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Chris' mother sat by his bedside in the hospital as he waited to be released the doctor gave him a smile, "You're a lucky kid, the stiches come out in a week and then you're back to perfect health."

His mother chuckled, "Aside from the diabetes you mean."

The Doctor gave her a curious look, "Must have forgot to mention that in the report, those guys are usually more thorough than that."

The next day Chris woke up to the smell of bacon, he felt as if he hadn't eaten in a week so he ran down to the kitchen just as his mother put it on the plate. As he dug in his mother looked him over, "You sure you want to go back to school today?"

He nodded as he swallowed, "I need to make up my last two finals or I don't get to graduate on Friday."

She sighed as he finished up his plate and headed out, stopping breifly to grab another handful of bacon. As he got into his car he noticed two men sitting on a car across the street who seemed to be staring at him but he put it out of his mind and headed to school.

When he arrived at school he was met by many people who never gave him a second look before now coming up to offer him condolences and tell him how much his friends meant to them. He had to fight back the urge to scream at all the false platitudes tossed at him by people who had treated him and his friends like garbage for years.

He over heard a guy named Mark telling his friends how if he was there nobody would've died because he was so badass. Chris glared at the rich boy who liked to dress like a street thug surrounded by his equally ridiculous friends but passed in silence.

By lunch he was completely annoyed with all the attention and his hunger had returned with a vengence making the whole thing maddening. He sat down alone at the table he used to share with his friends and ate in silence for a few minutes before a girl sat down across from him. He rolled his eyes and stated, "I get it you're very sad at the loss can I please just have a goddamned minute to myself."

She chuckled, "You're a real charmer ain't you."

He looked up and saw Betsy, she had come to the school at the beginning of the year and on day one walked around like she owned the place. She'd never spoke to Chris before or anyone really. She wasn't shy she just felt like she was above the rabble.

Chris put down his fork, "Do you want something?"

She smiled, "Just wanted to get a good look."

She then got up, "See you around pup."

As she walked away Chris couldn't help but watch her.

Across town from the school two men sat on a park bench eating burgers, the bigger man called Edgar looked over to his companion Robert, "Why don't we just kill the kid?"

Robert swallowed a bite, "Boss says we need some new blood, you can go try to talk him out of it if you like."

Edgar looked down, "I'm sure you'd be right there behind me."

Robert nodded, "Of course, I'm sure seeing him break your jaw will be just as funny the second time."

Edgar glared at him and went back to his burger.

Later that day as Chris waded through the fake sympathy to get back to his car he sat down and went to start his car, the door opened and Betsy hopped in. He looked over,"Do I look like a cab service?"

She grinned, "Most guys wouldn't be so annoyed by a hot chick crawling into their car."

He turned the key, "And humble too."

Since she was the only person not talking about his loss today he figured he may as well go along with it, "Where are you headed?"

She looked toward the road, "Where ever you're going puppy dog."

He sighed, "Burger King it is, I'm starving."

She chuckled at him like she knew something he didn't but he ignored it and drove on.

After Chris dropped her off at home a few hours later Betsy marched into the living room and addressed the man sitting in a recliner, "He's definitely got that young pup appetite, I think he spent a whole paycheck on whoppers."

The man called Hektor sat up, "That is as expected, another day or two and he'll probably go through the first change."

Robert and Edgar walked in along with a woman named Bryna. Edgar looked as if he wanted to say something to Hektor but decided against it as Robert asked," We hunting tonight?"

Back at his house Chris paced around his room, he had finished dinner and followed it up with half a pound of sandwich meat but he was still hungry. He forced himself to lay down when he found himself staring down his pet guinea pig like it was a pork chop. When he finally went to sleep he dreamed of running across an open feild.

In the dream he was running behind Betsy, when he caught up to her she reached down and patted him on the head. He looked down at a stream and saw the face of one of the creatures that had attacked him looking back. He woke up a little shaken by the dream but more interested in breakfast.

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe said:

he found himself staring down his pet guinea pig like it was a pork chop.

Good stuff!

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@batkevin74: glad you liked it, this and chapter 3 are more set up than anything else

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@joshmightbe: Great job dude! This kind of made me hungry. Even the guinea pig part.

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@joshmightbe: Surly teenager who is always hungry? On my god, i think MY son is a werewolf! Great chapter though. Love your pacing and how the story is beginning to expand.

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"See you around pup." Great set up- totally saw that she was going to be one of the werewolves. Please take this as the compliment it is meant to be, but man, this is totally made for TV- you need to keep at this, for real. (And yes, I realize there are more chapters- I mean pursue this professionally.) :)

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Also: you need back/next links, so the chapters are easier to find- they're not always going to be on the first page. Either that, or always link to the Horror, Inc library. ;)

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Awesome chapter! I'm loving the mystery that's starting to build up with Chris possibly turning into a werewolf! This reminds me of the TV series "Teen Wolf," which is great since I really enjoy that show!