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Somewhere in the Southern wastes formerly known as South Carolina

7 and David drove the hover truck down an abandoned road that had once been a highway. As the sun rose 7 caught sight of a man frantically waving. He stopped to make sure the man wasn't a threat. The man screeched at him, "Turn back and take me with you."

7 stopped and he and David got out to stretch their legs as the man ran up to them, "No don't leave the......."

The man dropped his head and let out an angry slew of obscenities as 7 and David looked on confused. David asked, "You Okay man?"

He looked up looking haggard, "That close and I would've been free."

"Free of what?" 7 was already charging his repulser.

The man shook his head, "Him."

Another man came floating over, "Told you, there's no escape. Now get back to the game. Ooh, new players! Yay."

7 and David looked at each other and turned in unison to see a large wall between them and the hover truck. David dropped his shoulders and sighed, "Couldn't even go one whole day without the weird crap."

7 gave David a glare, "What? I didn't do it."

David grunted and turned his attention to the floating man,"Okay, who are you and how will you be trying to kill us today?"

The floating man looked down, "I am the all powerful Gamer."

The haggard man repeated this in a blatantly mocking voice as 7 and David rolled their eyes.

The haggard man looks to them, "I've been here a week now he's going to give you a speech then something stupid is going to pop up and try to kill us."

The Gamer looked down angrily, "Okay no speech this time then, instead we move straight to the swamp beast."

A gigantic purple turtle like creature appeared out of thin air. 7 and David look on as the other man comments, "See, that's just ridiculous."

7 fired his repulsers at the creature but instead of the usual energy beam it shot out a stream of greenish orbs at the creature. 7 stopped and stared at his weapon.

David looked to him, "We're starked, aren't we?"

7 nodded, "Pretty much."

(To be continued)

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Just checking to see if anyone is reading

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@joshmightbe: It reminds me of Q from Star Trek. Nice work

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@batkevin74: It may get strange in the next chapter and hopefully the end of the arc works as well as it does in my head.

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