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Marvel AE Ragnarok's Thunderbolt #1

"Ragnarok I am. A clone of Thor I want to be no more. I must go! I am destined to be a god, and wield Mjolnir! You Thunderbolt Ross, shall not stop me." Ragnarok struck the general with his hammer. "You die today mortal!" Throwing his hammer at his opponent, the clone was rampant.

Ross had never given up a fight, and he won't start now. "That decoy of a hammer is pathetic. You are part of my team, now get in check, soldier!" Rulk caught the hammer, slamming Ragnarok back with it and leaving it on the ground. "We are killing that kid over there!"

Skaar's aging had nearly ceased. He had the appearance of a fifteen year old. "I have been raised by my new father, and I have drank the drink of the gods! I am the greatest fighter! Have a taste of my fist, Ross! I will kill you for what you've done!" Skaar had been taken in as a battle worthy son by Hercules himself, and grown to become known only as the Green Titan.

Ross had his team - The Thunderbolts - Consisting of Ragnarok, Deadpool, the Carnage Symbiote, and Ross himself. They had been true heroes, but now abused their power. "What I did? You little rat! That beast deserved it." Ross was flaming now, he melted the ground around him. The rocky surface of the mountain was oozing down the side.

"You killed my father. He saved us, and you did what to repay him? Kill him. He held off the tyrants, but you had to hold a grudge on a hero like him!? Why?"

Skaar grabbed Deadpool, screaming at the top of his lungs.

"Dude, calm down we're only trying to kill you!" Deadpool had an RPG to Skaar's head "boom baby!" The explosion caused the mountain to shake. A light burst had revealed a gruesome outcome. Deadpool was boldly hand had little body left. Jokingly the Murk with the Mouth said "I think I broke my toe."

"Your ugly green pops deserved it. He had ruined my life. That bomb may have made him die, but it was worth it!" It was all clear now. Hulk was holding off the enemies when Ross set off a bomb, an atomic one. Weakening and injuring the Hulk, Ross knew he had won the final battle.

" Thunderbolts, leave if you want your life, Ross dies here and now." Skaar unsheathed his sword, screaming his heart out. The green beast was ready for any battle. Carnage slashed the Skaar's throat, tripping him. He pinned him to the ground "Another one bites the dust!" Making a blade out of his hand, Carnage swing with great power.

Gawking in surprise, all the Thunderbolts saw way the arm of their ally fall to the ground. " You're right, another one bites the dust!" Beheaded, the body of Carnage was soon ripped in two. Skaar charged Ross, swinging his sword wildly. Ross intercepted the attack. Skaar was jabbed into the back, letting out a large groan. Ross then elbowed his opponent in the face. Blood came out of his nose and mouth. In angry retaliation, Skaar thrusted his sword forward, penetrating the skin of the general. "Die!" Pulling down the blade and pulling it out. Blood has splattered all over the rocky surface, slowly oozing down the face of the mountain.

Ross had fallen to the ground, but he was smiling "It'll heal soon, is that all you got kid?" Ross's skin was healing as he spoke. Ross took a common sized gun from his back. "Die you SOB!" In a lightning like flash, Skaar was seventeen feet into the ground. The explosive cannon had caused and avalanche. The snow had pile over the two like hurricane. It consumed the two pugilists as if they were flies. "Can't get out, gotta think fa-" Skaar was interrupted by a flood of ice cold water. The heat of the Rulks anger was melting the ice like a hot bowl of ice cream. Thunderbolt Ross walked over to Skaar, and swooped over his numb body. "Old man, go to Hell!" Skaar threw his blade through the neck of General Ross. "Son of a Bi-" Grabbing Ross's legs and pulling vigorously, he brought the red monster off the edge of the mountain side, plummeting.

"Now clean up duty is on you, Father!" Hercules leaped from the peak of the mountain. "Thy fighting skills are getting rusty! You aren't what I taught you to be!" Skaar was heavily breathing. He struggled over to his sword, and paused before picking it up. "What do you mean, Father. Let me say this how you'd understand this- thy head is rusty, he is long gone!" Hercules smiled as Skaar proceeded to pick up the sword, noticing it was hot. "You don't finish the job son!"

Flinching from the burning heat of the sword, Skaar was surprised as his sword melted. "I'll let you finish the battle. Thou art, Amazed?" Skaar smiled at Hercules' question "Yeah right, Hyperion was hotter when I beat him!" Taking advantage of Skaar's lightheartedness, Ross had tackled the boy. Bludgeoning his with punch after fiery punch. "Give up wuss! I'll kill you just like your father!" In a scream of anger, a large rock was raised by Skaar. "Your terra powers are working again, Skaar!" Yelled Hercules from the mountain peak, safe from battle. Skaar shot the rock, now sharpened, at Ross. The general caught the projectile, with great fury, "now kid, I don't hold back!" Ross was melting the mountain under him, and as he ran at Skaar, he got deeper and deeper into the ground. "His heat is melting your rock spear, Skaar, will you lose?"

Laughing, Skaar sent many more spears, only for them to be melted by the fire of anger. Skaar had been avoiding Ross for a while, but the rock spear couldn't hold him back. Lunging, Rulk was ready to kill. Hercules couldn't get there in time. Skaar was dead, if it weren't for the thunderbolt that blasted the red monster away. "I Ragnarok shall not take orders from a mortal like you, Ross! You child, must not be involved in the business of gods. Hercules, guard your child, I must speak to you after this matter is done with! And you!" Ragnarok turned to Ross, "You die now!"

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Good job, you had quite a few characters here. I'll have to put my story on hold for a bit since I'm pretty busy. I'll keep up with yours though.

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@awesam: ok, that's fine. I plan for Ragnarok to go HAM next time!

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@awesam: I'm sorry I've been taking so long, part 2 is coming up today or tomorrow, did u make urs yet.

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@18hunt: I've been really, really, really busy. I'll try this week