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The alien tried to swing at Craig. All his wrist blades caught were air.

Craig evaded it's attack and carried Sigurd out of the base, running as fast as

he could,

"Ugh this is taking so lonnnnggggggg" Mark was restless.

"**William, come in William**"

"Craig, is that you? What's happening?"

Craig sounded scared. "The thing from my dreams, it attacked the base. I

escaped with Sigurd's body and now I'm running to the base in the west. Scanner

says you're not far from here, I'd like some help!"

"William, go. In my vision, you were not with us. Instead, I saw Brutiah.

We must head east, to the mountains. Fly, child!" Vikrant took the group to the


Clicks could be heard in front of William. He followed them to a clearing,

where he saw it. It was large, scary, and worst of all - After his friend. William

shot at the beast. It spun around and tried to stab the Spartan. Instead, it

recieved a blow to the chest, followed by a gunshot wound to the knee. Suddenly

the alien's wrist pad opened up and began making inhuman noises. The alien then

cloaked and ran into the forest.

"Are you okay?" William shouted to the still running Craig. He put

Sigurd down and dropped to his knees.

"I'm not hurt, don't worry. Just stay with me, please. I don't want that

monster to be the death of me"

Meanwhile, in another part of the jungle.

"Uh, hey, mr. author, could you please just skip ahead to when we get to

the mountains? I don't feel like walking today" Mark said.

"Who are you talking to, fool?" Vikrant shouted at him.

Brutiah was just that - a brute. He was experimented on to make the best

soldier ever. He ended up having strength comparable to the Hulk. He was reading

quietly, when suddenly a voice rang out.

"Hey tough stuff, guess who?" Mark climbed into Brutiah's room. Brutiah

began choking him.



"Chill, bro. William used a gate a long time ago to bring alternate/past

versions of himself into this dimension. I'm the Mark of another dimension"

Brutiah grunted and put him down. Vikrant and the others proceeded to

climb in.

Nex said to him "Hey, there is somebody who wants to see you..." Great

Gregory Ex climbed into the room and instantly began to tear up. He ran and gave

the old brute a long hug.

"I.. I haven't seen you in so long, I thought you were dead. I can't

believe this... We were all on the team that I led all those years ago. Maybe we

could be a team if we could find the rest!" Brutiah put his arm on Gregory's

shoulder and said to him:

"One day... but not any time soon."

Vikrant stood and began to talk about how they needed Brutiah to fight

off the alien.

"The mutated Sanghelli? I threw it off a cliff." Brutiah smirked.

Mark piped up "You really think the author would just throw away the

antagonist like that? He's the villain, of course he'd live through it. Just like

we'll all live too.. Well except-- nevermind. Basically we're going to get to

the big fight and we'll win, I'll get tacos and the rest of you will screw off

and we'll go to a different dimension."

Vikrant was angry. "Why do you talk such rubbish, and who is this author

you speak of!?"

"Man, I'm just bashing the fourth wall, just like my hero does." Mark

laughed and they walked out, down the mountains, to the east, where they would

face more fourth wall breakage and find two people that would make them wish

this would have never happened.