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Frigid temperatures plagued parts of Variis during its harsh winters. A lone figure walked through the desolate frozen wasteland, slowly putting on foot in front of the other. His black hood covered the majority of his face, showing only his mouth and the end of a scar that went down to the bottom of his face. A mist of frozen air emerged from his nostrils with each breath he took. After a short walk, he found two tombstones buried under a few inches of snow, each one with names inscribed. He pulled out two swords and laid them on the tombstones, one was massive and intimidating, meanwhile the other was thin and capable of surgical cuts. His hands rested on the tombstones, he closed his eyes, and thought about when things were simpler, when times were never this difficult. He no longer believed in the Gods, if there really were Gods that were created to protect their people, they were doing an atrocious job.

The cloaked being slowly raised his arms and wrapped his fingers around the corners of his hood, pulling the structure down. His spiked black hair developed a layer of snow almost immediately, his empty eyes watered for a few seconds before a desolate tear rolled down his scarred cheek. A small blue nymph flew out from behind a tree and levitated in front of him, her soft sparkling wings dropping mystical dust on the floor. Although she was very small, about 3 or 4 inches tall, she was very beautiful. Her skin was blue while her hair was snow white, her eyes were as black as the night and she wore a frosty dress with a top. She was also very thin and incredibly fast; her wings were about 6 inches, from tip to tip. . After wiping the tear off this man’s face, she began to speak, her British accent clear as day.

“Master Kain, you have to let them go. Don’t you think you’ve kept them alive long enough? They deserve the right to rest. You owe them that; they would want you to move on, you aren’t doing them nor yourself any good by staying stuck here. There’s an entire world out there for you to explore and discover. You have to move on, anything is better then spending the rest of your life here, grieving for them. They died ages ago. Don’t you think it’s time to move along?”

Kain stuck his hand out for his little Nymph, her soft blue feet sinking into the flesh of his warm hand. She curled up into a small little ball and leaned against his thumb. The little blue woman maintained her magnificent glow and awaited her master’s response.

“Alexia, you’re right. I love them, but… I need to move on. I returned their weapons to their rightful place so this is where I take my leave and continue to live my life. Kairon is still among the living and that in itself is an injustice against Variis. Kairon must fall, and he will fall by my hand. He has no chance of survival. The end of Kairon’s reign begins today.”

The Nymph flew alongside Kain; she loved feeling the cold icy air against her skin. It invigorated her, gave her power and comfort. The blue light that emanated from her illuminated the frozen forest, attracting the attention of many other creatures that crawled out of their nests to see the glowing Nymph. The two of them waltzed through the forest, Kain’s tails dragged through the snow. The devilish Nymph sat on Kain’s shoulder and she ran her fingers through her frosty white hair and leaned against his hood.

The duo walked through the heavily wooded area for what seemed like hours, the untamed creatures fell under the trance of Alexia’s light. The howls and chirps of nocturnal life echoed in the forest, they had a powerful soothing effect on the vampire. Time slowly passed by, and the two lone figures reached the exit of the forest after a few hours, snow continued falling on the two of them even when the escaped the maze of trees and bushes. The two of them merely looked out towards the path that lay before them. They shared a look of anticipation. Their voyage finally began.

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Wow man. If you can right stuff like this then I don't see why you don't do the same thing with your points.

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Well done, Eternal Chaos. When the world is mine I shall make your death quick and painless.
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Post Deleted.

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Resonate says:

"Wow man. If you can right stuff like this then I don't see why you don't do the same thing with your points."

LoL. You're just mad because I proved to you that Yoda would get owned by Sora. :P

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Eternal Chaos says:

"Resonate says:
"Wow man. If you can right stuff like this then I don't see why you don't do the same thing with your points."
LoL. You're just mad because I proved to you that Yoda would get owned by Sora. :P"

Drop it. lol

Stewie Griffin says:

"Well done, Eternal Chaos. When the world is mine I shall make your death quick and painless.
Post Edited:2008-01-20 13:18:38"

No...when the world is ruled by you is when EC and I will jump you in a nursery

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Thanks for the heads up. I shall prepare my army's.

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Stewie Griffin says:

"Thanks for the heads up. I shall prepare my army's."

What armies?

mass of dead bodies appear behind him

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I see you still in your la la world. Well when you become a real man come look me up.

Walks away

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Stewie Griffin says:

"I see you still in your la la world. Well when you become a ***real man*** come look me up. *Walks away*"

This from a baby...okay

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Good as always!

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Excelente Hermano :P

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Kain walked along the rough gravel path, his heavy feet dragging rocks along. The vampire kept his head tilted to face the ground that way his sensitive eyes wouldn’t hurt. He desired to be kept to himself for a while. Kain’s swords began glowing ominously; they were detecting something of interest to their master, something that was both dangerous, and directly related to his quest. However, the stubborn beast ignored all things that would have ordinarily disturbed him. Although his body was calm, the mind of this murderous traveler was moving much faster and much more wildly then he can control.

A numerous amount of thoughts ran through his mind. The most repetitive thought in his mind was where to begin. It had been ages since he actually started his journey to avenge his family’s death, the de-crowning of his father and the unfortunate enslavement of his people. A man in a black cloak with a blue facemask who told Kain of the weapons now in his possession; the blades, interrupted his journey. These two weapons were living keys to realms of unknown origin that were, simply put, realms of pure darkness and light in which all things were made, from the smallest most irrelevant creatures, to the Gods themselves. Darkness and light were two forces that should never be together for the fact that when they came together, the results were deadly.

Kain had become the scion when he attained the dark and light blades. First he obtained the blade of darkness years ago when he pulled it out of its prison on that desolate cliff in the middle of the ocean. That faithful day was the beginning of his damnation. After he obtained the weapon, he discovered the burden of only baring that weapon for his dark side Nightmare, emerged and was gaining control. That was when we he heard of the light blade, and the legend of how it would balance the insane vampire.

Kain traveled around the world to obtain this deadly weapon and finally, after months of endless searching, he discovered the weapon hidden deep within the forest of sorrows. Once he grabbed it, his body split up into two enemy sentient beings, both battling for control over Kain’s main body. The soul of the last scion appeared during their battle and put them together again. That was when the vampire learned of his curse, the curse of the scion.

He had to maintain some foolish title as a guardian and gatekeeper. He was now condemned to keeping the balance between darkness and light for the rest of his life. This burden would tear his mind apart, however he was able to battle with it and cope with his aggravating title of ‘Scion’. Kain had been given great power by these weapons but the price was too much. As time passed by, he got used to the damnation he suffered and even trained himself to use the darkness and light to his own advantage. He didn’t need the weapons, however their mystical origin granted Kain special powers over the forces of darkness and light he hadn’t ever dreamed of before.

