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Continued from here http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/grimm-chapter-2/755895/#3

Southern Gaul

As the sun began to set Vulca entered the dungeon and stopped at Grimmr's cage, "So you're the Northman?"

Grimmr silently glared at him as Enoch entered, "I thought I told you to leave."

Vulca turned, "I've never witnessed the change before, I was curious."

Cale shook his head, "Not to be rude, but the room's a bit drafty and my pillow could use a fluff."

Vulca and Enoch turned and looked curiously at him as he continued, "And while we're at it, place could use some tidying up."

Enoch stepped forward, "I'll get right on that."

He then reached through the bars and swatted Cale down as Vulca began to chuckle. The room then went silent as Vulca caught Grimmr's hand as he reached for his sword, "You have to be faster than that, Northman."

Enoch stepped over to Kalil, "Anything I can do for you?"

He replied with a low animal growl and a hateful glare. Enoch shrugged and grabbed a stool which he sat in front of Grimmr's cage and took a seat, "It will be starting soon."

Cale leaned against his bars, "Oh, are we getting a show then..."

He grunted and dropped to the floor in pain. Grimmr looked over, "What have you....."

Grimmr suddenly felt as if his skin was on fire. He dropped to his knees as he felt muscle and bone begin to shift. Vulca looked on and calmly stated, "They seem vulnerable."

Enoch turned, "What's that?"

Vulca leaned over, "Well, before the change they're about a fair match for us, after they're all but unstoppable. But here they seem helpless."

Enoch nodded and a grin popped up when Cale started a scream that turned to a roar. He then looked back to Grimmr who gritted his teeth refusing to give them the satisfaction of a scream. Enoch gave an annoyed look, "You're no fun."

Grimmr's eyes went wide when he looked into Cale's cage and saw the wolf like beast he'd become and then the world seemed to go black for a moment. Grimmr then looked out with new eyes. He was filled with a primal rage that he couldn't yet understand. Enoch then looked to Vulca, "Open the cage."

The warrior looked at him as if he were insane, "You have to be joking."

Enoch smiled, "He needs to know who his master is."

Vulca nervously pulled open the lock and Grimmr slammed into the door flinging it open and lunging for Enoch. He caught him by the throat and slung him to the floor. He then put his foot on his neck and looked to Vulca, "To you they are dangerous beasts, to me they are but unruly dogs that need a good beating."

Kalil roared at the statement and Enoch turned, "Calm yourself, if you start to change that muzzle will slice your head off."

He then winced in pain as Grimmr's claws slashed into him. He moved his foot and was immediately pounced on. An angry glare appeared on his face as he hurled Grimmr back into his cage and slammed the door. As he latched it he looked on, "I will break you."

He and Vulca left as Grimmr and Cale violently slammed around in their cages trying to break free.


Grimmr was awoken the next day by the sound of something scurrying about his cage. He thought it was a rat but when he opened his eyes he saw a very small man like creature with ashy grey skin. He looked at it curiously and moved closer causing the creature to jam a fist in his eye. He jerked up and went to stomp it but it was already gone.

Cale shoot up in his cage shouting an obscenity. Grimmr looked over to see a few more of the creatures. Kalil cleared his throat, "They are imps, the place is infested by them."

Cale reached down for one and it bit him causing him to pull back his hand and yell out, "You ugly son of a miniature whore."

He then attempted to step on it but it was too fast. Kalil chuckled a bit. Grimmr looked over, "Where did they come from?"

Kalil looked over, "They've been here longer than Enoch, they were crawling all around yesterday as well but human eyes can't detect them."

The two looked at him curiously as he continued, "You are no longer human."



King Lycaon sits on his throne reading a scroll and shaking with anger, "This is an act of war, parasite!"

The man standing in front of him held up his hands, "Enoch is acting alone in this. My master gives you his word. He knows there can be no profit from a war with your kind, and promises no reprisals will be taken should you seek vengeance."

