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http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-hawkeye-re-boot-6/693531/#8 (continued from here)

Pine Barrens, New Jersey

The Slayer unit lands to search the area. After a few minutes A-5 reports, "Two men, on foot headed west, given the target's M.O. the arrows strewn about indicate he's been here."

A-7 scans one of the arrows, "Prints confirm the target fired the arrows, added secondary target most likely Anatoly Vanko."

Elsewhere in New Jersey,

An arrow caught the large krang in the eye as it charged toward Anatoly, "Shouldn't the Iron army have cleared some of these out by now?"

Anthony chuckled as he retrieved his arrow, "Krang teeth have no problem tearing through the standard issue armor and the usual repulser just tends to piss them off. I kind of like the idea that there's something out here the tin men can't control, just wish they'd stop trying to eat me."

Anatoly nodded, "Easier to respect something when it isn't attempting to tear your head off."

Anthony nodded and looked over to where the krang had been, "I wouldn't bring this up if I weren't starving but, how long would you guess its been since this big guy killed that deer over there?"

Anatoly looked disgusted, "I am not going to eat that thing's left overs."

Anthony sighed, "You got any better options, cause starving to death in the middle of where ever the stark we are doesn't sound like a great one."

Scranton Iron Hall

Corporal Valentino commed Major McHatfield, "Looks like a standard manhunt sir, but they're marching through the most krang infested area on the East Coast like its a Sunday stroll in the park."

Mchatfield replied, "With any luck the ugly lizards will eat them all."

The Major then walked into the medi unit where Private Sullivan had just woke up and was staring at his new cybernetic leg with a scowl. Mchatfield sat down, "You're in good company Private."

He pulled up his pant leg to reveal his own cyber limb, "Got the real one snapped off at the hip by a krang back when I was a Corporal, damn thing jumped up and grabbed me while I was boarding a transport. How something that big is so good at hiding is beyond me."

Sullivan glared up at him, "I'm gonna kill that guy."

The Major looked out the window, "I'd wait til my head was clear before making rash decisions kid, that soldier that took your leg had no more malice in what he did than the lizard that took mine, being mad at him is understandable but its kind of like being mad at a dog cause his master set him on you."

Sullivan's glare faded a bit but he still wanted someone to pay for his leg.

Abandoned Al-Mar a few miles west of Pine Barrens

A-8 commed from the sporting goods section, "The target seems to have acquired more ammunition, There are several empty boxes for Barton 323 heads with target's prints on them, possession of illegal weaponry has been added to the charges."

A-1 commed, "All clear they continued on south west from here."

A-4 stood outside on guard in case of an ambush. A large krang came up behind him and attempted to attack, without a second's hesitation the soldier shot a blast that ripped the creature apart.

Elsewhere in New Jersey

Anatoly and Anthony sat by a fire begrudgingly eating deer meat scavenged from the krang Anthony had killed.

Anatoly glared at his meal, "At least I wasn't surprised by the flavor."

Anthony swallowed,"I've had worse, Helga's goulash tasted like this will in a few hours."

The Latverian then stood up, "Tomorrow we find a map, I'm sick of this god forsaken lizard hole."

(To be continued)


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@joshmightbe: Seem these A Slayers are pretty damn good, and nice bit with McHatfield having a bionic leg...but I can still see Sullivan doing something rash! Good chapter

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@batkevin74: I figured it'd help give a general idea of the kind of soldiers we have working the Scranton hall. They're more like frontier soldiers than the well maintained soldiers of the bigger cities.

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@joshmightbe: Yeah that's what I was going for, that there's only like 9 people in the Scranton Iron hall (McHatfield, Sullivan and the members of Image) but I beleive these 'hillbilly' type Iron Soldiers might surprise a few people, especially the A-Slayers and Dr Warren. I've seen Rocket City Rednecks, Hillbilly Hand Fishing and Doomsday Preppers so those 'people' can be pretty ingenious when they put their minds to it :)

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@batkevin74: Also The Slayers efficiency may actually turn out to be their weakness.

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Okay, I've been waiting forever to use it on this series.