Along his journey, Kain lost sight of his original task to avenge his parents’ death and finally discovered his most loyal servant, a small Nymph who went by the name ‘Alexia Taras’. Alexia was a beautiful Nymph and she had stuck by Kain’s side for eons since they met. She pledged her allegiance to him when he saved her life from a group of Cyclops. She was very loyal to him and was an expert when it came to the dark arts for she was a mage. The team of her and Kain was an unstoppable one, nothing had ever stopped them, and they combated armies before. She was the one responsible for reminding Kain of his original purpose and she would see to it that his mission was completed.

The two of them finally arrived at the gates of a village. The gates were several dozen feet high, made of a powerful wood from a black tree found in very rare places. Banners bearing the village’s emblem sprawled over the gates. A small group of 4 guards stood before the massive gates, each one covered in armor that also bore the village emblem. The vampire marched up to them slowly, his black cloak hugged his body as approached them, he brought his bladed tails towards his face and peeled his hood back revealing his face with the massive scar that ran over his left eye. Alexia turned as her head nestled itself against the wrinkles of Kain’s hood.

“Guards, I seek entrance into this village for food and shelter. Grant me passage so I may continue the journey that I began so long ago. You will have my thanks if you grant me passage.”

The guards looked at each other evilly. Their cold heartless eyes looked towards Kain and walked towards him, the clinking and clanking of their armor rang in the vampire’s ears. He crossed his arms and stood up strait, he towered over the guards, his muscular build eclipsed the sun for them. He had no need of his arms if he needed to kill the small group. After killing for as long as he has, Kain wouldn’t need to use his arms for these fools, he was always prepared to slaughter, it was in his nature. He had his lovely Nymph Alexia as well should things require any assistance. Though she was small, the Nymph packed quite a punch. She had battled with dragons and defeated hordes of the creatures. She was able to manipulate her size at will, however the small fallen angel preferred to be the size she was at that point in time. She enjoyed being able to have Kain hold her in the palm of his hand. The small group of guards prepared to speak to Kain, the leader bearing more armor than the rest of them.

“’Ello mate. This is the village of the mighty Kairon. He’s our mighty ruler with an iron fist and great power. To enter this village, you’ll ‘ave to pay us one hundred gold coins to pass and you’ll have to show us your loyalty cards.”

“I don’t have either one of those things. Let me pass and I’ll let you keep your lives, if you value them of course.”

“Why you little!”

The guards launched themselves towards Kain instantly. Their armor weighed them down and their attack was slow, clumsy and disorganized. The beastly vampire rammed his tail through the abdomen of one of the lesser guards, his bladed tail slicing through layers of skin, meat, flesh, muscle and tissue. The blood spattered on the others in a crimson mist. Kain’s eyes were cold and merciless. The other guards tried to attack Kain but failed miserably. One of the bumbling fools came stumbling towards the scion, their blades aimed towards him. Their arms shook in fear of the vampire after seeing their comrade impaled by a tail. Kain sent his tail towards another one, the blade cutting through the air like a knife slicing through the finest fabric. His weapon went strait through the lackey’s skull. Kain’s tail was coated with a layer of blood, brains and bone after the attack. He shook his tail violently, the corpse slammed into a tree and fell into a bleeding mess. The last two guards, one of which being the head commander of the group backed up against the wall. The scion walked towards them, Alexia received a small spray of blood and licked it off her hands evilly. She may have barely been part vampire, but she still loved taste of blood. She grinned at the other guards with each step her master took, the muscles in her body tensed when she flew off Kain’s shoulder and in front of the guards with her beautiful blue glow. Kain grabbed the main guard by the throat, his hand held onto his throat like a vice grip.

“Open the gates. Now.”

The guard pushed a button that slowly opened up the gate. Luckily for Kain, the village was due a few thousand feet ahead, he only had to walk a little further. Kain’s lips curled into a sinister smile that could give even the Gods nightmares. His fangs protruded out of his mouth when he grinned. Nothing but fangs was visible to the grin. The last thing he heard was the satanic laughter that escaped Kain before he died. Alexia fed on the other guard as well. She slit his throat and sucked it out of his body in a stream. The blood covered her mouth even after she wiped some of it away. She and Kain looked at each other after she took her position back on his shoulder, and the odd couple kept walking until they finally reached the village.

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Alexia Dove off of Kain’s shoulder half way down the walk and landed on the floor. Each passing second, her lips moved silently as she cast a spell that caused her body to glow. She slowly grew up to normal size, her magnificent beauty becoming more and more obvious. Her long frosty white hair swayed with her movements as she twisted and turned her hips. The devilish woman’s long blue legs were hardly covered by her short white skirt that was covered by black markings of ancient, unknown origin. Her white eyes were entirely empty remonstrate the indigo iris that existed in her empty eyes.

The two of them slowly waltzed towards the village. They held hands, fingers interlocking. The grip they had on each other was incredible; Alexia’s nails sank into Kain’s hand, sending an incredibly erotic feeling up his arm, down his spine. He cringed at her grip, savoring the sensual pain he felt from the Nymph. Although they never spoke too often, Kain and Alexia shared a kind of ‘forbidden’ love. Their two races hated each other and yet, Kain fell for Alexia, and she for her vampire master. Theirs was the rarest form of love because it was unsung love. They didn’t need to talk about it to know how they felt about one another. The couple lived by the idea that actions speak louder than words and preferred to show their love as opposed to speak of it. It was too difficult to speak on it due to their personal scars, some more visible than others such as the scars that covered Kain’s body.

The scion arrived in the village holding his lover’s hand, the two of them examining the area as they familiarized themselves with the small, humble village. No being on earth would suspect these two creatures were murderers that desired nothing but to slaughter the innocents of this village. After locating several shops, and a resting place that happened to be an inn, the two of them entered a small shop that allowed them to purchase supplies ranging from potions to armor.

The vampire purchased several ingredients, mostly rare herbs and a few black potions that grant him the ability to create his acid bombs, each one capable of eating through several layers of armor, including barriers created by black magic users. If there was one thing the vampire knew how to do, it was kill and find a way to use everything in his arsenal to accomplish a particular goal. It was almost impossible for the vampire to be stopped from doing anything he had his mind on. Alexia’s faithfulness towards her master guaranteed his level of power for when he required black magic and assistance she would always be the one to aid the sadist.

