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What arcane

and twisted mind

could dream of such structure?

Could will such a forged blade

into such bloodied existence?

Where were the hands that saw such arcane beauty

made so tawdry

by madness

and deceit?


And betrayal?

And where stands the knight

clad in the finest of silver

who would stand against the tide

of such madness?

Where would such a man

find the strength to face down

such twisted malevolence

as that which hides in the face of the charlatan,

the jester,

the henchman

and the eternal?

What foul airs would such a man,

such a myth

have to be steeped in?

What stone would he be carved from,

what eldritch gloom

would be granted skin to wrestle such demons?

To fall into darkness

whilst ever dragging the souls of those it fights for

forever back into the light?

What place could build such a being?

What walls could let one climb so high?

And where would its people stand,

but forever bracing against his left hand,

whilst forever held secure in his right.

A dark knight

for a dark people,


for a city,

deserving of both.

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I hope you keep on writing these.

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Seconded carry on with theses.

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It's pretty good, but something about it seems like it's trying to say too much without saying much at all. I understand it's a style of writing, to be elegant, and use more advanced words than the standard vocab would hold, but it just doesn't speak well to me. Still, I hope you continue writing these, it's these things that advance people's knowledge of the language.