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Appropriate for readers 18 and over. May contain extreme violence, sexual themes, nudity, or profanity.

Marvel Genesis: Blade, Chapter 1- Daywalker

Ever since I was a kid, I used to get trained harshly by the old man. He was a tough guy who has all the guts he needed to teach me. The old man's name was Abraham Whistler. He became a vampire hunter ever since his family died. Of all the tragedies that happened in my life, I would never thought of it as an equal. It may sounded different though. But these bad things always happen any time. Because you never expected these things to happen.

I was alone in the streets of London after my mother's friend died in the house of fire. Her friend was closer to me as any mother would take care of a child. I was ten years old at the time of that dreadful night. I can still recall the horrors of the fire that burned my mother's friend. I heard that they were used to be best classmates in the US. Until they came to UK to study their own careers. My mother studied to become a nurse while her friend went to became a bartender. I'm not kidding about that.

I came running through the streets looking for help. The phone lines were all down and I couldn't even try to reach the police. Several minutes later, there were sounds of firefighter engines rushing through and the police cars too. I think someone made that call whoever saw the blazing flames that engulfed my mother's friend's home. It wasn't pretty to see what just happened. I got into the house and saw my mother's friend who layed dead across the floor. I wanted to see if she was still alive. But I checked her pulse and the woman still didn't respond. There was a bite mark on her neck that I took a notice of. I wasn't sure whose bite mark was. There were news and stories about the bitten necks that happened in London about two years ago. But that was quite a long time.

I also heard these bite marks were being caused by the creatures of the night. At first, I thought that these creatures didn't exist because they were just old fairy tales. But it was the truth until I was attacked by some of them. Actually, it was three of them by the way. All these years that my mother's friend took care of me after my mother died, I didn't get the chance to know more about these creatures. I always have to think of some wild bull$h!t to narrow down the suspects. It's like when I used to read Sherlock Holmes novels back in the days. There was a mystery story about the women who were bitten by a supernatural being. But the being wasn't real since someone had used fake fangs in order to make it look real.

The fire was still there in the house and I had to get out quickly as I can. Somehow, I always had this feeling that I can do some things pretty fast as any normal person would do. It's like I had strong reflexes and was able to do all of the work including studying for school. That time, my mother's friend used to work her nightshifts at the bar while I was still alone at her home. I used to do well in school and the foster mother was proud of me. When I saw those bite marks, I also felt some kind of hunger in myself. As if I was drawn to my foster mother's blood. But I looked away as I ran.

I smashed through the window until I jumped into the stash of recycle bins. There was nothing I could do to solve the mystery of my mother's friend's death. She was a poor soul who worked hard so that she could take care of myself in this lonely night. I ran as fast as I could in order to find out the killer. I was mad that I couldn't do anything to save her. I wasn't there at the time because I was going to shop for groceries. When I came home, I saw the fires and got shocked to see that everything was burning to ashes. Including my foster mother who died in that dreadful night.

It's been a week that I was still out and there wasn't anyone to look for me. I stayed and survived in the dark streets of London. I looked up at the moon and saw it was red. People used to think why the moon became red. Because it's used to be white all the time. Maybe, it's just the reflection of what bad things might come. That was the time it happened to me. I was hungry for something. Because I can sense a dying animal's blood. It was actually a dog who got hit by a car on the side of the road. I walked towards the dying animal. It was crying for help and I tried to think of something on how to save the poor soul. My hunger kept coming to my mind and I tried to fight it. While I was trying to fight my hunger, I sensed three people were walking in front of me. These people weren't normal and I can tell that they're already dead. They smell like corpses which they got raised from their own graves. There weren't like zombies though. Not like those zombies whom they appeared in the classic movie, "Night of the Living Dead." These beings were different and they were only hungry for blood. I should have known what these beings were capable of. But I thought of myself as a defendless person even if I had a strong agility and reflexes.