After their purchases at the shop, the two of them walked towards the Inn, searching for the Innkeeper. He was a short, corpulent man with a white mustache. The little man’s glasses constantly slid off his long nose. He was no taller than 4 feet, 5 inches tall but he felt as though he was the tallest man in the world thanks to his daughters and wife, Esmerelda who had been in bed sick. The man’s little fat fingers tapped on the hardwood counter he sat behind as he ate his soup sadly. The yellowish water dibbled off his spoon as Kain walked in after his beloved Alexia.

“Excuse me, we’re looking for the owner of this inn. My husband and I are searching for a place to stay for a few days until we’re ready to continue our journey. Do you know where he is?”

“I am he Ma’me, and feel free to call me Solomon. If you’d like to stay here, it’ll cost y-”

Esmerelda, Solomon’s wife began coughing and hacking in the back. It sounded as though her chest was going to explode due to the horrible hacking cough she had. The pudgy little man left his post immediately and ran towards the back with worry and concern painted on his face. He held her hand and gave it a kiss to encourage he told her he loved her and tried to fight against the tidal wave of tears that was bashing itself against his eyes. Alexia clasped onto Kain’s fingertips to drag him into the next room where the other two were.

“Solomon, what’s wrong with your wife? Do you have any idea at all?” Solomon turned his head and through a series of sniffles, explained to her what was wrong.

“She’s been sick for a few weeks now, only instead of getting better, she’s been getting worse and I worry that she may be on her final strands of life. I wish I knew how to help her, however I can’t.”

Kain and Alexia looked at each other and shared a look of agreement. The two of them placed their hands on the old woman’s heart and glowed. While Alexia’s lips moved to cast an enchantment, the vampire’s body glowed white; this pure light was pouring into the woman, casting out some unknown dark shroud that filled her person. Kain absorbed this plague through his blades, casting it into the dark realm and turning it into his subordinate. Kain’s head turned to the doorway and he walked towards it, his massive silhouette stood in the doorway in front of Alexia.

“Give her until tomorrow. She should be better by then. Your money will be on the counter in a cloth sack. Let me know how she is in the morning. Alexia, let’s go, we’re staying on the top floor. I know that floor is empty anyway. I would’ve sensed something.”

Kain clipped the keys off the wall on the way upstairs. His feet stomped on the stairs with each step he took contrasting to Alexia’s soft, gentle steps. Spider webs filled up the corners of the stairs, small little members of the arachnid family sticking their little heads out of the nooks and crannies of the hallway. There was a window on each floor (4 total) and each window showed a new part of the small village. The sun was setting at this time when Kain and Alexia entered their room.

The two of them removed their weapons, armor and miscellaneous items. Alexia walked towards Kain slowly and seductively, her lips curling into a grin before she pressed her lips against Kain’s. The two of them shared a hot-blooded passionate kiss, lasting for several moments, their tongues sliding and rubbing together in a series of swift movements. The vampire broke the kiss, maneuvering his mouth towards Alexia’s soft blue neck as he removed his upper body wear. Kain’s mouth opened lustfully revealing the massive pair of fangs that were in his mouth, each tooth sinking into her neck. The bite sent an explosion of sinful pleasure through her body, a pleasure that took her control of her body causing her to impale her master with her nails and raking them down his back. Blood poured from his back although he cared not for sheer enjoyment of this feeling. He and Alexia spent the evening fulfilling their darkest, guiltiest fantasies by consummating their love with sinful pleasure.

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The moment the sun arose the following morning, the loving, lustful couple slowly got out of their warm bed allowing their eyes to adjust to the blinding sunshine. Kain turned his head and looked at Alexia who was leaning on her elbow and gave Kain quick peck on the lips. The two of them shared a simple embrace that reminded them of the events that took place the majority of the night before. A slight smirk appeared on their faces.

Kain heard a series of seemingly rushed knocks on the black, wood door. The large foreboding figure peregrinated towards the door, his hands finding the locks while his fingers wrapped themselves around the metal contraptions and undoing them. Only after opening the door did Kain find the old man Solomon on the floor crying at his feet, attempting to talk, but doing nothing more than mumble inaudible babble. The vampire’s eyes looked down at the pathetic patriarch with a commanding glare.

“Old man, what is it you cry for? Why do you disturb Lord Kain and his Lady Alexia so early this morning? Answer me, tell me the cause of this disturbance.”

“Sir I thank you so much for what you did for my wife yesterday, thank you so much for curing her kind sir. She’s feeling so much better and went right back to work today. She’s tidying up again, taking care of our three daughters again and laughing. I haven’t seen her this cheery and joyous in years. It brings tears to my eyes to see her so happy. Thank you so much…”

The man shook Kain’s hand as his tears flowed freely down his soft wrinkled cheeks. Kain was confused as to the man’s happiness, never knowing such happiness from any one being before. The scion remained standing before Solomon still confused as to his happiness. He couldn’t understand this man’s joy at all for the beastly vampire hadn’t known this happiness before. He’s had Alexia for hundreds of years and neither one of them have ever been vulnerable. Kain’s known nothing but sadness and pain in his life never joy. He tried so hard to be understanding of Solomon’s joy but was at a loss.

“Sir Kain, feel free to come here whenever you like, you have allies at this establishment. If you ever need anything, you can turn to my family and myself. Once again thank you so much Kain, thank so very, very much.”

The old man placed the vampire’s sack of money back in his hand and left, hastily walking back downstairs to be with his wife. His big heart and love for his family more than made up for his small stature. His pudgy fingers curled around the handlebars of the twisting staircase. Kain turned back around to face Alexia who stood behind him, her arms wrapping themselves around her beloved vampire’s neck, her legs pushing her up to kiss his soft lips. The vampire opened his lips to hers, their tongues sliding into each other’s mouths gently caressing one another. Alexia’s soft hand stood on her Master’s face while his hand lay firmly behind the back of her neck. After this passionate, lustful show of affection, the two of them went to go get cleaned up, took a shower and got dressed.

“Alexia, I need you to go out right now and try to find me any form of information, any leads of some form or another, no matter how insignificant they may or may not seem. You’ll have better luck than I will, courtesy of your ability to manipulate your size, a trick I’m unable of performing. Go, and search, listen to conversations held by the cretins of this village. One of them is sure to have some form of information. Go my blue love, find my information,” ordered the dominant Kain.

