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Lester never understood, why he did what he did. He was deep in thought as he pulled his parka closer to him as he walked into a bar. His nose was assaulted by a wave of different smells, Liquor, smoke... blood. He soon spotted his contact, short, pudgy man. Lester got the chair next to the man. After Lester had order a drink he spoke softly,

"You know why I have asked you to come here so do you or do you not have information on the kingpin." He sipped his drink, the whiskey felt hot over his tongue as it rolled down his throat. The man looked at him and in a fake Italian mobster voice,

"Who do you think you are ordering me like this? The fuzz are bad enough breathing down my neck, now I have to worry about the 'Pin too?" Lester slowly picked up a small stack of toothpicks and started fiddling with them,

"I am the reason why the Kingpin has used half of his wealth on security, why the kingpin has you and your men running 24 hour watches on the streets, why the fat man is shaking in his million dollar underwear? Cause I have him in my sights... you think i need your information? I just wanted to see if you were going to be a problem." Lester stood and turned to face the now quaking and sweating man, "And obviously you are."

"B.b..boys!!" The man shouted, six huge thugs materialized seemingly out of no where. Lester looked at them and started to laugh, a friendly light, hearted, cheery laugh. He smacked the pudgy guy on the back, "Hahaha don't worry boys it was just a little bit of playful conversation, you want to frisk me? Make sure I don't hurt him?" Lester turned and put his hands up, two of the men stepped forward to pat him down.

"He's clean." The man pushed Lester back into his seat. Lester watched as the main regained his composure and looked at Lester,

"I do not appreciate that kind of talk and neither does the 'pin, once he finds out about thi...." the man never finished, as Lester moved faster than the human eye could see, sending twin toothpicks through his eyes and out the back of his head. Lester quickly fingered four more through the cracks in his fingers and killed the four of the six guards in a similar fashion. Before the other two could pull their guns, Lester quickly moved forward and grabbed the guns out of there holsters, plugged one thug in the knee and then head, his grey matter sprayed a woman in a "I heart NYC!" shirt, she screamed and ran as the gunshots were heard throughout the club, panic set in as everyone started running, including the last thug. Lester laughed to himself as the man tried to make, he took a playing card out of his pocket, the ace of hearts, he launched it in a high sweeping arc, pulling his wrist back in a snapping motion. The card few up and around the crowd, coming down at speeds, that Lester wagered, around that of a nine millimeter bullet. Lester watched as the man stopped, literally dead in his tracks and fell over.

Lester carefully made his way, to the last thug he killed, flipping him over he found his playing card logged in the guys fore head. He tore it out, wiped it on the man's shirt and walked out of the club. The air outside was cold, Lester pulled his parka closer and walked around in the night air until his cell went off, he picked up to hear a smooth voice,

"Lester do you know what happened at that club tonight? Cops are everywhere and they swear to have seen some guy with a target on the back of his hands. What happened?" Matt Murdock, Lester's closest friend always knew what was what in the peace and order of the law.

Lester continued walking as he talked, "Kingpin's men, I just rid the world of scum that no one needed."

"Not your call to make, Lester, if you wanted to help turn them in don't use your gift to kill them!" Matt replied

"What so the Kingpin can bail them out and they can go back to the streets murdering and stealing and selling drugs? No my way is much easier...don't worry about the cops they'll i.d. them and move on, done story." Lester hung up and continued walking, deep in thought.

Lester's pass was not one he was proud of, an abusive father, a mother strung her only relief suicide. Soon she couldn't take it anymore and found her sweet, sweet relief. His father's abuse changed to him and his brother, his father soon fell behind on payments with the drug and crime lords so he decided to sell his sons.... Lester ran and kept running, only to hear the his only two ties, Brother and Father, were murdered. Joining the armed forces brought Lester some peace, his "natural talent" to hit anything he wanted, with deadly results were a valuable asset. Though when he found the the army was not free of corruption, he was sentenced to imprisonment for the murdering of a superior. Soon given freedom and an job offer by the kingpin, he refused and became a marked man, "Bullseye." He had killed plenty of the pin's would be assassin's and would kill thousands more to get to the fat man.

Lester didn't know why he did it..... Justice? Vengance? He knew he would have to make peace, eventually.

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@Comiccrazeraze: I...need....more...

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Is his name Lester or Leonard? Coz you call him Leonard...prety cool though, he's killin mobsters

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very nice work

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nice, fresh take on Bullseye! Can't wait for the next issue!

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@primepower53: @RedRobinTimDrake: @ChaosBlazer: Hey you guys thanks!! @tomdickharry1984: And his name is Lester my apologies for the confusion :D