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Continued from here http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-lady-deathstrike-16/746037/#2

Castle Doom

Ares marched away from the throne room with a bit of blood dribbling down his leg as the wound Ngumi left healed up. The scowl on his face cleared the hall as he walked to his training room. As he entered he tossed away his now torn shirt and stared down at the blood stained cloth, he had seen his own blood more often than he could recall but for the first time in a very long time the sight of it filled him with rage.

He had overheard the conversations and mockery of Shield agents calling him the Queen's lap dog when they assumed he couldn't hear, he thought back on all that had happened since he was freed from Olympus and seethed. He marched over to his makeshift punching bag, after destroying hundreds of the standard bags he had resorted to chaining a large marble pillar to the ceiling in the center of the room.

For the past few weeks he'd been punching it until his knuckles bled thinking over his failure to free his people or avenge his brother and every loss he'd suffered since returning to Earth. His strikes echoed like thunder in the halls of the castle. Perun entered the room as Ares battered the stone, "I'd say you've killed the rock War god."

Ares sighed as he turned to see the Slavic thunderer in the door way. Perun looked to the blood dripping from Ares hands, "What troubles you?"

He glared first at Perun and then to his armor hanging on the post, "I'm just fine."

Perun sighed, "Your knuckles say different."

Ares fist tightened, "Its not your concern."

As Ares moved to exit the room Perun grabbed his shoulder, "That is for me to decide, I am not one of these mortals, they have no idea how dangerous a god's wrath can be when it is unchecked."

Ares swatted the hand away, "You want to know my troubles? I am Ares, Son of Zeus, God of War and these mortals who I have fought for snicker and gossip behind my back and talk of me as if I were a curbed dog."

His voiced raised to nearly a roar, "There was a time when kings bowed at my feet to beg for my favor, nations shuddered at my wrath now I stand by the throne of a mortal as if I were a pet while her subjects mock and disrespect me!"

He snatched his torn shirt from the floor and waved it at Perun, "Today a girl who weighed less than my ax did this and Danvers had the nerve to call me off. I have grown soft." Ares dropped to the floor and propped himself on the wall as Perun stepped in front of him. The thunderer looked to be thinking for a moment and suddenly swatted Ares hard across the face and yanked him back to his feet.

Perun then pushed him against the wall, "You are a god, we do not sulk on the floor or hide away to shadow box. It is you alone keeping yourself in misery. If you want respect earn it. We are not allowed the luxury of pity even from ourselves. You are wasted here, go find a battle field or shut your mouth."

Ares was shocked by the display from the normally jovial thunder god but he understood. He nodded to him and stepped over to the post holding his armor.


Throne Room

Queen Carol sits on the throne scowling at a data pad as Ares enters in his own armor. He grabs his ax that had he had jammed into a pillar with such force that none of the Queen's guard had been able to remove it. He yanked it out with ease and strapped it to his back. A guard by the door whispered a snide remark about the god to his partner but their chuckles were cut off as a sword thrown by Ares buried itself in the door, "If your next words aren't an apology they will be your last."

Carol looked up at her pad and stood up, "Oh what now?"

Ares turned to face her, "I'm taking leave."

She gave him a confused look, "I didn't approve....."

He cut her off, "I didn't ask. I am taking over the command post along the DMZ."

She put her hands on her hips looking upset, "And what are you planning to do there?"

A grin appeared as he answered, "I'm going to claim it for you."

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: Ooooooo taking back the Chechyen DMZ! It's an ugly, polluted, miserable, twisted place full of cannibals, mutants, toxic refuse, unexploded bombs...it's like Chernobyl & Genosha but worse. I do like Perun basically telling Ares to suck it up!

Good chapter.

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@batkevin74: Its the world's biggest battle field, it'll be like a home away from home for Ares.

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Please continue! Had no pl ans for Ares currently. Had an idea for him but I'm not at that point with the story yet and I can always write him out. (Ngumi is just going to have wait for that payback from Ares.)

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@Time_Phantom: Well there's more than one way to skin a Greek God...and there's his nephew Jason, how has an envelope in a foreign language...I'm actually Morbius comes back!

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@batkevin74: We do need to get him back in the mix.

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