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Chapter One

By the Joker

I remember it was dark… But, he was there, so what else could it be? (Laughs) Yes, dark. Definitely dark. It happened a year ago, maybe two, but who’s counting? Time isn’t important. Him and me are all that matter.

Oh, and the place as well. It brings me so much good memories. That chemical factory. The very place I was born. The very place the bat fell. Maybe this story never really happened, but who am I to tell?

It is dark. My dear Harley and I, for the thousandth time, are about to spread happiness through our beloved Gotham. What is better than everyone laughing for all eternity? Nothing, of course, but he has to spoil it again! Or try to… HAHAHAHAHAH!

“I’m touched, you came,” I say, as thrilled as I can be as he throws the last of my henchmen in front of my feet.

“It is over, Joker. Give up.” No matter how many years have passed, his voice never loses its frightening tone that I love.

“Get away from my boyfriend, Bat-jerk!” Yells Harley, who actually believes she can beat someone like the Batman.

She jumps on him, but all he has to do is taking a step to the left and make her giant hammer hit the floor. The ramp starts shaking under our feet.

“Be careful, Puddin. I would hate to fall down there again, you know?”

Old Batsy keeps avoiding every attack until he finally sees an opening to give her a direct punch in the face. Poor Harley hits the ground, dizzy.

“Oh boy! You got old, but seeing you in action didn’t! I love it! I love it! Hey Harley, get on your feet so he can do it again!” Moments like that are what make me realize that’s what I want to do for a life-time.

“Now… Where were we?” He says, directing his gaze to my. I’m scared to the bones right now, and just as excited.

“Wait, Batsy… I picked this exactly place so we could have a good time, be reminded of epic moments. I don’t care about who wins, this is always funny! Come on, don’t you think so?”

His face gets a look that I have never seen. Suddenly, it’s not funny anymore.

“You don’t ever stop, do you? After all you did to Tim, Jason, Barbara… It’s never enough for you. Your greed for pain and suffering is endless. The more you cause, the more you desire…”

“But you have to admit that--” I try to say something I don’t quite remember right now, but he stops me, brutally squeezing my neck.

“I used to believe that crossing the line and killing you would make the Batman something he wasn’t supposed to be. I thought it would bring Gotham even more darkness… But, there is no greater darkness than your very existence.”

He isn’t kidding. Maybe he is really going to do it. But someone has to stop the greatest moment of both our lives!

“Get off Mr. J!” Haley shouts again, standing up and running to the bat. He should evade it, but he doesn’t.

She grabs him and they both fall from the ramp into the tank. The same one that conceived me. It takes me a while to notice, but the Batman is gone.

I hear the police coming. I can escape, but what’s the point? Truth be told, there is no point anymore.

Now, a simple thought of that day feeds my hatred for that woman. She took everything from me. Luckily, a new amusement was born later HAHAHAHAHAH!

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Holy poop, man. I love this. Nice spin on the Joker. Great Job.

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@danzi97: Good stuff. Now mainly because I've read 's stories and Harley says 'Puddin' without a g. Other than that, I like this, looking forward to seeing some more, maybe with a bit of description on setting/scenery

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Not terrible. A lot of things made Joker feel a little... I dunno... normal? Like you focused on what you felt he should be thinking without adding in all the chaotic, demented sidethoughts that make him so bizarre. I'm not sure if it's an attempt at a fresh spin on the character or not. But, a quick edit for typos and this would be a solid enough story. Nice job.

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Your Joker seems to lack craziness! I concur with Joygirl's assessment

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Thanks a lot for the comments and critics... I agree that I should be more descriptive and loyal to Joker's personality, but the thing is English isn't my first language, so it's a little hard to describe that much and to satisfactory develop the speech and thoughts of such a complex character xD

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I always have a hard time when people say english isn't their first language. :P It's like... "Well then how can I criticize you?!" because you have an instant excuse, hehe.

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@Joygirl: Google translate for you

Spanish:Yo siempre tengo un tiempo difícil cuando la gente dice Inglés no es su primer idioma. Es como ... "Bueno, entonces ¿cómo puedo criticar?" porque tienes una excusa instantánea, jeje.

Portuguese:Eu sempre tenho um tempo difícil quando as pessoas dizem Inglês não é sua primeira língua. É como ... "Bem, então como posso criticá-lo?" porque você tem uma desculpa instantânea, hehe.

German:Ich habe immer eine harte Zeit, wenn Leute sagen, Englisch ist nicht ihre erste Sprache. Es ist wie ... "Nun wie kann ich dann kritisieren Sie?!" denn Sie haben eine sofortige Entschuldigung, hehe.

French:J'ai toujours un moment difficile quand les gens disent anglais n'est pas leur première langue. C'est comme ... "Eh bien alors, comment puis-je vous critiquez?!" parce que vous avez une excuse instantanée, hehe.

Japanese:人々は英語が母国語ではないと言うとき、私はいつも苦労しています。それは次のようだ... "さてどのように私はあなたを批判することができますか?"あなたは、インスタント言い訳を持っている、笑。ので、

Russian:У меня всегда есть трудное время, когда люди говорят, английский не является родным языком. Это как ... "Ну как я могу критиковать вас?" потому что у вас есть мгновенный оправдание, хе-хе.

Swedish:Jag har alltid svårt att när folk säger engelska inte är deras modersmål. Det är som ... "Nå hur kan jag kritiserar dig?" eftersom du har en omedelbar ursäkt, hehe.

Ha ha ha ha :)

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Oooh, good idea. :D

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I've accepted the critics, man... And I can speak English (also, google translator sucks), but probably not as good as an American, for example... Additionally, this is my first Batman fan-fic, so don't expect too much xD the next ones will be better

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Fantastic! Bumb.