“Yes my vampire regnant. I’ll return shortly Lord Kain,” the blue beauty shrunk down to an imperceptible size of 3-4 inches and flew out the window to begin her mission. Her master sat down cross-legged in the middle of the room and began to levitate. The room became entirely black as the darkness blocked out any light entering the room. His body was giving off the only available illumination, the darkness and light. He was taking this time to sort maintain the balance and keep the darkness and light balanced, a task that would weigh much more heavily on his mind.

Alexia began her recon mission for Kain. The beautiful azure Nymph flew out the window, seeing to it that her body wouldn’t glow and attract any unwanted attention. Her eyes worked like scanners, picking up every vibrant, little detail from where there were leaks, to where nests were and even the number of pores in a person’s face. Her ears were on overdrive as she tried to hear everything. The small blue woman performed a series of acrobatic maneuvers to zig and zag through the obstacles that included people, pipes, houses, and insects amongst others. The people were having so many pointless conversations, some about whom they slept with the previous night; others about taxes and others discussed word of their leader, Kairon.

Alexia flew around for what seemed to be an hour until she heard something that caught her attention. Two women were talking in a beautiful courtyard that was home to a gorgeous fountain. One of the women wore a red colonial dress. The dress had elegant white designs in it, each one with a gold outline around it. She wore a pair of white gloves and red heels, he hair was chocolate brown and she also had on a most divine perfume on. The second woman had on a plain cornflower blue dress, and black shoes too match. The two women were obviously of high rank, most likely noblewomen. The first woman began to speak, her voice high-pitched and rather arrogant.

“Have you heard the news of Marcus’ return Isabella?”

“Marcus? Isn’t he one of Lord Kairon’s highest officials? I thought he was an ex advisor for the old King and Queen of Variis.”

“Yes, that’s Marcus. He’s coming through the village today to reach the city of Nosgoth and meet with Priests of the Saelin Temple. He’ll be passing through here by the time darkness falls. Hopefully he’ll see me standing around and decide to take a real woman with him to Nosgoth. It’d be nice to receive the proper treatment a lady deserves.”

“Oh hush now Catherine. You have such a dirty mind, it’s no wonder you have so many ex-husbands. Nosgoth is one hell of a city. Only the richest, wealthiest Nobles are allowed in that amazing city. So many guards, it’s no wonder it’s such an expensive and safe city. Oh what I’d give to live there…”

Alexia gathered the information she needed to speak to her master Kain again. With the intelligence she just gathered, the small nymph was enabled to let Kain know what she knew and from there, they would be able to continue their journey to the death of Kairon. However Marcus was the first on Kain’s hit list.

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Good post!

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It was great, EC.

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The little nymph grinned evilly with bloodlust, knowing full well that she would be able to slaughter more people side by side with Kain. The little woman flapped her wings at rapid speeds that dwarfed a Humming Bird, enchanting blue powder fluttered from her beating wings. Alexia shot up towards the sky in order to find the inn she and Kain were staying at, her little white eyes scanned the area and her mind focused in on Kain’s own energy. She felt dozens of different nearby energy signals, none of which were Kain’s for the simple fact they lacked the necessary power, and the different signals weren’t very unique due to the lack of anomalies in them. Alexia continued going through different beings until she finally felt it, she felt a massive explosion of power in her head and knew it was her master, however something was wrong. The obedient lover of Kain flew towards the exploding signal as fast as she could, speeding through everybody to get to her master. Her eyes were filled with concern with each passing second, she saw the window she left from however she also noticed some kind of black and white mass was lurching out of the window; tendrils flailed wildly in a state of mass pandemonium.

Alexia flew into the window and saw him, she saw Kain levitating in the air with chains wrapped around his arms. Kain’s arms were steaming from the power of the chains; the power was beyond overwhelming. No normal being would be able to handle that much of a power surge at one shot. Black and white flames were escaping Kain’s eyes in a painful outburst. He was re-balancing the darkness and light, seeing to it that there are absolutely no differences between that delicate balance of darkness and light. It was a process that required much of Kain’s mind and power and had the ability to tear him apart mentally if he wasn’t careful. He fell to the ground and clasped his blades; the deed was done, however he was mentally drained and needed help to stand. Alexia ran to his side and helped him stand up when she turned back into a normal size. After a quick peck on the lips, Kain sat down in a wooden seat. The vampire leaned forward and held his head in hands in pain.

“That was much more difficult than usual. The prisoners of the eternal prisons are becoming ever more hostile. They’ll prove most valuable in my campaign. Alexia, what information do you have for me about Kairon?”

Alexia sat down on Kain’s lap, her legs wrapped around the back part of the chair and her hands caressing his cheeks. The two of them engaged in a long, lustful, passionate kiss. Their hands maneuvered along their bodies, stroking arousing nerves that brought about more touching and kissing, sexual desire taking over the greater part of their consciousness. After a few moments of passion, Alexia broke the kiss and began to inform Kain.

“Apparently, one of Kairon’s highest officials; Marcus, is coming through tonight and is going to the city of Nosgoth. However, the only way in or out of that city is by being some kind of a Noble because only the rich are permitted entry. There’s a very famous boutique around here that I noticed earlier. It’s rather pricey though. But I know you Kain, you’ll find a way; you always do.”

Kain stood up after taking Alexia off of him and walked to his window, his scarred ageless face peered out opening and looked around towards the villagers’ plain, lost-in-their-own-worlds faces and tapped the spurs on his hands on the windowsill. Kain’s face warped itself into a look of deep contemplation and higher levels of concentration. Driblets of sweat trickled down his forehead along the massive protruding vein on the side of his temple.

“So he’s still alive is he? I was wondering what came of Marcus all those years ago, but it’s painfully obvious that little Marcus just doesn’t want to die even after his betrayal and abandonment of me. Oh well, at least I get to make that little worm cringe and beg for mercy but I doubt he’ll get it. Lying snake… Now, time for planning and questioning; first thing’s first, I must obtain clothing worthy of a Noble. Alexia, I’ve another task for you. Fly to Nosgoth, and fetch me the map of the city along with information regarding Marcus’ stay in the wealthy city. Afterwards, you need to bring me a map of this village along with the entrance and exit paths of Marcus’ entourage. From there, we plan. I could do this easy way, however the hard way is much more fun and far more entertaining.”

Kain turned around from the window violently and walked by Alexia to open the door. His hand reached out towards the doorknob and slowly twisted it, his bare scarred torso filled in the doorway before he turned his head slightly to both look back towards Alexia and find his cloak. He turned back towards the doorway after getting his cloak and merely told Alexia to hurry up and go, they had work to do. Alexia shrunk back down to her smaller size and flew out the window again to begin her flight over to Nosgoth while Kain walked down the long circular stairs of the inn.