Lycaon glared, "So my father is being used as bait to make me a weapon for your master?"

The man gave a sly grin, "Nothing of the sort, but if Enoch happens to fall in your attempt to free your father it could be viewed as mutually beneficial."

The king gave a low growl, "It will be dealt with, now leave my kingdom. I will not have a filthy blood drinker sullying my land any longer than necessary."

The man gritted his teeth and gave a polite nod. As he exited he muttered, "Damned dogs need to be curbed."



A man named Rainard stands before a man forced to his knees before him. Rainard looked to one of his guards as he speaks, "The blutsauger claims to have a message for you."

Rainard looked down, "Quickly give me a reason not to have you killed?"

The man tossed out a scroll, "My master sent me with a message regarding your father's whereabouts."

He picked up the scroll, "Very well, in that case I'll give you a head start."

He then ordered his guards to release him, "If you aren't off my land within the hour my men will hunt you down."



Romulus and Remus were amid an argument about Romulus' decision to name the city after himself when a pair of guards entered. One cleared his throat to draw their attention. Remus glared, "What is it?"

The guard motioned toward a man holding a scroll. They both fought back a growl as Romulus ordered the guard away. When only they remained with the messenger Romlus gruffly stated, "There had better be a damn good reason for a strigoi walking my streets."

The messenger nodded as he held out his scroll, "Its about your father."


Southern Gaul

Grimmr and Cale sat in their cages growing bored and agitated when Kalil spoke, "Perhaps a conversation is needed."

Grimmr nodded, "I do have a great deal of questions. Not the least of which is who built this place. I know this is not the work of a Gaul and I doubt very seriously that Enoch or his minions have ever had a day of hard labor in their lives."

Kalil gave a slight nod, "This place was built by an elder race that has long since left this part of the world. They may be extinct now for all I know."

Cale chimed in, "You said we're stronger now, any chance we could break these bars?"

Kalil shook his head, "Not in this state. They seem to have done something with the iron to make it harder."

Grimmr nodded, "They made steel."

Kalil looked to him, "You know of this?"

Grimmr nodded, "Yes, the blacksmiths of my village were taught how to make it from some traders. Blades made from it cut through bronze armor with ease."

Cale nodded, "We were actually escorting our blacksmith down to a village to see if we could convince them to teach him how to do it, might have been yours."

Upstairs Vulca was preparing to leave when several of Enoch's minions stood in front of his doors, "I suppose you're not here to see to my luggage."

Alaric grinned, "I've heard you're some kind of legendary warrior.We were just wondering why your master would send one such as you all the way out here to ask about a dog."

Vulca gripped his sword, "I was already on my way here, I just decided I may as well pass on the message while I was at it."

Alaric began to feel nervous, "What's your purpose?"

Vulca stepped forward, "I'm here to find someone who stole from my master thinking his would protect him from retribution."

Two of Alaric's comrades leapt for Vulca who casually pulled his sword and dispatched of both in one swing. He then rested the blade on Alaric's shoulder and looked behind to see the rest of Enoch's minions scurrying out the door. He then sarcastically smirked, "The courage of our kind continues to impress."

With a flick of his wrist he decapitated Alaric and then sheathed his sword as he grabbed his bag. As he walked down the hall he noticed Enoch, "Are you going to seek vengeance?"

Enoch shrugged, "They're easily replaceable. I just want to know how long ago my brother informed Kalil's sons of his stay here."

Vulca nodded, "I'd say the first messenger probably arrived just after sundown. If my timing is right Rainard is probably executing him as we speak. You'll probably have a week or so before the twins agree on a plan of attack and Rainard will bring an army."

Enoch chuckled, "Did he really think I wouldn't figure this out?"

"No he was quite sure you would, I imagine he was hoping the whole lot of you would kill each other."

Vulca then walked past, "If it helps I do hope you survive long enough for me to kill you."

(To be continued)

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Glad this survived and yes I still say it will get better

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Just checking the flood protection limit here