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Two weeks ago, Iron Skirt Bar, Latverian Quarter, NYC

Iron Soldiers tore through the bar whilst Rolandas and Algirdas were pinned to the wall, searched and manhandled.

“Watch your hands kiaule!” protested Rolandas

“What did you call me?” snapped the Hunter as he drove Rolandas’ face back into the brickwork ‘I only speak American!”

“How much longer?” asked Algirdas

“As long as it takes!” snapped Master Sergeant Natalee Toomes as she entered the bar “An Iron Soldier was killed nearby with a sign pointing to a Doom sympathizer. You New Latverian scum like Doom making you prime suspects”

“We have I-Dent cards” groaned Rolandas against the grip of the Hunter pinning him to the wall.

“Like all citizens should! But unlike citizens, you support an enemy of the state, making you dangerous in my eyes!”

“We have done nothing wrong!” said Algirdas, his voice raising as his anger did.

“So you say. Private, take these two down to the Iron Hall for questioning” Natalee flipped down the visor on her armour “Hunter Division! Move out, next building”


New York Iron Hall

Master Sergeant Natalee Toomes looked at the orders scrolling across on her holo-pad: *Anyone found without an authentic I-Dent: shot on sight

*Any display of a spider symbol, Doom's mask, New Latverian flag or anything glorifying the heroes of the past: imprisonment minimum term: one year

* New York Iron Halls to move on New Latverian Quarter

*Outstanding Execution Warrants: Darius Stane, Anthony Salazar, Cam Evans, Carol Danvers, Kaine Reilley, Carol Danvers, Dr Nathaniel Essex, Exodus, ‘Spider-Man’, Karl Zemo

Natalee groaned “Today can suck my stark! Hunter Division load up! We’re going back into the LQ”

Latverian Quarter, NYC

The Hunter Division joined one hundred and eighty or so other Iron Soldiers as they descended onto the Latverian Quarter. Before them a crowd of people had gathered, all looking angry, hungry and fed up.


“Stark you!” shouted a voice from the crowd and a bottle smashed across his helmet. The crowd roared in approval.

“FIRE AT WILL!” roared Captain Annon and the Iron Soldiers opened fire with their repulsors, firing into the largely unarmed crowd. What unfolded was a massacre. Repulsor beams can punch holes in steel, so through people they’re devastating. Sometimes wounds will cauterize themselves due to the intense heat, leaving an agonising wound but often and especially at close range, it proves fatal to unarmoured civilians. Bottles, Molotov cocktails, bricks, boards and occasional small arms fire hit the soldiers but their tank like armour barely noticed that people were fighting back.

Alexander Salazar watched from his hide on a roof in the LQ, shocked at the brutality. He grabbed his bow and took aim at a soldier, zeroing in on the exposed eye slot. For seemingly an eternity he held the bow drawn before relaxing.

“Don’t make it your starking problem” he warned himself before breaking into a smile “If they’re all here; who’s watching the rest of the city?” Alexander grabbed his gear and leapt across the rooftops heading to the virtually unguarded city.


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Great chapter and I think I may have figured out my excuse to get Hawkeye on the team.

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@batkevin74: @joshmightbe said:

Great chapter and I think I may have figured out my excuse to get Hawkeye on the team.

I'm confused, which one is the good Hawkeye/bad Hawkeye again? Plus Hawk's, Lizard's, Wasps = Marvel Iron Zoo :)

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@4donkeyjohnson: Anthony Salazar is the Amazing Hawkeye and the good twin. Alexander Salazar is the 'evil' twin!

@joshmightbe said:

Great chapter and I think I may have figured out my excuse to get Hawkeye on the team.

Dude, I would almost love to see Alexander on the team, mistaken for Anthony and have him become an Avenger then have Anthony try to kill him, causing a whole new slew of problems for Anthony...just an idea. But yeah both Anthony & Alexander are free, running around NYC. Anthony is hunting for Alex and Alex is just out causing havoc coz he's a nasty (and possibly better)