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2170AD Chechyen DMZ

The Supreme Commander held the small boy by the neck as he kicked, spat, thrashed and screamed like an animal. The boy’s hair was matted; his face stained with the juice of rotten corpses, nails more like talons and oh, the stench! An Iron Soldier stepped to his side and pressed his pulse rifle into the boy’s stomach.

“Shall I dispose of it sir?”

The Supreme Commander gripped the boys face tight as he invaded his mind via telepathy “No…no this thing interests me. I think I’ll keep it. Also grab its brother hiding up behind that pile of rubbish” The Supreme Commander pointed straight at another larger child who took off like a rabbit into the eerie mutated hills of the Chechyen DMZ.

2175AD Chicago

Two boys stood at attention. Dr Nathaniel Essex and The Supreme Commander looked at both of them like they were inspecting livestock.

“Well it’s your adamantium,” said Dr Essex tapping his holo-pad “But there’s only enough for one”

“That is what you’re here to help me decide!” snapped The Supreme Commander “Which one?”

“Why waste it all? That idiot Cyber was coated in adamantium and look what happened to him”

“Who?” The Supreme Commander stopped and thought for a moment “I’ve killed so many, they all begin to blur. Besides what makes you think I only have this cube of adamantium?” He tapped the cube in the middle of the room with his foot.

Dr Essex looked straight into his eyes and shrugged “Use the older one. If the process fails you try it again on the younger one”

“Well,” he glared back at Essex “Get on with it!”

2176AD Maryland

The boy, now known as Callous, hung in the sling above the pit of molten, bubbling adamantium; his drug-enhanced physique rippled with power. Dr Essex stood in the front of a bank of monitors on the observation deck directing robo-nurses. Slowly, Callous was lowered into the metal. He screamed as the metal seared his toes and suddenly claws burst from his toes, elbows and knees.

“Hmmm” Dr Essex consulted the monitors “It appears he is going through a mutation. Stop the process!”

The other boy who was pressed to the glass sneered “He is unworthy”

“What did you say?”

The boy turned “He is unworthy! He will not get my lord’s gift. It shall be me”

“Aren’t you quite the little zealot” laughed Dr Essex

“Mock me at your peril!” growled the boy. Dr Essex studied the boy, this corpse eating beast child. He exhaled, stepped forward and smashed him across the mouth sending teeth flying with the forceful blow.

“You watch your tongue lest I rip it out of your head” The boy scrambled to his feet, a broken and bloody smile across his lips. He crouched like he was about to pounce. Dr Essex pushed a button on his holo-pad.

“What?” snapped The Chairman of Ferrum

“Playing scientist today are we?” mocked Dr Essex “The older one of the Chechyen brats is a mutant”

“You know what to do, or do you need me to tell you every last detail” came the sarcastic reply

“No I just need to know if you wanted me to proceed on the other one?”

“See if it’s a mutant first, don’t waste my adamantium!”

Dr Essex flipped the holo-pad closed “Idiot! Now little savage,” Dr Essex smiled evilly “I’m going to open you up, pull you apart and possibly stitch you back together. But first you’re going to watch me torture your brother and for every time he screams, you’ll lose a finger. Nurse three; lower the boy back into the metal”

Callous’ toes hit the molten liquid again and he let out a scream.

2177AD United Kingdom Scandinavia

Iron Claw as he’d been dubbed, stood knee deep in the snow. John blew a cloud of smoke “It’s bad enough he keeps sending me losers each year, now he wants me to run a special side class for you!”

“My lord has willed it, it shall be done!” came the hollow, slightly metallic reply through the adamantium coated teeth.

“What are you?”

“I am Iron Claw!” he sneered and fired up his hands into whirling razor-harp helicopter like blades “Train me or die!”


Callous smashed about his cage, frothed at the mouth, convulsing from the poison ravaging his system but still not dying. Dr Essex looked at his holo-pad “What am I going to do with you? I’ve tried shooting you, burning you, electrocuting you and now poisoning you, and still you stubbornly refuse to die. I may just have to open you up again to find out why. But why bother? I already have armies of Creeds who run on very similar healing factors, so you’re virtually useless to me asides from what I've extracted. So you’re going to the Vault, maybe you can keep Exodus company”

2180AD The Vault

Callous sat in his unlit concrete cell. The door had been bolted and welded shut. He fumed and chiselled grooves in the walls with his talons. The eye slot slide open, the first time in three years.


Even though it was altered he still recognised his brothers voice “Alvi”

“Why did you have to be a mutant?”

Callous shot up to the door and slammed his fist on the eye slot “Why did you cause all this?”


“Your actions brought us here. You attacked him and he took us from our home”

“He adopted us and you spat on his gifts for you are a filthy mutant”

Callous stared deep into his brothers eyes “I will kill you!”

Iron Claw laughed “I would kill you, but my lord has told me to forget you. I have merely come here to do that. To put you behind me and forget you exist. You are dead to me”

Callous hand tore through the slot and grabbed Iron Claw by the face and slammed him into the door. Sirens and klaxons sounded as Callous ripped the door apart and smashed his younger brother to the floor with his massive fists. The beating was ferocious and one-sided before finally a team of guards pried Callous off with narco-paint, shock cannons and acid mist.

“I protected you for years!” screamed Callous as he was forced back into his call “And this is how you repay me Alvi? I will kill you if I ever see you again!”

The guards brought up another door and began an emergency weld. Iron Claw groggily got up from the floor as the door was about to be sealed. “Then you shall never see me” The door slammed.

Iron Claw turned to the guards “Seal it, brick it up and forget it!”

“But s…” the guards head came off in a shower of blood and gore as Iron Claw sliced the man’s head off.

“Does anyone else have an objection to the will of the Supreme Commander?”


Warforce One

Iron Claw watched the footage again of his brother escaping from the Vault with this ‘Zemo’ and his motley crew. He could feel his master’s eyes boring into him, but he was unable to look away from his brother.

"Get me a conference with my Generals asap! We have a Priority Omega threat!" snapped The Supreme Commander from his chair amongst the banks of monitors.

Iron Claw ignored his master, watching as Callous looked directly into a camera, seemingly peering directly into his soul. Iron Claw felt sick. Maybe it was the sight of seeing his brother or the savage beating that he’d just suffered in St Louis, he didn’t know.

“Are you listening to me?!?” screamed the Supreme Commander as he telekinetically spun Iron Claw around to face him and drove him to his knees.

“Yes my lord”


Links into Marvel Iron Age: The Mastershttp://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-masters-gathering-part-3/729984/#6 and Marvel Iron Age: The European Assassination Division #1http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-european-assassination-division-part-1/661048/

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