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(Lawrence is seen from a zoomed-out shot of the Talbot Rectory. Father John opens the door and hugs Lawrence. A montage is shown of the villagers preparing for the next full moon, stocking up weapons and setting traps for the Wolf-Man)

Lawrence (Off-screen): March 3rd, 1912. The autumn moon rises tonight. I have returned to the house of my father, to avoid bringing danger to the beautiful Gwen Conliffe. The parallels of Bela's story, and my own are striking. I have told my father of Matthew's actions, and he says he will meet with him tomorrow. As for me, the anticipation and dread of my fate tonight surround me like a cloak.

(Lawrence is seen closing his journal in his room. As he looks outside, he sees Father John walking towards an enormously tall, gothic looking tower in the dead of night. This is the Esekiel Building. Lawrence get's up. puts on his coat, and takes his rifle. He follows Father John into the forest. Cut to Father John, inside the tower. He closes the door behind him and walks into the basement of the building, torch in hand. Lawrence opens the door looking around him. All over the first level of the building are demonic looking gargoyles, almost staring at him like one of their own. A great wind blows through the room, leaves being blown into it. Lawrence holds his homburg as if to protect himself. As he looks back into the forest, cut to a shot of his uncomfortable expression. Slowly, he walks into the basement. As he walks, even more gargoyles are seen. Animal noises are heard in the background as Lawrence slowly walks down. As Lawrence enters the basement, he sees countless religious paraphernalia. Pictures of the Virgin Mary, crosses, e.t.c. His eyes catch a coffin in the center of the basement. As he walks towards it, he sees that is reads: "Here lies Rachel Talbot" . He wipes the dust off the coffin, and closes his eyes.)

Father John (Off-screen): I see that you found the resting place of your deep departed mother.

(Lawrence turns around to see Father John. He is holding a candle, walking through the basement.)

Lawrence Talbot: Father, ever since I've arrived here I've been...Incredibly disrespectful. Whatever happened in the past is the past. And as hard as it is for me to say this...You've changed.

(Father John sighs walking to Lawrence.)

Father John: Do you know why the Conliffes despise us?

(Lawrence Talbot shakes his head solemnly)

Father John: After you're mother killed herself, Gwen's father, drunk and irrational, told me that your mother was a...Jewish whore. Despite my vows, we fought. I won. As I went home that night, my anger consumed me. I became...

(Father John sobs in shame)

Father John:...Drunk and dumb. I let out our dog, Samson, who had very recently contracted rabies. The next day, I awoke to hear the news that the Conliffes had been ripped to pieces by some kind of wild animal. Only little Gwen had survived. It killed me inside that I had been responsible for this. Lawrence, I loved your mother with a passion like the burning off the sun. Her death...Finished me, I was devastated. But...I still prowl the house at night...Searching for her.

(Father John approaches Lawrence, so much that they are inches away, the candle illuminating his face.)

Father John: Look into my eyes Lawrence. You see that I am quite...

(Father John waves the candle back and forth between his eyes)

Father John:..Dead.

(Father John blows out the candle)

Lawrence Talbot...Thank you Father. You showed a lot of courage in telling me the truth. You...You're a good man.

(Lawrence grabs his rifle and begins to exit, Father John behind him.)

Father John: I am afraid...The darkest hours of hell...Lie before you.

(Lawrence looks back as Father John shuts the door behind him.

Father John: You must leave Duncester Lawrence, for your own sake. I don't think they'll kill you Lawrence...But they will blame you. The beast will have it's day...The beast will out.

(Cut to Lawrence walking in the forest, wearing a blue collared shirt and carrying his rifle. He sees something move in the darkness and fog of the forest. He points his rifle at the movement and fires. It misses. He runs up to the area where he shot, a small water-fall, about 12 feet high. Lawrence takes a step forward, before pausing. He looks up slowly in a look of horror, his face a mess of tragedy and despair. The full moon is out. Lawrence's body begins to shake intensely. He drops the rifle. He falls to the ground, struggling, before raising his head. Cut to an eyeshot. His eyes begin to take that of a wolf. He screams in pain as we see a little bit of his face begin to tear, revealing a slightly hairy and very bloody underbelly. Cut to a shot of his hand, reaching out on a step of the waterfall. As the water pours over his hand, a wrinkled and clawed hand begins to slowly burst out of Lawrence's skin, covered in blood, and growing hair. We see a shot of Lawrence's back, as it begins to rip. His small 5'6 height begins to grow to a massive 6'5, as all he appears to have shifted into something else: The Wolf-Man. The Wolf-Man walks up the steps off the waterfall. Cut to a frontal image of the Wolf-Man. It begins at his feet, wide, with enormous toes, going up to his legs and chest, partly ripping his blue shirt to reveal a massive, brown haired chest. Finally, it reaches the Wolf-Man's hideous face. It has pointed ears, extremely long, hairy eye brows, and wolf-like savage teeth and fangs. His whole face is covered in hair apart from his nose, which is human like and his eyes. His forehead is covered in tons of hair. The Wolf-Man let's out a terrible howl at the moon. Cut to Gwen looking outside her window, crying.)

Gwen Conliffe: Lawrence?

(Cut back to The Wolf-Man, still howling. Finally, he charges into the night.)

To be continued...

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It's all fixed now. Feel free to comment! :)

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The Wolf Man cometh

Man Father Talbot is such an ass lol

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