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Issue 0: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-iron-age-magneto-0-1523216/

War never changes. At the hands of the psychopathic Madman known as Stryfe the majority of the mutant population has been enslaved in horrific testing grounds. With Stryfe torturing countless innocents it's only an amount of time before someone fights back...

2187, New York City

"Are you okay Erik?"

Erik looked up to see John Maystrike (His father) staring at him. Erik placed his book to the side and stood up.

"Why are we here dad?" Erik asked.

Erik's father was silent as he looked away from his son.

"Business. Don't worry. We won't be here long."

John turned towards the apartment's door as he picked up his raincoat and pulled it down over his shoulders.

"Stay here. I'm going to meet with your mother. Be good. Be safe."

Erik watched as the door slammed shut. He carried on staring at it for a few seconds before turning back to his book.

Homosapiens by Max Eisenhardt.


2200, Ferrum Labs

"Who are you?!" Erik asked as he backed against the cell wall. His friend Toad was unconscious on the ground next to him.

"My name is Darwin." The Featureless man said as he stepped through the hole in the wall. "Don't worry. I'm not here to hurt you. In fact. I'm here to help you." Darwin held a hand out, revealing an Iron Soldier's glove covering his right hand.

Erik glanced at Darwin's belt. It had a yellow X down the middle right where the strap was.

"Are you some kind of terrorist?" Erik demanded as his hand slowly moved towards a broken piece of rubble near the floor.

"I'm NOT a terrorist. I'm an X-Man. In fact... I'm THE X-Man."

Erik paused for a second. He'd heard of the X-Men. His father had never stopped talking about them. Members like Wolverine. Cyclops. Hell even Kitty Pryde. Erik remembered all these names. However he'd never heard of someone called... Darwin before. Erik's hand gripped the rock on the floor. Erik quickly picked it up and threw it with all his might aiming for Darwin's skull.


The rock snapped on the floor as Darwin's rocky flesh disappeared. Erik stared in amazement.

"That's my power." Darwin said calmly. "My body adapts. I've adapted to aging. I've adapted to death. Pain." He stared at the rock by his foot. "Don't do that again."

"Freeze Mutant!"

An Iron Soldier appeared through the crack in the cell wall with his chest mounted unibeam ready. Darwin raised his arm calmly as the rocky flesh reappeared and easily deflected the blast. Erik raised his hand in amazement. Then it happened.

The tingling sensation Erik had first felt when his collar was removed returned. As he raised his hand, the soldier raised into the air with him. Darwin watched in surprise.

"What... what's happening?!" Erik yelled in surprise.

"Mu...tant!" The Soldier gasped.

Erik felt anger course through him as his hand tightened. The Soldier screamed as his armor crushed around him turning his body to jelly and causing his blood to pour through the cracks in his suit. Erik released his hand in terror. Causing the Soldier's body (Or what was left of it) to fall to the floor in a large mushy puddle. Darwin was quiet as he turned towards Erik.

"...I think I can use you..."


A few Minutes Later...

"Erik. Are you okay?"

Erik looked up as he gasped for breath. He didn't feel guilty for killing the soldier. Quite the opposite. He was GLAD he'd killed him. However everything was catching up to him very quickly. For years he'd wondered what his mutant power was. Now he knew. He had the ability to control and manipulate metal. Any type of metal. Now that the collar was removed he could feel it around him. In people's blood. In the walls around him. Everywhere. It was taking all his effort to not destroy all of it with a mere gesture. He looked up to see Toad hopping towards him.

"I'm... fine. Toad. We're finally getting out of this place. It's going to be smooth sailing from here."

Erik noticed a crowd of the surviving mutants gathering around him. Darwin was stood on top of a pile of debris along with several other mutants wearing similar costumes.

"Attention!" Darwin yelled. "Everyone I'd like your attention please! Thanks. So as many of you will have noticed your day of justice has finally come! Today the X-Men have arrived to save you!"

Darwin was silent as he waited for gasps and shocks of surprise. He got none.

"What's an... X-Man?" Toad asked.

"X-Men are Mutant Freedom Fighters! We're here to get revenge on the monsters that have taken over the planet! While killing as many of these Iron Soldiers as we can!"

No Caption Provided

"Some of us need medicine!" A voice from the crowd yelled. "Otherwise not everyone will make it!"

Darwin was quiet as he thought about the situation.

"Okay people. The closest village is 2 miles from here. Which means we're going to have to trek it. Now I'm going to introduce you to my lieutenants!"

The Man stood to Darwin's right stepped forward. Two large metal wires were strapped to his wrists. He also wore a mask over his face.

"This guy here with the wires is called Whiplash." Whiplash was silent as he raised his hand into the air. "He's not much of a talker. Thanks to Stryfe and his kind..."

The Woman to Darwin's left was silent. Erik could hear the energy humming from her body.

"Meet Havok. She's my second in command. If ANYONE has a problem with something. You speak to her."

Erik sighed as he slowly stood up.

"And finally. I'd like everyone to meet our newest member. Erik Maystrike. We like to call him Magneto."

Everyone in the crowd turned towards Erik. Toad looked confused. Erik was annoyed.

"It's time to get out of here X-Men!"

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Nice, I'd actually like to see what happens when these guys run into Exodus' army.

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Wow this is cool. But why is Whiplash working for Darwin and his guys. Hopefully we'll see soon. :-)

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@impurestcheese: Its probably not the original, most likely just a mutant who took up the name.

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Very cool

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@tommythehitman: Nice, I think I like Darwin more than Erik! Also Natalee Toomes wears a whiplash styled armour, she's an Iron Army Hunter and will pop up in Scarlet Spider and several Tales of The Empire. I only mention it coz I used a similar picture

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