come off it!” said Diego “You played us all with your ‘my armour isn’t good enough’ routine!”

“You work for me now Diego,” warned Eli “So watch your tone”

“Until the paperwork comes through, stark you!” snapped Diego shoulder bumping his way past Eli.

Desmond had a little chuckle as he watched his puppets dance on his holo-pad. An alert beeped on his pad causing Desmond’s smile to evaporate. He walked into his private office and locked the door behind him. Desmond straightened his suit and clicked on the hologram.

“Good afternoon Chairman”



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I always like the behind the scenes scheming with Ferrum employees

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@joshmightbe: They're fun because they'd do just about anything to one-up each other, and they descend to levels that make evil look good sometimes :)

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Bumped coz it links into joshmightbe's Avengers arc and upcoming Scarlet Spider (who's been hiding for a while)