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Bifrost Base

7 pulled Sam from the building containing the cannon and sat him leaning against the wall and dropped down next to him. He then hit his comm, "Molly if you can hear me, I need you by the cannon."

He then grabbed his side and spat out some blood as Molly replied, "What's wrong? You sound awful."

He looked down, "May have a collapsed lung, but I need to you to help Sam. He's catatonic."

Molly looked to Agent Walker, "Can you clear me a path?"

Walker nodded and the two ran. Several soldiers blocked their path but the women moved faster than they could react. Walker fired energy blasts from her blades when they were to far to cut while Molly focused on moving forward only attacking two soldiers on her way but killing both. Within minutes they found 7 and Sam leaning against the wall. Sam drooled absent minded as 7 tried to keep him up, grunting as he moved.

Molly dropped down next to 7, "What happened, why aren't you healing?"

He looked over, "I am just a bit slower than I'm used to. Nanites are bandaging me up as we speak. With any luck I'll live long enough for the effects of the Muramasa blade to wear off. See if you can get Sam up."

Walker knelt down, "Can you still fight?"

He tried to stand and grunted in pain as Walker sighed, "So that's a no then."

Molly then lifted Sam's face looking into his eyes and dug into his shattered mind.

Walker started to turn but 7 grabbed her and handed her something out of his bag, "It's a power amp, only turn it on if you get in real trouble and don't use it for long."

She stared for a second, "What's too long?"

He grunted out, "About a minute, any longer and you may self destruct."

The Supreme Commander looked on the berserk Symbiot and roared out orders to his soldiers, "Sonic cannons, get as many as you can muster."

He looked over to Welder, "Turn that thing to ash the second you get a chance. Not even a drop makes it off this base."

David looked on struggling to regain control as his suit fought soldiers. The standard soldiers attempted to retreat but Carnage wouldn't allow it. He killed them all and used their armors to bludgeon the Hunters that attempted to stop his rampage.

Across the field Bill and Magni stood on the shoulders of a God Slayer and slammed their hammers into both sides of its head with as much force as they could muster. They smashed a hole and then slammed in again this time so hard that their hammer clashed in the middle. The energy released from the clash destroyed the machine.

As the two hit the ground Abbadon pounced on Magni slamming him to the ground. Stormbreaker caught the beast in the side of its head knocking it away. It roared as Bill helped Magni to his feet. Another God Slayer approached from behind as Abbadon readied an energy blast for the two warriors. They jumped out of the way and watched as Abbadon's energy ripped the machine apart.

Magni reached for Mijollnir but it suddenly shot up into the blackening sky. Several massive bolts of lightning descended onto masses of soldiers and the ground rattled as Thor's feet slammed into Abbadon's back sending the creature into the ground. He grabbed the creature's tail and hurled it away before roaring a challenge to Stryfe, "I would have words with thee, villain!"

He looked over to Welder and the soldiers running in with Sonic cannons, "Kill that, the rest of you the man who brings me Thor's head becomes a General on the spot."

The soldiers charged the Thunder god who waved his arm raising up a hurricane force wind that sent them all crashing to the ground. The few remaining God Slayers began to move in but Thor along with Bill called forth as much power as their hammers could muster and shattered the machines. Magni looked on with awe as his father showed a level of power he'd never seen him use before. The Iron soldier looked on the sight of Bill and Thor standing together with horror as they turned to face them.

Stryfe ripped up the ground they stood on telekinetically and whipped it like a rope sending them flying. Bill and Thor then slung their hammers toward the Supreme Commander but he caught them in his invisible grip and hurled them back. His power now fueled by rage over the loss of his God Slayers caused the ground to erupt. Even his own soldiers were tossed away by the telekinetic force. He lifted off the ground and flew for Thor and Bill but suddenly crashed into a force field made of greenish energy. He was then slammed to the ground by an unseen force. He rolled over and saw Loki standing above him, "I did not have much to pass the time when you locked us away. I am not exactly embraced by Asgard, but you did allow me a great deal of time to study."

Stryfe pulled a truck toward the trickster but became a harmless puff of smoke before hitting him.

The clash of power as Stryfe tried to break Loki's magic grip with his telekinesis sent out a shock wave that caused the Symbiote to lose its control over David. He then hit his comm to call 7, "This is getting out of hand."

7 answered breathing heavily, "Its been out of hand for quite some time. Haven't you been paying attention?"

David nodded to himself, "Point taken, what's your problem?"

7 looked over to Molly trying to maintain composure in the chaos as she tried to free Sam. He then looked over, "Sam's catatonic, Molly is trying to help him out. Gods are fighting a few yards from my position and I will more than likely die if the ground shakes again."

Thor and Bill looked on Loki's attack slightly impressed but had little time to consider it. Abbadon charged again now leaping on Thor and driving him down. The creature slashed its claws across his chest ripping into his flesh. Thor smashed his hammer against its head and stood. He glared at the beast, "Come then Beast."

