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Marvel Iron Age: Lady Deathstrike # 12

Authors Note: Sorry this took so long to get put out. Just got off winter break and the whole time I couldn’t get to a computer to finish. I also apologize if the action in this seems to happen too abruptly.

Enjoy !

San Francisco Iron Hall:

Mr. Nobody had control of the Iron Hall. While the Iron Army is fighting his mercenaries in the city with stolen armor, he has begun to assemble civilians and any army officials left in the building on the bases grounds. “Human shields. That is cute, boy.” General Ahern said sitting on the ground with his back against the smoldering remains of his Iron Hall.

Mr. Nobody glared at the older General. “Boy, eh?” He raised his foot and swiftly kicked the man in the jaw, knocking him over to his side.

General Ahern chuckled and spit out a mouth full of blood. “You’re a real professional I see! I’m no Falcon Helfitta, but you’re going to have to hit me harder than that!”

“Open your mouth one more time old man.” Mr. Nobody threatened pointing his repulsor at the General’s head. “I do not want the blood of an Iron Army General on my hands.”

“Because you aren’t starked already?” The General grumbled. The General said nothing as he sat back up. There were dozens of civilians and soldiers on the grounds. Some injured, some dying. He observed the area. There were four guards patrolling the grounds around the prisoners, three armored mercenaries flying above the Hall.

“You’re a smart man.” Ahern said to Mr. Nobody. “But I have to question the brains over something this moronic. You’re out numbered, you surprised the holy hell out of us sure, but in a few hours this city will be the Supreme Commander’s control.”

Mr. Nobody whipped around and snatched the General up by his throat. He slammed him to the wall and barked, “Shut your mouth now!”

“Am I starting to make sense?” Ahern gasped, clutching the arm of Mr. Nobody.

Alan Banner:

On the grounds of the Iron Hall, Alan Banner was huddled next to a group of civilians. They were hurt, cold and scared. He felt he should be doing something, since he got out of Briton and left Ares’ group he drifted here to San Francisco. When he was huddled here he didn’t resist, he didn’t know what was happening and he followed. But with the people around him being hurt he had had enough of watching.

He clenched his hands tight and a green energy began to envelope his hands. “Settle down. Do not make a scene.” He heard. He powered down and looked for the voice, but it was nowhere to be found.

“Good. Now sit tight… and don’t blink.”

Ngumi Takada:

Ngumi had infiltrated the Iron Hall’s grounds, using her combat suits stealth feature. The hostages were everywhere. The city was under attack and the Iron Army wasn’t doing well in this part of the city. She weaved past groups of huddled civilians, trying to get to Mr. Nobody quietly. “What the hell?” She whispered. One of the civilians, man was crouching on the ground. His hands were glowing unnaturally and looked ready to do something drastic.

“Settle down. Do not make a scene” Ngumi whispered loud enough for the man to hear. In an instant the man stopped and tried looking around for where her voice came from. She walked closer to the man and crouched to his level. “Good. Now sit tight,” Ngumi looked up at the Iron Hall’s main building. She could see Mr. Nobody and another man she didn’t recognize. “and don’t blink.”

Ngumi continued on, closing the distance between her and Mr. Nobody. She could see more clearly who Mr. Nobody was with. From what he was wearing she could tell he was an officer of some kind. “Got you son of a—“

The air above Ngumi roared suddenly. She looked up to see a Shield transport in the sky above the ruined Iron Hall. The three armored mercenaries stopped and mid flight, only to begin a rapid ascent into the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Two figures could be seen jumping out of the transport. Ngumi drew a pistol and didn’t wait another second.

She dropped out of her suits cloak and shot a guard twice in the chest, dropping him. She looked around as soon as she prepared to engage the others, they dropped left and right. Riddled with bullets from above, “Very cute.” Ngumi heard whispered into her right ear.

Before she could react she was grabbed hard from the back of her neck and shoved to the ground. She rolled over, pistol ready and fired at her attacker, hitting only air however. “You don’t seem to remember I can teleport.”

Ngumi peaked behind her. The black armor and even the pale skin of the man behind her made her roll her eyes in astonishment. “You have me—“

A green flash and boats hitting the dirt and the shrieks of scared civilians prompted for her to wait before finishing her comment. “Agent Takada!” A hard voice said.

Ngumi got up without speaking and turned to her right to see Mr. Nobody lying on the ground unconscious. The turned to her left to see an obviously mutant man powering down, his hands still hued in green energy. Ngumi saw two Shield agents following up passed the man. One of them she knew very well.

“Holland what are you doing here?” She said coldy.

“It’s Commander Holland.” The agent corrected. “And we came to help you.”

Ngumi snorted and crossed her arms. “All you did was provide a distraction while, Mr. Talkative got dropped by the kid over there.”

“Not a kid!” Alan Banner yelled, feeling completely disrespected by the woman he had just saved. “I used to run with—“

“Ares.” Holland finished. “And you ran then didn’t you Banner? Great work, kid.”

Ngumi stood her ground as Holland got closer. Her eyes narrowed into an icy glare, her brow was furrowed into a building frustration. “Did New Latveria’s American Queen send you? Of course she did.”

Commander Holland got closer and stared at the deadly woman without blinking. “She sent me to talk.” Holland looked around the sounds of weapons fire increasing in the surrounding area. He had guessed the Iron Army was pushing its way back to the Iron Hall. “Just not here.”

Ngumi walked off without saying a word to Holland. “Fine. But I have a place to be.”

