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A two-hundred foot hologram of Ultron took up the sky, projected from a robot that stood confidently on a small hill some forty feet inside New Latveria

The General’s computers went berserk. Alerts, red lights flashed across his screens “ULTRON! EXTREME DANGER! EXTREME DANGER! CONTACT SUPREME COMMANDER! ULTRON!”

The General gulped in fear. He’d watched the holo-docs of old as part of Academy training where Ultron took on super teams and though beaten never truly stopped. This genocidal, xenophobic, adamantium covered machine was back and now on Doom’s side!

“Your technology will soon be assimilated” roared Ultron “You will be terminated, just like I erased Doom and his pathetic forces”


“FIRE!” yelled General Wang as he unleashed a shot from his 42cm cannon. The Hunters joined in as did the Soldiers, Sentinels and hover tanks rained down deafening death upon the figure. The sound was deafening as they all opened fire on Ultron. When the smoke cleared, Ultron stood triumphantly

“Pathetic!” laughed Ultron, his adamantium shell smoking from the artillery barrage. Ultron gripped his hand and gestured upwards; a dozen other Ultron units emerged from the ground. The main Ultron fired a blast from his hand and blew up a hover tank

“Retreat!” screamed General Wang, his palms going clammy, his heart trying to escape from his chest “Now!”

The might of the Iron Army turned tail and fled. Ultron fired another blast hitting a supply truck sending it into the air like fireworks

“This is General Wang Van Bourne with an urgent message for The Supreme Commander” yelled into his holo-feed “Ultron has returned! I repeat Ultron has returned! He has taken over New Latveria”

Sweat leaked from Doom’s eye slits. He watched from on high as the Iron Army ran like rats and when finally out of sight dropped the giant illusion. Beside him on the hover platform sat members of one of his elite squads: Claypool, Lodestone, Fearface and Scramble

“I’m sorry Lord Doom” said Lodestone humbly “They detected me”

“Yes, yes they did” said Doom “And why did they detect you?”

Lodestone looked at her feet sheepishly, not knowing what to do

“BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T FOLLOW MY EXPLICIT INSTRUCTIONS!” Doom had his hand around her slender throat and a few inches off the hover platform

“I’m sorry my lord” she whimpered, crying like the seventeen year old girl she was

“This is no longer training Miss Lehnsherr! WE ARE AT WAR!” said Doom releasing his grip and shoving her backward, nearly off the hover platform “Our ruse worked...for now” said Doom “You will need to replace your Wundagorian mud supplies Claypool. Well done on the subtle amplification of their fears Fearface as was the computer alerts beamed in Scramble. All parts working together under Doom’s direction and we shall succeed”

“Yes Lord Doom” they replied

“You will remain here Lodestone to ponder and to watch the border for the Iron Army’s inevitable return. Yes this is a punishment! Yes you deserve it! But you will learn from this, just like your ancestor Erik did from his battles”

“Yes Lord Doom” said Lodestone as she bowed and floated down to the ground

Doom waved his hands and recited the ancient Leumrian transport spell sending them all back to Doomstadt

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The just posted the first part of the origin story dealing with Ultron, if you're interested

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Ohhhh. Tricky Doom.

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Well you don't get to run a country without being a little bit sneaky. And being Doom he loves sneaky

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@batkevin74: You do realize once Stryfe figures out this was a ruse he'd likely have to severely punish General Wang for falling for it, the Supreme Commander isn't known for taking things like this well and Ultron is a sore spot on his pride as it is

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Bazinga! Nice job on the whole what's going on, oh thsat going on! Good job, tricky bastard that Doom :)

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Oh yeah there's gonna be an Iron Cross style court martial (RIP General Manawatu) but I'm going to throw one Asgardian into the mix just to keep the action going

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bumped for