"Well...Well. Look what we have here, mates. We got a live fresh kid here", one of the vampires said. He was wearing some kind of green hoodie jacket because it was quite cold in the dark night. I didn't feel cold and didn't understand how would it be possible for myself not to feel anything. The rest of the two vampires wore their different jackets like any English person would wear. It's the fashion here which counts. I also don't quite understand why would these bloody creatures would still wear the jackets even they don't feel cold. I guess they might want to look cool in front of others.

"So kid. Where is your mommy off too? Isn't she going to pick you up?"

"No mister. My foster mother's dead."

"Oh you, poor soul. What happened to her?"

"You want to know? My mother died in flames because of you. D!CKHEADS!"

"What did you just call me? You think I killed your mother?"

"Yes, I saw the bite marks on her neck."

"Then it must be a different vampire, mate. You can't just scrolling in and accuse us for some wild bull$h!t."

I was angry at the moment and kicked on the green-hooded and jacket worn vampire's gr0in. The vampire felt the pain and told his two friends to get me. I used my own reflexes to hit on their guts with the use of my hands. The two vampires felt on the ground. I used the time to take a hit on their backs. But the other vampire who got kicked in the gr0in got hold of me. I tried to let myself escape and yet I can't use the strength that I needed. I hit on the vampire's shoe which he cried out in pain. His two vampire friends hit myself on the face. I fell down to the ground like a dead duck. The vampires kicked myself a number of times. I tried to use my own reflexes, having strength to get out and beat these bloody b@$t@rd$. But they wouldn't let me. Then I suddenly snapped and the darkness took over my body.

"AAAAAAAARGH!" I screamed as I was getting hit by the vampires. The night creatures were kinda surprised to see what's happening to me. I got up and stared at the vampires with a strong look on their faces.

"Boss, did you just see that?"

"Yeah. He's one of us."

The vampire leader didn't say a word at the moment. He came towards me and was holding my shirt. He looked myself in the eye, giving a slight smirk on his face.

"What do you know? You're a vampire, mate. I wonder what just happened to you."

At first, I didn't know how I became a vampire. But that wasn't the case. The truth I was a half-breed that no vampire ever heard of. The English vampire leader threw myself on the ground where the dying dog was laid. He pointed out his finger to the dog. Because he knew that I could drink the animal's blood.

"Come on, mate. I know you could do it. You're one of us. Right?"

I tried to fight the hunger but the animal's blood grew warmer that I couldn't keep my wild instincts in check. I...

"NO! I...CAN'T!"

I screamed again just to give myself a chance to be free. But my strong vampire instinct or part-vampire is controlling my every thoughts and move. I was shaking very badly. I tried not to drink the blood of the dying animal. While I was coming near to the dog, there were two arrows which flew across the road and plunged into the vampire leader's goons' hearts. The two vampire goons dropped on the ground, dead. The vampire leader saw who the man was and he knew could be in a lot of trouble. It was the old man himself who is actually the vampire hunter. He took his crossbow and aimed at the vampire leader. The vampire leader got scared and ran off. The old man shot a single arrow which plunged through the vampire leader's chest on the back. The leader also dropped dead like his vampire goons.

When I saw what was taking place, I began to fade and dropped myself down on the floor. The old man came to my unconscious body, saying that everything will be fine. I closed my eyes, finding myself in the cold darkness of space.

To be continued inMarvel Genesis: Blade, Chapter 2- The Hunter.

What's this? The young Blade has just been found by Abraham Whistler? What will happen next? Find out in the next chapter of Blade. It's time for the old man to speak up.

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a very nice first part man! keep it up as always!

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Young Blade doesn't take sh*t from vampires! That was awesome! Keep it up!

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@moviegeek17: @InnerVenom123: Thanks, guys!

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@The Impersonator: Nice work dude! I found this up in the "I need comments" section. Great work, another great story and several more chapters for me to peruse and that this new Blade has a British tinge.

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@batkevin74 said:

@The Impersonator: Nice work dude! I found this up in the "I need comments" section. Great work, another great story and several more chapters for me to peruse and that this new Blade has a British tinge.

Thanks, man! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

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@The Impersonator: Casual bump

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@The Impersonator: Sorry.

It seemed I wanted to do blade as well but you have started writing for him already.

I'll stick with hawkeye, then.

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