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Green Lantern watched as Alfred yanked wooden shrapnel from Batman's back, "Isn't that what the cape is supposed to be for?"

Batman gave him a dirty look, "No."

"Master Bruce," Alfred said as he stitched up the wound, "If you don't mind, I would suggest you stay here for sometime that means no more of this 'hero message' business."

Batman shook his head, "No, I need to get back out there."

The Dark Knight began to stand but Superman put a hand on his shoulder, "Bruce, its fine, we can take care of this."

Batman tried to shake him off but in an instant Flash was by Bruce's side as well, "Bruce listen to us, we can handle this."

Batman's scowl thickened, "And what are you suggesting I do?"

Wonder Woman stepped forward, "Stay here, rest. None of us are saying stay out of the game, its just, maybe you should relax for a bit, help Vic."

At that moment Cyborg walked over with a thin stack of papers, "This is all I could find on Sabastian Bloodstain."

Aquaman finally spoke, "And?"

Vic tossed the papers on the table to the side of the room, "Nothing, its like he didn't even exist before the bombings."

Superman scratched his chin, "So its an alias?"

Cyborg sat carefully on an open chair, "That would be my first guess." The room of heroes fell silent, they were getting nowhere fast. Finally, Cyborg: "I just don't get it."

"What don't you get?" Green lantern said floating near him, he had no idea why he chose to float at the moment he just felt so cooped up and bored.

Cyborg looked up at the others, "We keep getting the same 'message' over and over again-"

"Right, 'heroes are outdated,'" Flash said, "And?"

"Well does that sound like a full message to you?" Cyborg finished his thoughts.

"Yeah, but-" Flash started and then pulled back, "No, but- I got nothin'."

Cyborg asked, "Whenever a hardware is outdated there is always an update right? So where is the update?"

"Better yet, 'what is' the update," Flash chimed.

Sabastian, Vyse, and Lilly

The three stood in front of a large group of press from behind a pulpit, lights flashing in all directions, people shouting demanding attention and asking questions. Sabastian smiled at his two slaves who stood with the most blank expressions on their faces. Today was the day he ended this charade of heroes and villains, today was the dawn of a new era of mankind. His Era.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the hand selected press before me," Sabastian said raising his hands as a preacher would, he brought them down hard on the pulpit his many rings clacking against it, "You've heard my message, 'heroes are outdated.' Yet as I'm sure many of you have realized with every out date comes an update. You are the update! No longer shall you walk in fear vigilantes or the villains they bring down upon you like a plague, its time you have the power to protect yourself!"

A hand went up from deep with in the crowd, a pretty young woman in a short purple dress stepped forward, "Mr. Bloodstain, Lois Lane from the Daily planet, how are you proposing we get this power. Last I check; Super Villains and Super Heroes and Super Powers, that's what made them super." The crowd chuckled.

Sabastian smiled at her maliciously and held up a glass vile, "Well, Miss Lane, I hold in my hand the cure." The crowd grew silent so Sabastian clicked his fingers, "Lilly, come here." The mind controlled girl did as she was told, Sabastian opened the bottle and handed it her, "Here, drink."

The girl downed the bottle quickly, she let out a cry of pain and collapsed to the ground. She began to convulse flashing in and out of visibility as she did so. The press was loving it, taking pictures out of shock until the girl became silent. She stopped convulsing and remained visible, Sabastian leaned over and picked her up off her feet, " Now Lilly, use your powers."

The girl obviously strained for a bit before she collapsed to her knees again, "I-I can't."

Sabastian turned back to the crowd, "And I give you your cure."

Lois was shocked, horrified, and disgusted, "What gives you the power to do this?"

The man at the pulpit looked down on her in disgust, "What gives me the power to do this is that I can control peoples minds, Lovey, and the update comes with an ad. Every reporter in here will write about the wonders that this cure holds." The reporters glanced at each others nervously. Sabastian snapped his fingers, "Now get to work."

The press stiffened slightly and began to write as they left to go there different ways. Sabastian smiled at his flock of sheep leaving to spread the good news. Of course there was one person he would not 'cure' and that would be himself. When all the heroes where either cured or dead he would sit the throne atop the world.

He turned around letting his combat boots scuff the floor and his trench coat flutter dramatically, "Come, Vyse, we have places to go, people to see."