After descending the stairs and leaving the inn, Kain threw his hood over his head and continued his walk towards the boutique. He walked through the dark, desolate streets of the small village that seemed more like a small city due to its maze-like structure, virtually never ending series of shops and cobblestone floors. A slight fog covered up parts of the village that Kain walked through, bandits, marauders, thieves, murders, and a cocktail of criminals hid behind each corner of the dark alleyways. This village resembled a village less and less, and resembled the slums more and more. After maneuvering through the alleys for what seemed like an hour, he finally arrived at the boutique.

The boutique was a relatively tall structure with fine glass windows. Manikins stood in the windows wearing male and female clothing. The clothing was elegant made from some of the finest fabrics on Variis. One of the outfits on display was worth several thousand dollars and had gold lining engraved in it. The shopkeeper looked at Kain through the window although his glasses fell down from his long crooked nose every few seconds. The shop was much larger than it looked from the outside. Hundreds of expensive outfits lined the walls of the boutique, varieties of different colors, styles and designs filled up the shop. Kain’s eyes saw so many different outfits, each one more enchanting than the last. His fingers walked along each outfit, separating all of them so the vampire can see what there was to wear.

Kain waltzed the back of the shop where he saw a beautiful black suit made of some elegant material that looked and felt like leather, although the inside was very soft and silky. The inside was white, and there was special white plating on the shoulders, and a thin 1-2 inch line of plating running down the forearm. The plating had an engraved insignia on it, the insignia of balance. There was a nice black silk shirt inside the jacket as well. The pants were also black and made from the same material that the jacket was, only had no plating. The boots were plated on the front, and had black leather straps on both sides that stuck out. Kain examined the noble’s outfit and smiled before taking it off the hanger. He turned around as the outfit hung over his arm and sauntered towards the exit before the owner called out to him.

“Excuse me young man, you need to pay for that, you can’t just walk out of a store without paying. That suit costs 10,000 gold pieces, and you don’t seem to have that much gold on you sir. How do you plan on paying?”

“Simple old man. You let me walk out of here without an issue, and I let you live. Show me defiance, and I send your table’s leg through your skull and keep you stuck to the wall. How about that?”

Kain grinned deviously with his fanged teeth and pressed his clawed fingers against the glass door until he heard a crossbow get cocked. The vampire turned his head to see the old man holding a crossbow with silver bullets aimed towards Kain’s head. The old man’s hands shook unsteadily with fear and sweat ran down his forehead along his brow. Kain glared at this old timer before simply sighing and attacking with lightning fast reflexes. Before he was even able to react, Kain grabbed the table, ripped the leg off and with the pointed edge rammed it through the old man’s skull, the makeshift steak crushed the old man’s skull and penetrated his skin slicing through brain and tissue. Due to the incredible attack initiated by Kain, the old man’s head was pinned against the wall, his limp body hanging on the table leg, the crossbow still firm in his hand. The scion fixed up his cloak and looked at the old man.

“I told you not to defy me, you just didn’t listen. Feeble-minded fool allowing your pride to take control of you as easily as it did is just disgusting. That’s what happens when you decide to rebel against your superiors, cretin.”

Kain leisurely left the boutique with a smile on his lips and blood his face. The outfit remained on his arm as he started back towards the inn to await the arrival of Alexia who went off on her mission of gathering the intelligence and maps for Kain. Phase one was complete, now it was time for phase two.

Alexia buzzed around the village to find the village counsel’s building in order to obtain the plans for Marcus’ entrance and exit from the small village. A small uncanny ability led her towards the building that was in the far corner of the village near the docks. She flew in through the window and flew as high as she was able to. She stuck to dark corners and hidden places, sneaking into a crack or two occasionally to avoid detection. She slinked into smaller crevices, being as undetectable as a shadow. Her mission did not permit bloodshed; her master Kain forced her into being virtuous.

Alexia continued maneuvering through the Counsel’s building and was close to accessing her destination and accomplishing her task. There were two heavily armored guards in the hallway, pacing back and forth doing their rounds. Alexia had to do something and she had to do it quickly. She grew into normal size and whistled towards them. The lumbering buffoons turned around holding their maces clumsily with stupid looks on their faces. Slobber dripped from their mouths and rolled down the armor, and they gave her a lustful smile

“Bones, lookit the pretty lady. Hi pretty lady, you want to have Crusher? Crusher show you good time, Crusher show you really good time.”

Alexia scoffed and huffed under her breath, “un educated dolts… So Crusher, you want to show me a good time? Come on over with Bones, so the two of you can really show me a good time”.

Bones and Crusher dropped their axes and started removing the armor on their torso. The metal clinked and clanked however before they reached the beautiful blue woman, her hand popped up, an eerie blue glow covered her raised arm. Her lips began to move when suddenly a giant blue energy based hand emerged that grabbed Bones and Crusher. The hand was covered in venom, however, it wasn’t a deadly toxin, it was the type of venom that slowly put them the sleep, and it began to render them unconscious. She held on and squeezed harder and hard, injecting them with more and more of the knockout toxin.

After the two of them stopped struggling, she released her grasp and walked through the hallway until she finally reached giant-double-doors. These doors led into Counsel’s main chamber where the town maps and village’s plans were, ironically, the map of Nosgoth of plans for Marcus were all there as well. Alexia examined documents a little bit more and discovered there would be a service change between the village and Nosgoth. When Marcus arrives in the village, several selected villagers would switch places with Marcus’ entourage and the plans were needed to direct them in the right direction for Marcus. These were excellent documents for Kain’s plans. She grinned slightly, took the documented plans and left the same way she entered. Her and Kain had much planning to do.

After finally getting what she needed. Alexia flew back towards the inn in the same pattern she left, dodging the same buildings and people who for some reason didn’t move and cut corners, went through tunnels created by rats and burrows by birds. Her white little eyes moved thousands of times per second to find her way, her photographic memory assisting her return. She desired to feel something though, the feel of death, to smell the flesh of a decaying corpse that was murdered by her hand, the hand of a creature possessing unmatched beauty and the most sadistic mind imaginable. The beautiful nymph grinned evilly, dark thoughts on her mind, thoughts of revenge, thoughts that would bend the mind of the most innocent being into a conniving, heartless beast. All was not right with Alexia, not right at all.