Holland followed behind her. “Lodestone bring the bird down for pick up.” He ordered over his suits communicator. As he walked on he gave Alan Banner a second look. He had read reports of his time with Ares earlier in the year. He knew he had potential. “You’ve been drafted son. You can choose to except that now or take your chances being the mutant that deals with the Iron men on their way.”

Alan didn’t get to answer before Holland and the other Shield agent walked off. The decision was easy to make at the time, “Ah hell! Let’s see how this turns out.” The alternative being less agreeable.

San Francisco Iron Hall,

Two days later:

The Iron Hall was in shambles. The teleporting mutant Mr. Nobody planted a bomb inside the Hall and stole some armor. He kept hostages in the court yard in the hope that the Iron Army wouldn’t risk their own injured in an assault. “How wrong you would have been.” General Ahern sighed, knowing the reality of the situation.

The mercenaries attacking the Iron Hall and parts of the city were a group of poorly organized individuals with dubious Latverian origins. Or that was the news being spun by the media. The General was standing at the Halls broken gates as an Iron soldier with a holo-pad presented himself.

“Supreme Commander, General.” The soldier saluted and handed the pad over.

The General took the pad and pressed the center to open communication with the leader of the Iron Army. Wishing he had a strong drink. “General Ahern you had better have a good reason to still be breathing after losing your Iron Hall.”

“We reclaimed it sir. Amanda Trask is on the run for her part in this conspiracy and Mr. Nobody is awaiting execution.” The General said coolly while trying to hold back the panic ragging in the back of his mind.

“I also have received concerns from various media outlets. You want to portray a terrorist as a hero.”

The Supreme Commanders voice was chilling. The General thought it was nerves but he could swear an unseen force was tightening around his throat. He sucked for air as he spoke. “I just think we should... get a hero of our own... ss--sir. One we can ussse!”

“Explain. Do it quickly!” General Ahern relaxed and the pressure around his throat diminished.

The General thought about two nights ago when she saw Ngumi in action. When confronted with the Shield agents even he was surprised. His face may have been swollen and his ribs broken, but he could read her like a book. Ngumi may have left with them, but she was not one of them. Or so he believed. “I had some of our tech experts take some footage of the Shield Agent in Tokyo when she fought the Hand and had it digitally edited with the attack in the city. She looks quite patriotic I would say.”

The Supreme Commander said nothing and just stared stone faced at the General. Ahern took a second to wait for his head to explode from the Iron Army leaders rage, but when this didn’t happen he continued. “We build her up into this public hero, we even have people that say they knew her to give interviews and even mail her medal to Queen Danvers herself.”

“She has my weapon, Ahern.”

“Sir a celebrity honored by a General in your great Iron Army will not be met with a glad heart in New Latveria which is where she may be hiding.” The General defended. Reports of a group calling themselves Avengers coming to mind. “Especially by Danvers and her paranoid command. If they can’t trust her then we can be sure they won’t take a thing she’s selling. We can turn this new found public interest in super heroes against them and I'm not just talking about, Ngumi Takada. That would be the start.”

The General swallowed hard, even though his mouth was dry. He had brought his case to the Supreme Commander who had remained silent and stared at the General. Like he was reading something bored deep into the General's mind. Ahern had started to hope there would at least be something to bury after a moment of dead silence when the Supreme Commander replied, “Very well and pray you are not wrong in your assumption.” Then the message was cut.

To be continued.

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@Time_Phantom: Ahern is a born politician

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@Time_Phantom: WOOO HOOO! Very nice! Love that Ahern is just waiting for her head to explode but presses on, and what a cunning plan. Give the people hope and then crush that hope, very nasty.

“Sir a celebrity honored by a General in your great Iron Army will not be met with a glad heart in New Latveria which is where she may be hiding.” The General defended. Reports of a group calling themselves Avengers coming to mind. “Especially by Danvers and her paranoid command. If they can’t trust her then we can be sure they won’t take a thing she’s selling. We can turn this new found public interest in super heroes against them and I'm not just talking about, Ngumi Takada. That would be the start.”

Nice to see Alan Banner return and Holland as well.

(Did a Jessica Mongoose solo story you may want to check as well when you get time to)

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@joshmightbe: He is isn't he?

@batkevin74: You don't make General in the Iron Army by being a particularly nice individual. With super heroes running about now enforce I thought the Iron Army could use their own. Even if it is a fake one. (You'll see how amused Ngumi is when she sees her first commercial as the hero of San Francisco next chapter) Oh and nice picture... though Ngumi wouldn't be caught dead wearing heels.

Thanks for the comments!

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@Time_Phantom: Its a great plan, now off to fix a minor typo that accidentally altered the whole plot of my last chapter of Lash, It was late I was tired and I turned a minor encounter into an assassination attempt

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@Time_Phantom said:

@batkevin74: You don't make General in the Iron Army by being a particularly nice individual.

That's for damn sure!

As for the Ngumi-esque pic, it was more so I could get a reference in my head, I think Ngumi is much prettier

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@cbishop just bumping some history for the library. No rush at all, just letting you know is all

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@cbishop: Yeah asked @time_phantom if they knew as I also couldn't find them, found 9, 12, 13-16 but not them :( And once again thanks, you're an excellent librarian/organiser! Hopefully you get a chance to read some of it

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@batkevin74: I'm toying with a redesign already- the current setup isn't picture friendly (they're hidden inside the links). I'll work on it and get everyone's opinions before changing it.