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Part 1: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-distain/650338/#11

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(This story takes place after the above Fantastic Force)

Nation of The Plains, Arizona

Darius Stane, Nicholas Rogers, Daniel Warstar and Kaine Reilley stood beside the funeral pyre, the headless body of the nameless Asgardian upon it.

“Into your arms Great Spirit, we commit this proud warrior” said Bethany Warhorse, Daniel’s aunt and matriarch of the Nation of The Plains.

“I thought he was Asgardian?” whispered Kaine to Nicholas, who elbowed him back to silence.

Bethany clapped her hands and flames jumped from her palms to the pyre, igniting it slowly at the bottom.

“Say your goodbyes, reflect on your friend and then come join us for a feast in his honour” said Bethany as she left, stopping by Daniel to kiss him on the cheek “Welcome home”

“Allr faðir!” Daniel prayed as the Eye of Agamotto glowed “Heyra minn bœn. Frjáls annask illr járnsmiðr. Ykkarr hollr skósveinn” The others bowed their heads.


Darius awoke with the sun and exited his tepee. He engaged the Supremis Techno-Organic Armour which melded over his body.

“Where are you going, son of iron?” asked Bethany Warhorse, who appeared from out of nowhere.

“I am going to kill the Supreme Commander!” said Darius with confidence.

“It is always good to have a goal” laughed Bethany

“Thank you for your hospitality Bethany” said Darius, bowing slightly “Please tell my comrades I have headed off”

“Well the one called Nicholas left last night, saying almost the same thing you just said. Daniel is with the spider child out in the valley”

Darius nodded and took off, straight up into the sky engaging the armour to hook into the Iron Army frequencies. The HUD ran a series of images across his eye when he spotted a familiar word: Minsk. Darius hovered in the upper atmosphere as he caught the feed; it seemed a veritable army of those loathsome Creed creatures were marching across the land towards Minsk, a few hundred miles north of his home town.

“Open a channel to Danvers” he ordered the armour

“How did you get on this frequency?” Carol’s tone was one of frustration

“Always a pleasure to speak to you too Danvers” he replied

“Distain! You’re not dead!”

“Apparently not. But Magni, unfortunately is”

“Where are you?”


“I need you in Minsk”

“I am not one of your soldiers to order around” replied Darius.

“You really test my patience!” snapped Carol “Minsk! Perun needs backup” And with that Carol hung up.

Darius smiled and looked at the feed of hundreds, if not thousands of Creeds, which quickly evaporated his smile.

What happens next is here: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-thanos-sanction-part-6/690316/#2


Distain carried the beaten Slavic thunder god up into the air and took off “How are you still alive?” The HUD scanned Perun, his vital signs weak and failing.

“S-stubbornness” coughed Perun as he convulsed in Distain’s arms

“Where shall I drop you?”

“I don’t…really care…”

Distain looked down at an already decimated part of where the Creeds had come from and set Perun down on top of a building.

“Don’t die until I get back” ordered Distain “I’ve lost one thunder god this week, I don’t intend to lose two”


Distain returned to Perun, who hovered at death’s door. The Supremis armour was being held on by pixels and luck.

“W-where have…you…b-been?” asked Perun

“Killing the thirty Creeds that were on your trail” he replied as he retracted the armour “Can you stand?”


“Well we’ll just sit here until my armour recharges” said Darius as he examined the scratches across his torso “Let’s hope the world doesn’t go mad in our absence”


Three days later, Doomstadt, New Latveria


Distain stood in the throne room of Castle Doom, his fist clenched in anger, glaring at Carol Danvers sitting on the throne. Ares stood to her right, arms folded, slight smile on his face.

“You will address her as your majesty” said Ares sternly

“I am not speaking to your steroid filled lapdog Danvers!” Distain started towards the throne, several guards trained their guns on the angry ebony suited man.

“Darius” Carol stood, hands up “It wasn’t my idea, but it is now the way it is” She looked at the guards “Leave us” The guards hesitated and left. Carol looked at Ares “You too!”

“I suggest you…”

“Are you deaf? Or just stupid?” asked Distain “Or possibly both”

Ares unclipped his axe “I shall be just outside your majesty”

“What the hell has happened?” snapped Distain

“Doom saved everyone” said Carol “His last act was to install me as regent. I’m now queen of New Latveria”

“Queen Carol” scoffed Distain “And you have a pet monkey as head of security”

“He’s my minister of war actually” Carol smiled “So where is the rest of your fantastic force?”


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Ares and Distain need a rematch at some point

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@joshmightbe: Oh yeah, they really dislike each other