She arrived back at the Inn holding the plans in her hands. She flew in through the window and landed on a desk, her butt cushioned her descent on the oak wood desk. She crossed her long, thick legs and held the papers out to her master, Kain who was preoccupied with work he was doing (primarily doing pushups with gravity inducing field around him that increased his weight by over several billion times. His body heat was rising to dangerous levels; his sweat rolled down his forehead especially hastily and hit the floor like a bullet. His muscles contracted and pulsated with each agonizing movement. Blood pumped through his body, it nearly boiled with anticipation and heat. The sun’s invigorating rays were beaming on his naked back for what seemed like hours. He saw that Alexia was there and stopped his workout.

“I’m assuming those are the plans, is that correct Alexia?”

“Yep, these are the plans Kain, everyone was spared, although there were a few guards who needed to be… put to sleep.”

“Alexia, you better had not killed them. If you killed them I’m going to k-“

“My Lord, your worries are in vain, I spared them, they were simply rendered unconscious, you need not upset yourself with me.”

“Good girl.”

Kain walked over to her, gave her a quick kiss and took the plans from her soft delicate hands. Leaning against the window, he looked through the plans for a few minutes before taking out a feather and an ink container. He moved everything to a small worktable that was on the other side of the room. He sat down and wrote out his notes vigorously, circling things on the maps and writing out different locations and destinations. The once faded white map was now covered in blue and black with a most beautiful writing on it. Kain mumbled slight statements every few seconds as he wrote. Alexia stood on his right side, her hands held onto the table like support beams that propped her up. She looked over Kain’s plans with him. They were both incredible geniuses tactically. However their main flaw was their perfectionist attitude. If one calculation was off, they would develop an entirely new plan. Kain’s mind worked fast, too fast for any normal being to keep up with him.

After a few minutes of severe planning and guard placement along with the different shift changes, and guard routes. The entire thing was planned out perfectly, down to the direction the trees swayed. He stood up and made his way towards the shower where he stood for an hour, and cleaned up. He cleaned all the sweat and blood that was on his body. Alexia joined him halfway in. The two of them were strictly in a business state of mind. Despite their sexual appetites, they merely took a normal shower together and emerged from the steamy room. Kain and Alexia dried their drenched bodies off and got dressed.

He bore his newly acquired Noble’s suit, along with his two blades. Alexia created an elegant dress for her; it was black with Kain’s insignia on the lower leg in white. The sadistic couple was prepared for the events of the evening that would take place soon, blood would flow freely through that village, and the screams of pain and immeasurable agony would fill their ears like music.

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Before heading out of their Inn, the bid the Innkeeper, Solomon farewell and kept on their way for the planned evening ahead. The gears of Kain’s insidious machinations began turning ever so slowly. Kain opened up several portals into the dark realm and sent out his own set of soldiers, all of them were archers, and of course, prisoners of the Eternal Prison. They each took positions that were scouted by Kain; some were in buildings while others were rooftops. There was one on the roof of a church, mainly because it was the perfect vantage point.

Each archer had a particular target based on his position. The archer on the church’s targets were all the guards in the village who were keeping an eye out and watching out for anything suspicious. He was shooting them out quickly and easily. He locked on to them and pulled back on his bow, the tension would slowly increase until it reached its maximum at which point the archer would release it. The cold, indiscriminating steel of the arrow sundered through the air, spinning until it reached a body of mass that would stop it. That body of mass would always be the hard skull and soft brains of a Variisian.

Within 5 minutes, all the targets in the village were killed and taken away by a side group of soldiers known as ‘Movers’. The others would contact Kain telepathically to inform him of the position of Marcus’ caravan and which targets were gone. Kain was hiding in a tree awaiting the arrival of not only the caravan, but also the villager who would be switching places with one of the men from the Caravan. The assassination of all the guards was absolutely necessary for Kain’s invasion because the village was so small that everyone knew one another, a factor that Kain refused to overlook.

A small buzzing erupted in the base of Kain’s neck, his men were informing him about the Caravan’s position. It was almost time for Kain to mobilize his movement towards the Caravan’s position. Something was going according to plan. The villager replacement wasn’t there yet to die. Alexia kept her eyes peeled as much as possible and even performed location spells to find the missing puzzle piece. The base of his neck began to buzz more, until finally it reached maximum buzz. That Caravan arrived and Kain’s target was still delayed. He had no more time to waste. He had to get going.

The vampire dropped down from his perch on the tree with a thud to begin his walk towards Marcus’ team. The moon filled the sky and wolves howled in the distance. Kain’s feet clattered on the floor for each second he spent walking towards his destination point. Alexia spotted the replacement at the last second running towards the Caravan as fast as he possibly could holding his jacket closed. The little blue woman nudged her master and cried out to him.

“Lord Kain, that bumbling idiot is on his way to the Caravan, our mission cannot be compromised, do something Master!”

“Idiot’s can’t seem to free themselves from my presence. Alexia, is it too much ask of you to banish him to another dimension? Your ignorance is beyond my comprehension woman. Do you not understand English? Banish him!”

Kain was becoming aggravated with Alexia due to her stupidity. She seemed to have too much trouble with his most simple requests. At times he questioned where her loyalties lied, with him or with Kairon. After a moment, she moved her hands in a pattern and created a red light around them. Her lips began to move for an enchantment she was performing. A few seconds passed by and man merely evaporated into dust in a white flash.

The vampire kept running faster and faster until he reached Marcus’ caravan. Carriages that relied on horses were set up in formations, the same formations dictated on the maps and plans Alexia filched earlier. He ran his plans through his head one more time to recall where exactly it was he had to go and went to the carriage he had to go. There was another man in the carriage however the man didn’t last very long with Kain, he wound up seeing what his insides looked like as the poured from his stomach in a pool of blood and entrails. The caravan began to move towards Nosgoth, where Marcus would be released, and Kain would obtain what he wanted, information and Marcus’ head.

The caravan rocked and shook as it rolled down the path, the neighing horses could be heard and the clacking of their hooves on the ground echoed through the carriages. Kain’s carriage was the furthest one from the caravan that was perfect for his disposal of his victim. The door swung open and a well-dressed corpse was tossed out of it and rolled down a cliff into a den full of hungry wolves. The door was closed and Kain sat back down normally with Alexia on his shoulder, the little blue woman flew to the other side of carriage to return to her full size.

“Master Kain, what do we do next?”

“It’s quite simple Alexia, from here we wait to arrive in Nosgoth, at which point we’ll be asked to leave our Caravan and forced to stay in the same hotel as Marcus. After our exit and entrance, I’ll see to it that we’re able to enter his quarters or rather that I’ll be able to enter his quarters, at which point my complete utter annihilation of Marcus will begin. I look forward to gaining revenge on that two-faced, lying rat.”

