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Spider Hole

Agent Beth Walker sits outside the entrance with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth as she sharpens her knife with a bit of flint she keeps handy. David sits down next to her," Thought your power kept that sharp."

She looked over, "Actually no, it makes cutting things easy but it actually dulls the blade. Gotta keep it sharp for those times when powers aren't an option."

She slid the knife back in its sheath and pulled out a second, "So what's the deal with you and the Creed? Half the people I heard said we should just let him die in Chicago but you call up Shield and threaten to black mail the Queen of New Latveria for him."

David shrugged, "He's my friend, Spiders don't leave their friends to die."

She chuckled, "Bad combat strategy."

"We tend to live a lot longer than Shield agents, so obviously we're doing something right."

She gave him a slightly annoyed look then sighed,"Well, you have a point there."

Inside 7, Fry and Quartermain sat around a monitor and had a discussion with Danvers. 7 holds his head in his hands, "You people aren't listening to me, it doesn't matter how many soldiers they throw at it, it doesn't matter who you send. The only thing capable of stopping it is Thor. That's what Sinister did, he had some magic user work some runic blood magic so it can only be harmed by who he described as the strongest son of Asgard."

He held up a small device, "This contains about 3 terabytes of data on what Sinister was up to when this thing was made and it all takes back to the same conclusion."

Quartermain stepps up, "With all due respect ma'am, from what I saw of the thing I kind of have to agree with the Creed. It tore through their armor like it was tissue paper and nothing we or they did to it seemed to do more than piss it off."

Carol glared through the monitor, "Frankly I don't know what you want me to do here. I can't send an invasion force in to North America, I don't have the resources."

7 nodded, "I understand that, I'm just asking for a bit of help getting down the cannon."

She sighed, "I'm sorry there's nothing more I can do for you here. Quartermain, there will be a transport arriving...."

Quartermain cut her off, "My team isn't going anywhere, you want to boot me that's fine but I joined Shield to stop this kind of thing, not to run errands for a Queen, so keep your transport my team and I have a job to do."

He then shut off the monitor.

Castle Doom

Queen Carol brought Holland up on the monitor, "I need a word."

Holland turned to the screen, "I'm kind of busy here. Spiders have been incommunicado for days which has left us playing serious catch up in North America, you should have known better than to screw around with them, you know how emotional they can get."

She stared blankly, "You want to trade me seats? I have a whole damned country to run here."

He nodded, "Yea, and that's why you need to either abdicate or let Shield do its business. You got half the world thinking we're your own personal spy network and most of our agents are getting tired of having our hands tied with red tape."

She shook her head, "Could you please just talk Quartermain into bringing his team back?"

Holland sighed, "No, he wouldn't defy orders if it weren't damn important, and I trust his judgement."


A reporter on the streets talks into a camera, "The creature that we've been told was released by Spider terrorists on the Iron Hall a few hours ago has been running wild in the streets. Reports indicate the creature has been killing and eating every living thing it has come into contact with. Authorities have declared this a state of emergency and have ordered all civilians to stay in their homes until further notice. I've just been ordered off the streets so I'm signing off, back to you Don."

The anchor looks to the camera, "Thank you Jill, we'll be right back with more of our continuous coverage of the attack."

A small cave in New Mexico

Sinister writhes in pain on the ground as a red flame emerges behind him. Hellstorm steps out and looks down with a grin, "See this is why amateurs need to stick to card tricks. See if you knew better, maybe you would have remembered magic always comes with a price."

He knelt down to look Sinister in the eyes, " You wanted that thing to feel no pain, but you can't have that kind of rage without pain. Had to go somewhere. Wanna know what else you'll lose if they actually manage to kill it?"

(To be continued)

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I'm so excited for whats coming out of Hardy and Creed! I can feel the tension building between Holland and Carol. It's intense. can't wait for the next update!

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@Time_Phantom: Its clear that Shield has been full of tension since Wide Awake and Carol becoming queen was pushed it a bit more, now we're just waiting to see what will be that straw that breaks the camel's back.

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@joshmightbe said:

"you can't have that kind of rage without pain. Had to go somewhere. "

Take that you evil bastard! Nice

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@batkevin74: The lesson don't screw around with things you don't understand

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