It roared and flung himself against the thunder god. Thor caught it by the head and spun to toss it away. The still active members of the wrecking crew used the distraction to attack the unarmed Magni. He was knocked to the ground as they pounced like jackals.

Bill was joined by Fry and Jenkins who had been tossed off along with everyone else in Stryfe's burst of energy. Quartermain and Morton had been taken out of the fight due to severe injuries and now rested with 7 by the cannon. The soldiers had regrouped and headed toward Bill and the Shield agents. Jenkins frantically drew symbols in the dirt as they approached and called forth several mystical weapons. He handed Fry a heavy mace, "This should tear through armor quite nicely."

Fry nodded, "Fits the theme of the night."

Jenkins then grabbed up several spears that had sprung up from the symbols and a sword. He looked to Bill, "If you two can buy me a few minutes I can make this fight much easier."

Abbadon once again struck Thor to the ground. Thor pulled himself up spitting out some blood. He looked on the creature still unscathed and full of rage. He then tightened his grip, "I know not how you still stand, but I shall end you demon."

Thor then leapt at the creature with Mijollnir aimed for a powerful strike but the creature let out an energy blast causing Thor to twist away to avoid it. He landed hard on the ground and barely evaded the creature's claws as he slammed it down toward him. Thor then jumped to his feet and swung his hammer toward the beast's head again but stopped short as its claws dug into his lungs.

Thor pulled away as Abbadon stood above him and raised its claws again.

Meanwhile Jenkins dodged enemy fire as he planted the spears in what seemed like random locations. Fry and Bill fought the soldiers to allow him time to finish and Magni was being attacked on all sides by the wrecking crew.

Loki still attempted to crush Stryfe who used his telekinesis to hold him in check. Thor took all this in as he raised his hammer for the final time. Lightning struck Abbadon as he struck Thor's neck severing the thunder god's head. It then roared at the sky in victory.

Magni caught the sight of his father falling and was filled with an anger he'd never felt before. Piledriver attempted to hit him again but his arm was ripped clean from his body as the Son of Thor roared. Mijollnir flew to his hand and tossed away the Wrecking Crew as the warrior's madness took him.

A cave in New Mexico

Sinister writhed in pain on the floor as Hellstorm sat cross legged beside him and opened a portal to show him the battle, "Want to know a secret?"

Sinister moved to look on Hellstorm as he continued, "I figured out what you were doing about fifty years back. Put on a nice show for the Traveler and the Beyonder don't you think."

Sinister managed, "What are you saying?"

Hellstorm hopped to his feet, "If you actually knew anything about magic you'd have wondered how a common human magic user had access to ancient demonic blood magic."

Hellstorm changed his form to the Sorcerer who'd helped him make Abbadon, "See you love power more than anything, so I let you have a taste of the ultimate, just a bit and now you're going to be stripped of it, then you're going to die screaming and finally I'm going to personally drag you to hell."

Hellstorm then kicked him in the gut as he took a seat. Sinister then chuckled a bit, "Seems your plan is ruined."

He pointed to Abbadon, "Thor has been defeated."

Hellstorm leaned over, "You know what they say about assuming. No one ever said Thor was what could kill it."

Bifrost Base

Magni slammed his fist into Abbadon's jaw sending teeth flying and allowing the creature to see its blood for the first time. Magni then slammed Mijollnir down on its head causing it to fall. Magni then dropped the hammer and grabbed it by the throat and delivered several hard punches. The creature swung his claws but Magni caught its arm and broke it with ease. He then slammed it to the ground and began slamming his fists down like hammers on an anvil. He was blind with rage as he crushed in the creature's head. He kept striking long after the beast had stopped moving. He didn't stop until he struck the ground through its skull.

As this went on Jenkins finished his task and jammed his sword in the ground in the center of the formation he'd made with the spears. The soldiers' armor immediately stopped functioning allowing Bill and Fry to take them out with ease.

Loki lost concentration for a moment when Thor had fallen. This gave Stryfe enough time to hurl him away. He then hit his comm, "It's time."

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: WOW!

Magni's family is falling apart! Brother: Dead! Father: Dead! Mother: Long Dead! Sister: Caused brother to be dead!

David's suit's outta control, 7 is mortally wounded being held together with Kree nanites, Sam's a basketcase COOL!

Add that to Loki Vs Stryfe, this is great. I do wonder though what

"It's time."

Is going to summon?

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Well Magni's whole world is about to shatter isn't it? Looking forward to the follow up. Hopefully I'll help in the writing it.

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@batkevin74: @Time_Phantom: Well I set up the dominoes just waiting to see you knock them down

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@batkevin74: On the plus side the good guys did put several members of the Wrecking crew out of the fight for the moment

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