The two of them simply sat in silence for the rest of the ride. Alexia looked out of the window, her visage reflected in the window’s glass. Her eyes scanned the outside, embracing the cooling breeze that snuck into the carriage like a spy to embrace Kain and herself. Something was on Alexia’s mind, a matter of grave importance. She was able to cast a spell on her mind that would make her Master unable of reading her mind, something he was able to do, however this time he would not even know she was contemplating something. The little blue woman leaned her elbow into her knee and rested her head in the palm of her hand. Her fingers swirled and twisted casting a blue streak in the air, a streak that occupied Kain for several moments before focusing on their distance to Nosgoth.

The wooden wheels rolled through the mud, running over the imperfections in the path. It was a fairly long ride lasting about thirty-forty minutes time that the resourceful scion used to his benefit. He closed his eyes and focused on his duty as scion, repairing the balance of darkness and light. It was strenuous process that was mentally fatiguing. Kain’s mind entered the realms, he was no longer mentally available, darkness and light clouding the windows of the carriage, and tendrils wrapped themselves around the oak construct to allow their master peace to repair the balance.

In the realm of entropy, Kain stood tall and confident; his swords clung to his back. The vampire looked around with purpose; searching out the violators of the balance and the newest residence to be added to the Eternal Prisons. Kain’s hands began to glow as a massive hook appeared in his left arm. Dark smoke slowly left his arm in the realm; he was detecting something large; a massive entity that would become his prisoner. It wasn’t just a group of scattered beasts like usual; this was one singular beast that would surely give the scion a run for his money. Kain continued walking through the empty void of black and white, following his senses to lure him towards his target.

Suddenly the sky became pitch black with white spheres filling it. The scion tilted his head to look up before he was punched in the back by some unknown figure. Kain’s body was shot forwards until he was smashed down upon by another entity. Kain was sent down into the ground, his legs sticking out of the hole that was created due to the impact. A little bit of blood escaped his lips before he stood up; his rib was broken, easily. The scion rose from his hole to see two magnificent figures in the air before him. They were both angels. One was entirely in black, with black wings and white insignia covering her body, while the other was entirely in white with black insignia covering her body. They were the most beautiful women Kain had seen in ages. Far more beautiful then Alexia, he was fascinated by them entirely. His eyes looked up and down their bodies, his lascivious desires apparent.

“My, apparently you two ladies are going against the balance. Come with me quietly, or I’ll be forced to take extreme measures with the two of you.”

The two women gazed at the balancer, their condemner, the man who would bring them their imprisonment. The two of them floated down towards Kain, a weapon in each of their hands. The two of them flew around Kain looking at him and running their hands along his body.

“Why then should, we go with you Kain, if you intend on our imprisonment?”

“Simply put, the two of you bring out something in me, something I cannot understand something that attracts me to you. That being said, I intend on giving you lovely ladies the benefit of the doubt and take you to the prisons, however with benefits. You’ll be given freedoms no other prisoner has being that you’re intelligent and I’ve also taken a bit of a fancy to you.”

“Prove your worth to us Scion, prove it, or die.”

The two women slashed down at Kain at remarkable speeds, their blades slicing through the air with surgical precision. The sound of metal colliding filled the air to the ladies’ surprise. Kain raised his own two weapons to block their swords and grinned evilly. The scion leaned towards the dark angel, sent out his elbow towards her chest while simultaneously kicking the other one in the stomach. The scion charged towards the light angel, crouched down, then launched himself in the air with an uppercut, punching her in the jaw. She grabbed his arms on the way down and reversed positions; her feet were planted on his chest. She sent her attacker into the ground in a burning blaze of glory. After sending Kain into the ground, she kicked off him to stand back next to her dark sister. The two of them raised their hands in the air, calling upon the stars they kept in the air and slamming them onto Kain.

“My, it seems we’ve killed another Scion Tygerlyne, too bad,” said the dark angel.

“It’s a pity Sellandra, we could’ve had some real fun with this one.” The light angel responded to her sister, walking over to her with a smile on her face. The devious women walked away from Kain’s body, their feet clicking and clacking against the hard white floors. They were pleased that the new scion was defeated although admittedly, the two of them were somewhat disappointed. They were sadistic women that would receive some sort of sick, sexual pleasure from combat, especially intense combat from a mighty warrior. They were never handed defeat, not by a scion, or any other violator of the balance.

As they walked off, a massive blast of darkness and light erupted behind them. The two of them turned around questioning what exactly the explosion was. They were greeted by a power imbued Kain who was standing up with his weapons in the ground and his wings spread open. Kain’s feet burned into the ground with each step he took towards the woman while his head was down, concealing his smile. The vampire looked at the ladies and ripped off his shirt that was in tatters.

“You didn’t honestly think I was dead now did you ladies? That would make me very sad if you really did. I already have enough people with low expectations for me; don’t need any more to feel that way towards me. Now, where were we? Ah, I know; I was going to take you both out, and put you in my prison, correct?”

Kain’s eyes lit up and sent out incredibly powerful beams of darkness and light towards the two sisters, aiming more towards the ground to separate them and hit them more the explosion of the collision of energy and the floor. Tygerlyne sprinted towards Kain with her blade drawn while Sellandra flew towards the scion with her own weapon aimed towards his chest. Their blades collided, sending a shower of sparks in the environment. Sellandra turned around swinging her blade in the air but was too late, Kain was already above her sending down his hook that penetrated her chest and pulled onto her, only after going through Tygerlyne’s chest as well and locking in.

“What’s wrong, you were expecting me to not get anything on you? There you go again, comparing me to the old scions. I am a different breed, now go to the prisons, NOW!”

Kain opened gateways into the prisons and pulled the two women into the Eternal Prisons, launching them directly into their new homes. The vampire’s task was successful, his newest prisoners were captured although they were given special rights, rights only Kain knew of. However the scion was a bit weary as to why he sensed they were one massive entity, a question that was quickly answered; they really were one entity, an entity that still existed and was perhaps an older scion.

In an immediate blur, Kain was back in the normal realm with blood pouring down his nose and sweat running down his head. The carriage was slowly coming to a stop; Kain wiped his blood and sweat. The doors were opened up, the rusty old metal creaking as it moved. Rain pummeled the caravan of Marcus and his bodyguards. It was time for Marcus to be escorted up to his room; the group of people was assembled into square formation and directed to take Marcus upstairs.

Nosgoth was a beautiful city; far more advanced then the little town Kain was staying at. Tall buildings filled the sky; it was a majestic sight that was beyond awe-inspiring. Lamps hung through the dark city, each corner with a merchant and the streets filled with nobles dressed in the most elegant wear. Stallions pulled the wealthy along while others strolled through the city. Stores lined up the streets along with luxurious hotels and homes. Nosgoth was truly a paradise for the wealthy.

