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Safe house, as yet undisclosed location

Shiver Man rose up through the floor with Rogers’ over his shoulder. He scanned the area and then dumped him onto the floor like a sack of potatoes. The room was spartan


A small electrical device hummed to life and a holographic projection of Carol Danvers shone from it in the centre of the room

“Sorry about the hologram Shiver Man but things have come up”


“What’s wrong with him?”


“Poor kid” said Carol “Well leave him here until my coordinator gets there to take over”


“No thank you Shiver Man” said Carol

“TWICE MORE DANVERS AND I’M FREE” stated Shiver Man as he walked into the shadows and vanished

Carol thought about sending Shiver Man to kill Stryfe when the quivering mass wrapped in a blanket lying on the wooden floor tried to stand

“On your feet soldier!” she barked

“Yeth marm” Rogers tried to get to his feet but collapsed back into a heap

Carol shook her head, maybe this was a mistake. She pushed a button on a silver cylinder and she vanished hoping her coordinator could do…something with him

“Harlo” Rogers groaned “Whodere?”

Two weeks later

Nicholas sat on a wooden crate eating a protein bar. His new chisled body still ached. The room was solid concrete asides from a force field door that no amount of hitting made it falter. His knuckles and feet were bloodied and bruised from days of hitting it and the walls. The holo-projector hadn’t come back on line. Calculating from the rations Nicholas guessed he had about four days more food left, sixteen if he severely rationed but only about three days of water left which was the problem

“So you are what Carol wants me to inspect?” Nicholas whirled around to see a short, bald, very old Asian man standing in the corner of the room drinking from a wineskin.

“Who are you?” asked Nicholas getting to his feet, a piece of crate in each hand as makeshift weapons “And why have you brought me here?”

“You move like an ox, you’re out of proportion and I’m assuming you’re an idiot”

“I’ve been locked in here for weeks, I’ve been injected with Stark knows what and I’m AWOL from my unit. You’re going to let me out right now!” Nicholas headed to him ready for a fight

“As I said; idiot” the man bounced off the corner and over Nicholas’ head before kicking him in the back, slamming the young soldier into the corner “I think Carol has wasted my time”

Nicholas hurled a bit of wood at the man which narrowly missed his head “Hmmm” he replied “Maybe not”

“I am Corporal Nicholas Rogers of the Pennsylvania Iron Pigs from the Pennsylvania Iron Hall under the command of the Supreme Commander!” yelled Nicholas as he charged him swinging a series of strikes. The man easily ducked and weaved and even had time for a drink

“Sloppy, unfocused, undisciplined fighting style” he laughed “Good for fighting walls or cripples”

Nicholas lashed out and caught the little man by the collar “Not laughing now!”

The man looked down at the hand and a slight smile “Interesting” He did a flip, twisting Nicholas’ arm into a wrong angle and used an elbow lock on him. He then kicked Nicholas in the legs sending the Iron Soldier to his knees “You have some speed”

“Ahhh let me go!” cried Nicholas as the little man forced his elbow towards a point of near breaking

“Have you seen enough?” he said as he shoved Nicholas to the ground

Nicholas noticed the holo-projector was on; standing there was a woman in her forties, blonde hair, arms crossed “Well?” she asked

“He’s big” said the man taking another swig “He’s a little bit quick”

“Can I use him?”

“If you want someone big to carry luggage” laughed the man taking another drink of wine

“Okay that’s about enough mi…” Nicholas started to his feet when the man moved with blinding speed, his fingers digging into his carotid artery

“Master" said the man "Master Izo”

“Welcome to boot camp” said Carol as her projection winked out again

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Rogers is in for a rough time I suspect. Carol is not kind... I like it.

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@Time_Phantom: Yeah she's got lots on her plate with the NZ thing, a blossoming romance, an organisation to run so she's busy and since Nicholas isn't up to scratch at present she'll wait for Master Izo's report

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I'm looking forward to seeing Corp. America in action

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@joshmightbe: Yeah I think one more chapter of character building and then boom he's on! Will have to chat to about getting a Cap shield from Mockingbird since she's got an Avengers pocket universe :)