His group of beings escorted Marcus up into the Inn; nice soft rugs covered the hard floors. The loyal Kairon follower walked up the stairs with his hands in his pockets as his blue coat hugged up against his torso. Marcus’ long hair hung in a ponytail. Marcus was a very pale man with green eyes. He bore black eye liner, and black claws. He was dressed entirely in blue, with the exception of his shirt that was black. Marcus’ weapon of choice is a samurai sword that was a few feet long but not ridiculously long. Kain’s old ally usually wore thick enchanted armor that was given to him by Kain when they first became friends, before Marcus sold Kain out to Kairon.

Kain stood behind Marcus, keeping his eyes transfixed on his target, his old “friend”. The scion clenched his hands as to not simply reach out and break his neck. This was a very delicate procedure that left no room for arrogant maneuvers that could cost Kain success. They walked through the Inn slowly, examining every inch of the place as they took Marcus to his room. His room was on the top floor of the Inn, around the 6th floor. It was a penthouse suite; complete with everything and anything a man could ask for. Alexia remained hidden; she floated into Kain’s pocket during the entire affair of exiting the cart. After a period of walking, they finally arrived at Marcus’ room. At which point, Marcus’ entourage left him and he entered his room.

Kain began walking back with the rest of the entourage back downstairs, he began to slow down during the decent before coming to complete stop. The vampire turned around quickly and walked back towards Marcus’ room, his hand stretched out towards the door. Alexia jumped out of her master’s pocket and leaped onto the ground her beautiful dress touching the floor. Kain sent out a black tendril to open up the door and undo the lock. The door slowly opened up, allowing Kain access to enter it. He grinned as he saw Marcus sitting down in front of a window drinking whiskey.

“Hello Marcus.”

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Marcus leaned to the side of his chair, tilting his head slowly. Marcus swirled the glass holding the caramel whiskey, the little golden ring on his pinky glistened in the light of the lamp, bringing out the beautiful color of his beverage. Marcus’ long black hair shifted to the side of his face, covering one of his emerald eyes. His fingers that were once wrapped around the crystal glass now set the drink down on an oak wood table. Marcus stood up and walked towards Kain, slowly tying his hair back up into a ponytail and grabbing his sword.

“Hello Kain, excellent to see you again. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised to find out you were alive again, and had I just now found out you were alive, I’d be a little bit less confident then I am now. At the same time, I’m glad to know Kairon didn’t kill you with those weapons he attained in the Church of Scion. Then again, I can see you have some new toys yourself, not that they’re going to save you from the cold steel of my blade slicing out your heart.”

“You’ve always been the talker haven’t you Marcus? Two-faced rat. I don’t need swords to kill you Marcus, never have, never did. Kairon’s a different story. He has weapons that are equal to mine. But enough pointless chatter, go to hell Marcus.”

“Have at you Kain!”

Marcus charged towards Kain with his blade drawn, his blue coat flew up due to his charging. His arms were bent and were aimed at Kain’s chest; Marcus’ legs were directing him towards the scion especially fast. In response, Kain bent down, and swayed to the left before raising his knee up towards Marcus’ abdomen. The treacherous vampire followed up with his offense by throwing his sword into the other hand, then twisting his body to slash down at Kain; drawing first blood and kicking him in the chest, launching him through the door. Kain got up cracking his neck with a new idea in his mind. The scion was bombarded by a blitz of slashes, punches and kicks; all of which were dodged by Kain’s fast moving hands. Kain grabbed Marcus’ hand, jumped in the air, and kicked him in the back of the head, then kicked him in the face, slamming his head into the ground. The vampire took Marcus’ arm and broke it simply by squeezing it with massive amounts of pressure.

“What’s wrong Marcus, arrogance getting the best of you? Do you feel fear Marcus? Do you regret what you did to me all those years ago? But it’s too late now; your time of judgment is at hand. I am judge, jury and executioner Marcus; you are guilty.”

Marcus was on the floor cringing in pain holding his hand; his sword was on the ground. Marcus leaned up against the wall to look at Kain with a smile on his face. Marcus laughed at Kain before standing up, beginning to speak.

“Stupid, arrogant vampire, you think that just because you’re an excellent fighter that means you can defeat me? Remember the prepared always win Kain; your arrogance was what almost cost you your life all those years ago and it’s what’s going to kill you now!”

A group of heavily armored soldiers filed upstairs holding swords, axes, maces and shields. All the commotion of the fight called to them, primarily the destruction of the wall. There were guards in the back holding massive crossbows constructed of blessed steel. Marcus stood up holding his arm and started running towards the window. Kain fired explosive beams of energy from his eyes that missed Marcus and exploded on the side of the window. Marcus escaped, jumping out of the window onto the next rooftop. The guards began firing at Kain with their arrows, all the while rushing him with their weapons.

“Stupid vampire, you’re not getting away from me this time.”

Kain drew his blades at blinding speeds before causing them to increase in mass and beheading a few of the armored guards. He grabbed 4 of the guards with dark tendrils from his back before jumping out the window. The scion left a sphere of light in the center of the Inn, the sphere would grow every second until all the guards surrounded it. The head commander of the guards in the Inn entered the room and kneeled down before it, looking at it questioningly before widening his eyes.

“Oh no…”

At that moment the sphere exploded in blaze of glory. Each floor of the majestically beautiful building exploded like a game of dominoes. The bricks and glass were sent everywhere, colliding with other buildings and even doing some damage to those. Aside from the incredible explosion, Kain was seen flying out the window running after the cowardly Marcus. Marcus was running along the wet rooftops, being beaten down by the rain, continuing to hold his arm. Kain was hot on his trail, throwing the captured soldiers at him. The first guard was sent at Marcus but missed and went head first into a brick wall. Marcus dodged the body with ease, landing on another building, all the while blasting Kain with sapphire energy spheres. His feet pounded against the brick roofs, his lungs contracted to bring in air. The scion kept the chase up against Marcus as best he could, refusing to give up. Marcus jumped into the air, going right towards the church. His hands were reaching for the massive cross that was on top but to no avail, Kain had thrown the three guards at Marcus, all three of them connecting. Marcus’ body landed on the glass roof of the church, the stained windows giving in to their bodies landing on it. Marcus and Kain landed in the church below, dusting the dust and broken glass off their bodies.

“Nowhere to run to now Marcus, today, you die.”

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